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   Chapter 17 NO.17

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She woke up at the sound of the alarm clock on the side table. She stretched and didn't feel the warmth she felt before anymore. She turned and found out that her husband was no longer lying behind her. She switched off the alarm as she say up. She took a look at the time and it was just 7 o'clock in the morning. She wondered where he could be as she got off the bed and took a look around including the bathroom. She knelt down in front of her bed and said her morning prayers. She walked out of the room and down the stairs after she was done with her prayers.

She checked the sitting room, kitchen, garden and tried to open a door that has always been locked since she got here but no it didn't budge. She quickly walked to the window to check if his car was in the driveway but no it wasn't.

She felt defeated at finding out that he had gone out so early in the morning with saying hello to her or brushing her with his rude talks.

He didn't even have his breakfast.

If he wanted to leave so early then why didn't he just wake me up and ask me to prepare something for him?

She wondered worriedly. She stood up and decided to clear the dinning table she had set for him last night. She raised the lid of the serving dish to check if the food was still okay or had it spoilt overnight. To her surprise it was all gone. She quickly tooka look at Yusuf's plate and saw traces of food particles.

He ate last night!?

She both inwardly and outwardly smiled to herself. Her husband wasn't so bad after all and besides he had listened to her and came home even if it wasn't early. She finished clearing the table. She did the dishes and did her normal routine chores every morning. She decided to work in the garden. She didn't want the effort of whoever started this to go to waste so she took care of the garden.

After she was done, she had her bathe and came downstairs. She suddenly felt lonely and less busy but what could she do. She couldn't leave the house without Yusuf's permission and she didn't have many friends. She missed her mum very much but she figured out calling her at that time might disturb her

must I tell you not to touch anything in this house that's not yours!?" He halfway yelled at her while her head and gaze was lowered.

"You're mine. " she said in a shy low voice.


He felt like blowing up in anger. This woman right here doesn't get it! He took hold of her other arm forcefully and angrily. He could feel his blood boil at the mere contact of his skin with hers.

"You listen and listen to me very paper maybe yes but in my heart, in my're nothing to me! " He yelled at her and pushed her off his hands making her fall to the floor. He picked up his shoe and turned to storm out of the room angrily.

" Yusuf! " she called out to him in tears. He stopped with his back facing her.

"Please...please Yusuf let me step out of this house even for five minutes...I'm begging you...I really do feel lonely in here..please, please I'm begging you. " she pleaded as she wept at her life. He stood silently for what almost seemed like ages before he spoke.

" You can't leave the house...I'll send Mariam and Zaina over to keep you busy...Don't even try disobeying me unless you know what could happen to your father. " He told her coldly before walking out of the room and left her still sobbing on the floor.

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