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   Chapter 13 NO.13

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She heard a sound of a screeching tyre and engine before she slowly and lazily forced herself to open her eyes and sit up properly. She had fallen asleep on the sofa. She rubbed her eyes as she got up and walked to the window. She peeped through the curtains.

Oh my goodness! Yusuf is home! She exclaimed surprisingly before she quickly ran to the kitchen. She took a look at the time and saw that it was past seven already. She suddenly felt nervous. She didn't know what step to take next. She could feel her heart beat increase and it even got worst when she heard the sound of the front door unlock. She decided to take a deep breath and figure out her next.

Being married is seriously not as easy as i thought!

She decided to warm up the spaghetti in the microwave and within ten minutes it was done. She carried it with two gloves, took in a deep breath and walked to the dinning room. On getting there, she realised he wasn't alone. Two other men were with him.

Yusuf was sitting on sofa with his back to her while the two men stood in front of him as he talked to them. They were about the same height and looked very mean. Their facial expression changed when they saw Victoria. Their surprise gaze was now on her as she set the table which made Yusuf wonder what they were staring at instead of listening to him. Slowly Yusuf turned and then he saw her. His eyes met with hers and she bent her head shyly.

He slowly got up from his seat as he turned to her. His heartbeat increased, his eyes grew darker and he increased his pace towards her and stared at her from up to down.

"What are you wearing...who gave you that dress? Take it off now! I said take it off now! " he halfway yelled at her as he pushed her shoulder making her take an involuntary step backward. she was surprised at his sudden action. Before she could speak up, he pushed her again.

" I said take it off! it's not yours...Take it off this minute! Take it off!" he yelled at her again as he kept pushing her. He started to try and rip the dress off her body while she struggled in tears to try and stop him.

" Please stop...please stop..." She b

still the same way she left it yesterday. She got closer and checked on the food. It was still like that, untouched.

Yusuf didn't come home last night!?

She didn't like the idea of them fighting because of a dress. She was really sorry. Maybe it was bad of her to have put it on but still she seriously couldn't be blamed. There was no other woman in this house so she assumed he probably bought it for her.

Maybe I assumed wrong but it was also wrong of him to treat me that way! I was after all human and to err is human... God please help me talk to Yusuf when he gets back.

She cleared the table and did the dishes. Swept everywhere in the house and also mobbed it as well. She arranged the sofa and the throw pillows properly on it. She was cleaning the windows when she heard a screeching tyre of a car drive into the driveway. She guessed it could be Yusuf so she started to summon up the courage to face him. While she was still playing boss with her thoughts, the door unlocked and Yusuf walked right in and walked directly up the stairs without taking a look at her. She gently dropped the small rag and wiping soapy fluid in her hand. She walked up the stairs with her heart beating faster and faster as she approached the room. The door wasn't properly shut so she walked right in and met him standing close to the closet.

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