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   Chapter 15 NO.15

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She couldn't help but stare into his hazel green eyes. His eyes told so many stories that she just couldn't explain. One moment it looked dark, then turns to sadness and then a whole lot of emotions is bundled up. Suddenly his eyes went back to anger.

She couldn't do it anymore, staring into his eyes. It was quite difficult for her especially because of the fact she wasn't used to this and now the thought of him as her husband made it more awkward. She couldn't control the effect of his look on her. She quickly nodded and covered her face with both of her palms since she couldn't draw her face away from his grip.

God please make him stop staring at me!

She prayed within her and also thankful that her hands could shield her eyes from his.

Finally, he quickly drew his hand away from under her chin and turned back his gaze to stare at the direction in front of him. He quickly opened the car's door and got down. She noticed that then opened hers and before she could get down he had walked over to her side. After she got down and closed the door, he locked the doors and headed towards the door. As soon as he stood in the porch with her shyly standing behind. He pressed the door bell and before he could press it the second time.

The door flung open and a cheery eighteen year old girl stood in front of them smiling from ear to ear. She quickly flung her arms around his neck and brought him into an involuntarily hug. she looked a bit like Yusuf including his eyes. She was average in height and was putting on a black abaya and a blue hijab to cover her hair. She reluctantly let go of the hug and yelled back into the house.

" Ma, Zaina...Bhai Yusuf is here!" She yelled to them before turning back to Yusuf and grining from ear to ear and suddenly her eyes landed on Victoria standing behind. The expression on her face slowly changed to the opposite of earlier.

"Are you going to let me in or not?" Yusuf asked her firmly making her shift her gaze back to Yusuf then she tried to smile and gave way for them. Yusuf turned to Victoria and took hold of her by her left hand's wrist. For some reason, he didn't want to hold her hand.

She felt sparks and heat shoot up her body as he took hold of her and dragged her behind him into the warm looking house. The house looked pretty much li

his cold and dark eyes revealing no entrance for emotions. He turned his head and took a look at Victoria who was staring at them at first but quickly lowered her gaze as soon as her eyes met with his. He turned it back to his sisters.

" But Bhai Yusuf, she's not good enough for you and she's not even a muslim." Mariam spoke out courageously to her brother.

"What do you know about who's good for me!?" He snapped at her.

"We knew that Am..."

" Shut up!" He yelled loudly at them that his voice echoed throughout the house. His mum quickly ran to the kitchen and met her three children in a tight spot. His breathing had become a bit rapid and full of anger.

"Let me tell you people something....Whether you like it or not...Victoria is my wife and there is no going back. "

Victoria felt her heart beat a bit faster than usual as soon as she heard him call her his wife. If she had been fair skinned, her cheeks would have been as red as crimson.

It seems he spoke to his mother as well with that sentence. He turned and grabbed Victoria by her wrist.

"Don't worry we'll show ourselves to the door! " he told them as he walked past his sisters and then his mother. As soon as they were close to the door, Victoria could hear her mother-in-law calling out to Yusuf but Yusuf turned a deaf ear at her callings.

Please do note that I'm not trying to belittle any religion or culture...I'm just writing from my own point of view in a story...anyway please do continue to vote and comment to show your supports....thanks. ?

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