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   Chapter 16 NO.16

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They sat in the car riding home in silence and the only possible sounds could be the sound of their breaths. Victoria wanted to ease the tensed air. She knew about the possibility of visiting her in-laws not going well but she didn't assume it to go this bad. He was angry with his family and she felt it was all her fault.

Say something to him Victoria! Her subconscious ordered her. She took in a deep breath and spoke without directly looking at him.

" Your sisters are pretty...M-Mariam looks quite you, don't you agree? " she said trying to smile as well.

" Keep your opinions to yourself! " he snapped at her rudely without even taking a look at her.

She felt a wave of disappointment hit her.

Of course Victoria! There's no way he could have smiled back and say thank you.

" I...I...thank you for kind of...of defending me back there. " She decided to start another approach and just then his car drove into their driveway. He took his hands off the starring wheel and his eyes off the path. He turned his head to her.

" I wasn't defending you...I was getting them off my back." He told her coldly. She could have sworn that she felt a shiver run down her spine.

"You better learn how to shut your mouth and stop asking and saying unnecessary get out of my car. I need to go somewhere." He told her before giving her the house key and opened the door for her to get off. She took one last look at her husband and got off.

"please come home early for dinner." She pleaded to him which quite surprised him. He took a look at her with confused raised eyebrows.

As soon as he remembered himself, he pushed her out of the way and shut the car's door. He drove out of the driveway while she stood sta

. Her heart was beating extremely faster. No man...No man has ever held her this close except her father. She had always maintained a distance between her and men. There was always time for everything in this world. She suddenly felt hot within her shirt. She could even feel her husband's beating heart on her back.

She gently brought her hand to her chest as if doing that will calm the nervousness, burning feeling and fire that engulfed her at that minute.

When on earth did he get home?

She wondered to herself. She decided on shutting her eyes and forcing herself to get some sleep and try and ignore the fact that her handsome husband was sleeping right behind her.

When she thought that she was about to sleep. The bed moved as her husband shifted closer and drew her closer to him with his arm still around her. It grew tighter as he cuddled her closer to him like when a child holds on to his toy while asleep.

She found herself unknowingly get used to the warmth of his body close to hers. The tingles and sensations she felt was not exceptional. She finally shut her eyes and fell asleep.

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