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So feel free to throw in any guessed request of Yusuf's character...

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"Did he buy some clothes for me?" she wondered to herself as she took a look at another dress. A slow smile grew on her lips. She suddenly found him nice and sweet. She happily decided to put it on.

"Maybe he'll be pleased if I put it on. " she told herself and hurried off to the bathroom where she changed into the black one. She liked it. She felt free and all covered up in it. She was happy about his tastes. She quickly put back her clothes in her luggage and zipped it up. She took a look at the time and saw that it was past two already in the afternoon. She remembered that she had to prepare dinner for her husband. She quickly rushed downstairs. She wondered where was the kitchen.

She decided to check the white door that she saw earlier and she was right. The kitchen was a bit bigger than the one she had back in her parents house. It looked welcoming with the neatness and the white polished tiles. She walked in and opened the fridge. She used her eyes to search for food stuffs that suit each other. She saw mac and cheese so she brought them out and searched through the cabinets for the spaghetti and finally it. She got everything ready. She chopped the tomatoes and onions and set out all the needed ingredients.

She decided to wait till it was evening to prepare it so it could still be hot and Yusuf would like it. Thinking about him made her smile a bit. He might have been cranky to her earlier but it didn't make her not to have felt the strange tingles and sensations she felt within with just his light touches. She was determined to make her marriage work even if its background was not pretty. she was going to save her father and try and make he and Yusuf a better person in the eyes of people and God.

She decided to tour the house and have a closer look at her new home. She took a look around the sitting room which was accessorised with cream coloured sofas and a transparent glass table. The walls were painted white. The dinning room was behind th

ithout asking about her opinion. I've been worried sick about you. Has he hurt you? Did he dare touch you? Tell me and I'll find my way down there and become your superwoman..."

" Mum!?" Victoria called her to slow her down before she then chuckled at her mother's over protectiveness.

" Mum I'm okay and besides no matter what we say or do now...he's already become my husband and I'm his wife...Remember that we can't fight violence with and sincerity is always the true way...I'm going to try my best in this marriage and I truly hope he does as well."

"Victoria people don't just change're too soft hearted to notice the evil in people...I don't just trust that man Yu-Yusuf. There's something awful about him that makes my blood boil...anyway, Victoria please be careful and don't hesitate to call me whenever you need help."

" Don't worry mum. I'll be fine and please tell dad that I say hi...don't forget to take your drugs mum." Victoria. sounded more like she was the parent here.

"Yes Mrs Doctor, I you take care. I love you dear and bye."

" I love you too mum. Bye." Victoria said before her mother hung up on the call. Victoria took in a deep breath before she sat down on one of the sofas.

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