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   Chapter 11 NO.11

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She sat silently on the opposite side of where Yusuf sat in the car. She had her eyes either buried on the view through her window or she slightly lowered her head and gaze. She still couldn't bring herself to take a good look at the man sitting beside her who was now her husband. She could see from the corner of her eye that he was staring at her.

Why's he staring at me? Do I look okay? What does he think of me? No, I shouldn't bother myself with such thoughts...but I can't help it.

It was the first time she ever sincerely thought about the thoughts of a man this way. She had always felt that it was better to keep her eyes focus on her priorities which included serving God. She was keeping herself holy till she met the right man and get married. Now...she was actually married so that meant, she was allowed to think this way.

She rubbed her hands together nervously as she stared at outside on noticing that the car was slowing down. it drove into a driveway and parked. She stared at the two storey building in front of her as she got down from the car. it was neither too big nor too small from the view of it outside. The house was built with red blocks of bricks and a tint of white on it.

" Come and help get your bags in!" Yusuf ordered her he stood by the already opened boot as the man who had drove them here and signed in as a witness helped unload her two luggages. She quickly went forward after mentally slapping herself at her lacking behind.

Yusuf unlocked the wooden door after talking to the driver privately. He walked in carrying one of her luggage and she followed him in shy

and came out all freshened up and dressed. She walked up to her luggage and decided on unpacking. This was now her new home with her new husband. She knew this was going to take some adjusting to get used to but she was ready for it. If this was her destiny, if this was how God planned everything for some reason then she was going to give her new family a chance. She stood up from her squatting position close to her luggage with some folded clothes in her hands. She walked up to the wardrobe and opened it. To her surprise, she found already folded clothes lying in the closet. She gently kept hers on the floor.

"Whose could this be?" Victoria asked in a whisper as she picked up one. It was long and black, almost looking like a dress with red embroidery on the neck line as the sleeves. it looked like it was made of a black satin. She took a look at the other side and saw a line of hanged men's clothing. She knew that was surely Yusuf's but this...the one she held in her hand was a lady's.

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