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   Chapter 8 NO.8

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She worked in the kitchen preparing dinner for her family. She had just finished putting in the last ingredient before she covered the pot with its cover then turned to the sink and started to wash her hands.

" Why isn't he back yet...I hope he hasn't broken his promise to me again." a chocolate skinned average height woman said as she walked into the kitchen. She looked like she was in her early forties. She had a light brown eyes and a motherly physique. She sat on one of the wooden chairs that surrounded the small round table covered with a yellow clothe. She looked depressed and sad.

"Don't worry mum...I trust in God and I know he would always take care of dad for us...he will surely bring him to the right path for us." The young woman who was in her early twenties and had a caramel complexion said. She had the same colour of eyes as her mum. She was average in height as well and looked like the younger version of her mum. She had an oval shaped face and a light peach coloured lips. she was putting on a below knee length black skirt and a yellow T-shirt. She had a short black hair which didn't go below her ear length.

She came forward and sat down on another chair beside her mum after she had wiped her hands on a piece of towel. She placed her hand on her mum's and gave her a warm smile.

" I know that Victoria...I just have this bad feeling telling me that something is wrong..." They heard the sound of the main door unlock and open. They took a look at each other before finally getting up and walking to the sitting room to see who it was.

To their surprise they saw the person they've been talking about. William walked in drunk. He stenched of alcohol and cigarette. As he headed to the couch, he felt tipsy and almost stumbled off his balance on the floor. Victoria quickly rushed and helped her father as she put his right hand around her neck to support him. She walked him to the couch and helped him sit down. His wife just stared at him dumbfounded and disappointment written all over her face. Victoria stood in front of her father as she stared at him.

" Come...Come sit...sit down here." William commanded and at the same time drew his daughter's right hand and pushed her to sit down beside him.

With sleepy drunk eyes he started after hiccuping.

"You're getting married're getting married tomorrow so get ready." he told her, she stared at him blankly with tge thought that her father was too drunk.

"That's my prayer too dad...that someday I marry the right man and you change your ways." She told him calmly. He chuckled on realisation that she still didn't understood what he just said.

He grabbed her all of a sudden by the arm. He held her tightly there that it hurt her.

"Listen very carefully to me Victoria...I know that I...I might be drunk now but I'm not stupid...I said you're getting married tomorrow by twelve and I mean it..."

"Let go of her're hurting her!" His wife snapped at him as she forcefully drew his hand away from her grip and got her daughter to stand up from there.

"Who on earth do you want her to marry don't pick husbands from the road." his wife told him angrily as she hid her now about to sob daughter behind her back. William laughed out loud before getting on his feet.

" Helen...stay out of this...She's getting married to who I say she's to get married to...Victoria you've always talkee about this saviour of yours, right? Well...well this is your chance to save this father of yours

...if you don't marry him tomorrow, he's going to kill me so you better pack up your things tonight...uhhh...I'm going to bed." He walked out on them still dizzy as he headed to his room. Helen and Victoria stood speechless. Helen turned to her daughter and saw the shocked reaction on her face as well. Her eyes were watery and as she blinked once, the tears rolled down her cheeks. Her mum wiped it off with her thumb.

"Don't mind your father...don't...oh Jesus christ!" Helen said in equal tears then brought her daughter closer into her arms for a warm comforting hug.

" could William do this to us?" Helen asked between sobs.


She sat on her bed clutched on tightly to her Bible as tears rolled down her cheeks. She wept silently. Her dad wasn't always like fact he was the best father in the world. He was always nice to her and her younger brother. Her dad was always proud of both of them especially William Junior and for short-cut, they called him Junior.

She hadn't meant it. She hadn't meant to accidental push her brother into the pool. When he told her that he was a very good swimmer. She just chuckled at that. Her brother had always played random tricks on her that she has decided not to believe anything he says again.

She was just ten and he was nine. Quite sneaky for a boy of his age but their dad loved him very much for that. It was obvious that junior was his favourite.

Some boys playing ball in the pool mistakenly hit it too hard and it ended up hitting Victoria on the head which made her take an involuntary step backward. she had forgotten her brother stood behind her staring at the deeper pool for adults. Her body had pushed his, landing him into the pool when he could no longer hold his balance. There weren't much people in the pool that day. Just her family and the three boys as well. She had turned and saw her brother struggling. She laughed out loud at him. She mimicked him saying that he was a very good swimmer. Junior struggled in the pool, trying to get to surface and returning back to the depths. Finally, she didn't find it funny anymore and ran out to get her parents who were discussing at a corner. By the time they returned, her brother's body was floating on the surface of the pool.

" Junior! " she could still remember her father's screaming voice filled with fear. There was nothing else the doctors could do to help her brother.

Her father slowly drew distant away from her and was never the same again. He blamed her every minute of the day for her brother's death and took to the comfort of drinking and gambling. When he got the chance, he would lash out his anger on her and wished right to her face that Junior was alive and she was the one dead instead.

She really couldn't blame him. The event of that day have hunted her for the past years. She yearns for her father's love again.

She went on her knees and poured out her heart to God in prayers. She wept nonstop as she prayed. She asked for his guidance and most of all, she asked God to help her father and to redeem his heavy heart and soul. She asked God for a direction in the step she was going to take tomorrow. She prayed that he always be with her and whoever this man was she was going to marry...she prayed he had a good heart.

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This story is dedicated to...

Everyone out there going through something or the other in their lives.



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