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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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"Are you up dear?" Helen asked as she walked towards the kitchen on hearing sounds come from in there.

"Yes mum..." Victoria answered. Helen walked into the kitchen and met her daughter hard at work preparing breakfast. She stood staring at her daughter who's back was facing her. Finally, Victoria turned to her with two plates of pancakes with syrup poured on top in her hands. she dropped them on the table and took a look at her mum.

"Good morning mum." She greeted with a smile which looked like she was trying all possible ways to fake. It's a bad luck for her that she wasn't such a good actress. She took a deep breath and looked around the table to see if everything was set for their breakfast.

"Oh try too hard..." her mum who noticed her expression and the eye bags and swollen eyes she had came closer to her. She cupped her face in her hands as tears gathered her eyes again. Her heart wept for her daughter's agony. she wished more than anything that she could help her daughter get out of this situation.

"My baby's all grown up..." she said as she chuckled between sobs on realisation that her daughter was getting married today. Victoria chuckled as well as she tried to hold back her tears.

"Don't worry mum...God is in control and I know that sooner or later...everything's going to be fine, okay?" Victoria told her mother as well as herself as she wiped the tears off her mum's cheeks. She didn't like seeing her mother this way. It always pained her heart. Hee mother had undergone so much harder stuff in the past.

" Oh would you two quit it! where's my food...I'm hungry" William who stood behind and had caught on their little drama exclaimed irritatedly as he walked past them and had his seat at the dinning table. Victoria and her mum separated.

"Good morning dad." Victoria greeted him. Helen and Victoria then had their seat as well. Before Victoria could pray for the food, her dad had already stacked a slice of pancakes into his mouth and chewed on nonchalantly. His family stared at him blankly but that didn't stop Victoria from thanking God for this food in front of them. She bowed her head and prayed and her and her mum chorused 'Amen' at the end. They started in on their breakfast.

" By the way Victoria...I hope you've finished packing all your stuffs...we can't keep him waiting." William warned her, she slowly nodded without looking up into his eyes.

" Good." he replied and sipped his tea.

" Can I ask you...something dad?" she asked him as she rose her head and stared into his eyes which gave her a go ahead order.

" Can...can you please give me a little detail about this man I'm about to marry?" she asked him.

"Well...sure I can do that...He's tall, a bit handsome, fair skinned. His name is Yusuf and he's a muslim."

Did he just say Muslim!? her subconscious mind asked her. She couldn't believe this.

"William! How could you agree to this marriage when you know about his religion..."

" And why not!? she's the almighty Victoria...I don't believe that you Victoria is also involved in separating people because of their can always try to convert him...that's up to you but for're getting married to him whether you like it or not...if you decide to go against me Victoria then know that my blood will be on your head." He said angrily before he stood up.

" You better eat quick and get's better we're there waiting for him than him for us." He told his daughter coldly before walking out of the kitchen. The

kitchen fell silent as though everything had just been frozen including time.

Helen slowly turned to her daughter who quickly wiped off a tear that escaped her eyes. she sniffed in quickly. why was she surprised at her father's action? She knew she shouldn't because this only went on to explain how much he hated her that he was ready to give her away like this.


" It's okay mum...I can do this...I can stay is going to be safe and that's what matters." she told her mum as she tried to control the sob that was threatening to start up. Her mum stood up from her seat and quickly hugged her daughter who put her hands around her waist as she buried her sobbing face in her mum's lower abdomen.

"Victoria....Victoria I would love it if you wore this dress." her mum said as she walked into Victoria's room as Victoria just came out of the bathroom putting on a bathing robe.

Helen was holding a knee leght white cotton dress. It was short sleeved and had a cream coloured belt on it's waist. There wasn't much design on it, in fact it looked like a dress worn in the sixties.

" Mum..." Victoria collected the dress from her and stared at it.

" it's beautiful!" she exclaimed.

" Great. I knew you would like it since it was totally your taste...put it on quickly." her mum told her and Victoria nodded before she walked back into the bathroom and changed.

She came out looking completely stunning to her mum. Helen gave her a nice smile then she came closer and took her daughter's hands in hers.

"I know this marriage might not have come off as how planned on our bucket list but today is today...and I'm losing you today...Even if it's only for three minutes...I want you to feel special...come on Victoria give me a smile. " Helen told her and Victoria tried her best and gave her mum a genuine smile.

" That's it...wait...just wait right here and I'll be back." Helen told her and quickly ran off to her room and returned in a minute later. She pushed on her daughter to have a seat on the bed.

She opened a red purse with green coloured leaves on them. She took out a brown powder and got ready to apply it on her daughter.

" know I don't like that..." Victoria said as she tilted her head a bit backward.

"Relax Victoria I'm not going to masquerade you...I just want to cover up those eye bags under your eyes and the fact that your eyes are a bit can't get married looking sore." Her mum told her which made Victoria a bit relaxed. She let her mother apply a little lightly under her eyes and then she applied a little bit of a colourless lip balm on her lips. Her mum combed her hair.

" Victoria come down right now and let's get going! It's already almost eleven thirty!" Her father yelled from outside her room.

"She's coming! " her mum yelled back as she took a look at her daughter. She was happy with how her daughter looked like at the moment.

Victoria stood up and picked up her yellow cardigan from on top of the bed she had kept it. She put on her black flat shoes before her mum gave her one last comforting hug. Her mum helped her carry her luggages outside her room.

"what took you so long!?" Her dad snapped at them after he took he look at his daughter. He cleared his throat before leading the way.

He called a taxi outside and he and his family got in. They were living in Chicago and pretty much knew their way around.

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