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   Chapter 14 NO.14

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You can always imagine Victoria as a young, shy, black woman. With a cute and and charming brown eyes.

Imagine Yusuf as an average handsome man with tight eye brows and a man who walks around with a frown. Black hair, dangerously charming cheek bones with light pink lips.

She saw him searching through his rows of hanged shirts and trouser. She gulped down hard from the fear engulfing her. She tried hard to push that fear aside.

Fear is from the devil and the devil wants destruction...besides Victoria you're too in now to give up.

"Y-Y-Yusuf. " She called him in a low and shaky voice just as he was about to start to unbutton his shirt. He stood without turning to her but he he heard her feet take closer steps so he could hear her properly. He felt his hand close into a fist as he remembered yesterday's event.

How dare she!? She had no right, no utterly right and value to put on that dress.

He shut his eyes to calm his rising anger. He was hell mad at this woman who is now his new so-called wife and standing right behind him about five feet away. Yesterday after his little drama with her. He kept on thinking that this whole marriage idea was probably the worst idea ever. He couldn't help but feel that William had pulled one over him and he was going to teach him a lesson by taking it out on his annoying daughter.

" Yusuf I'm...I'm sorry...I...I maybe shouldn't....shouldn't have touched anything."

Hell no you shouldn't have! This is not your house and more especially you're not a wife to me, only just on papers.

" Go and make me breakfast! " he ordered her coldly without still turning to her.

"Break....Breakfast...yeah, will be ready in ten minutes. " She stuttered as she replied.

How could I have forgotten to prepare breakfast!? it's like the one thing I must do... She subconsciously scolded herself as she mentally face palmed herself.

She walked into the kitchen and decided on making the quickest breakfast if possible. She decided to toast some slices of bread she found in the fridge then she fried two eggs and some beacon. She prepared coffee as well. She squeezed some fresh orange juice into a small jug then quickly started setting the table. As she brought out the last thing to complete her setting, she saw Yusuf ascend the last staircase.

He looked neat in a new pair of grey trouser and a red shirt with the sleeves folded to the elbow. His shirt was tucked in. His black soft hair was surprisingly neatly combed backwards. His beard suddenly looked attractive to her. She could smell his strong cologne all the way from where she stood almost jaw dropped staring at her new gorgeous husband.

"What are you staring at!? " He snapped at her rudely as soon as he turned to her direction and saw her expression before walking towards the dinning table.

senger's seat beside. She's trying hard not to stare at the ever attractive husband sitting beside her.

If he sees me...I'm going to be busted but I really can't help it. He even looks more handsome when his face is all squeezed up and tensed...he looks so focused on the come he hasn't gotten married up until yesterday. He looks like a guy most girls would fall head over hills his hair really that black...and it looks so does it feel to run ones hand through it...

" Stop staring at me!" he ordered her coldly without even taking a look at her. She felt embarrassed and slowly lowered her gaze down to her hands. She felt like slapping herself.

God did I really think that way!? Stop it Victoria! it's too early for all this.

She warned herself then decided to focus her attention on the road through the window. She forced herself to stop thinking of the fact that her husband was sitting right beside her.

Finally his car slowed down in its pace and drove into the driveway close to a two storey building house. Everywhere was painted white. She couldn't help but stare at the surroundings. The car's engine roared to a halt. He turned off the ignition and turned to her.

" Now listen and listen very attentively to not speak unless you're asked to and do. not. say. anything irrational or'll have me to face at home. " he told her coldly with every trace of ruthlessness.

" Do you understand me!?" he asked her as his voice raised up a bit. She nodded her head without raising it up to take a look at him.

" I've told you before to look at me while answering my questions. " he told her as he used his fingers to raise her chin and get her to look at him. For some reason their eyes locked.

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