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As soon as they neared the city hall. Her heart started to beat with nervousness. She unknowingly rubbed her hands together. She was scared. She had no idea what kind of life awaited her. Was this Yusuf nice? would he be kind to her? Would he care about her? Would he ever love her? A lot of nervous questions ran through her mind and she felt like her stomach was turning inside out. She bit her lower lip and rolled them inward together.

Her mother saw how nervous she was and took her daughter's hand in hers and gave her an assuring smile that everything was going to be okay. Victoria managed to smile back as well.

"You two should stop being so sentimental..." her dad who was staring at them through the rear mirror scolded them. He was sitting in the front passenger's seat. He turned so that he was facing them.

" There's nothing wrong with Yusuf except that he's thirteen years older than you." William said like it was something common.

What!? Thirteen years older...I'm twenty-two now which makes him...around thirty-four or thirty-five! God...why is dad doing this to me? She sobbed in her thoughts.

"William! How could there any other thing you still haven't told us about this charade?" Helen asked her husband angrily. Just then the car stopped in front of the city hall. They all got down and her father paid the driver.

She sat in the registery's office anxiously waiting for her about-to-be husband. She knew everything about this set-up was strange but what could she do? she was stuck between two walls. She anxiously silently tapped her feet as her hands rubbed itself together then she clenched onto her small black purse with her hands which had a long chain silver coloured handle. she wore it over her shoulder. Her mum stood behind her with her hands on Victoria's shoulders.

" He's here..." her dad said as he walked into the office and walked up to her. Victoria gulped down in fear.

Geez Victoria! You haven't even met him and you're so scared. She told herself as she got up from her seat in shaky legs. Her father came closer to her and whispered something into her ears.

" Better behave if you know what's good for you!" he warned her before he turned and stood beside her. Victoria took in his word. She never fought with her father. She had always respected his wishes and she was not someone to go word to word in battle with someone else.

The door to of the register's office opened and in walked Yusuf and another man behind him. He walked up to them and stood. His eyes did not forget to notice his soon-to-be wife standing in front of him. She had her head and eyes lowered. It was like she was scared to take a look at him.

" It's nice to see you again Yusuf." Her father said trying to be cheerful with a smile as he stretched out his hand to him for a handshake. Yusuf took one look at his hand and turned to the judge.

" Let's get this over already. I'm very busy." he spoke rudely to avoid shaking William.

William drew his hand back to his side as the judge started. Victoria took the opportunity to raise her head a bit and took a look at him while he wasn't looking. He was...well she couldn't exactly explain her thoughts were about his looks. She wasn't someone that judged people on their mere appearance. Like the saying 'you can't judge a book by its cover' but she could describe him in one word and that's the fact that he was quite good looking and not how she had unknowingly picture him.

He slid a golden coloured simple crystal ring into her finger and she was given another ring to slid into his while she still tried to ignore the sudden sparks and heart acceleration. The pen was handed to him and he took a deep breath before signing and handed her the pen which made her hand lightly brush against his. she felt the sparks again run up her hand to flush her whole body. She forced herself to compose herself and stop her shaky hand. Finally, she took in a deep breath and signed. She just prayed to God in her heart that everything turns out well. Her father signed in as a witness and the man behind Yusuf signed in as another witness. They were pronounced husband and wife.

"Don't worry soon as I find out where he lives...I'll come visit you. You're always free to call me whenever you wish...I'm going to miss you very much Victoria." Her mum said as she brought her daughter into a hug outside the city hall whereas Yusuf stood by his car waiting for her. Her luggages were already loaded into the boot of his car.

Victoria wept as well while hugging her mother. This was the first time that she was going to be away from her mum and home.

"Victoria stop it...he's waiting for you! " her father broke up their hug.

" You're now a married woman and I have one word for OBEDIENT. " he emphasised on the last word to her. Still sniffing, she tried to console herself and stay strong.

"I love you dad." She told him and immediately put her arms around him. He was silent for a minute but then he drew her away from him.

"Just go Victoria! " he ordered her as he pushed her towards the car.

" Always remember to pray Victoria! " her mum yelled to her and she turned and nodded to her with a smile that says she's happy but yet sad. She wiped her face with her hands as she neared Yusuf. She felt the pressure of being around him start up again.

He looked at her as she came closer but then she quickly lowered her head. He had to admit that she looked worse than he had sort of expected. Anyway, he didn't care about her now. One list of his problems is now cancelled out.

How was it? I'm not sure what your answers might be but...I kinda think it was okay....nonetheless, more chapters are on its way...pleaseeee keep voting and commenting.

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