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   Chapter 7 NO.7

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He stood staring at the other player bend and hit the ball with almost an eye closed with the pooling stick. They were playing pool and the small room smelt of cigarette, alcohol and men's sweat. Definitely not a place where any woman would want to be. The room was dim lighted. The man stared anxiously at the other player on realisation that he won and that the ball went into the right hole.

I can do this. He mentally told himself as he sought of fiddled with the tip of his own long pool stick.

He turned and took a look at the tensed up two men, standing him giving him the I-dare-you-! sought of look. He turned back to face the pool table and gulped hard. He took one last tensed and pressurized look at the almost crowded people in the room. Some playing cards and having their cigarettes hang from the corner of their mouth while they argued with thier competitors. Accusing each other of having cheated if in the process had won. They placed some amount of money on the table where they played the cards and placed their bets. Some placed their bets on pool games such as the one the man was playing. If he lost then he was sure that his life was gone. He owed way too much to this gambling den and he just got a warning before that his cup was filled up.

He had pleaded for his life and had asked to play one more time. He had boasted with the satisfaction that he had the chance of actually winning, that today was his lucly day. He was then given a chance and asked to win back all he has lost or his life is gone.

The tall, dark skinned, late forties year old man slowly bent and set his pool stick in front or rather behind the small white ball that lay on the bare green floor of the the pool table. He was a bit chubby in the sense for his age, he had dark brown eyes, very low cut hair and some wrinkles on his face especially at the corner of his eyes, nose and probably lips.

He took his final deep breath and used the stick to hit the ball a bit lightly. The ball moved hitting other balls on it's way sending them into most wholes but not quite all...then...then he knew it was over. Before he could turn and have a word with the two men. They both held him on different hands clunching him under his armpits and dragged him away, ignoring his pleads and begs. The other competitor smiled and jubiliated for his victory. The other looser was dragged into a dark room. As soon as they got in and shut the door. The red light was litted on by someone who sat on a black leather arm chair who had his back faced towards them.

" So...Mr Williams...I'm guessing you made a foul promise...again." The man behind the lighted area said in a deep husky voice without yet showing his face.

"Look Yusuf...I...I promise that..that I'm going to pay off all what I owe you...just...just give me one more more chance...I know...I...I promise that I can..."

" Enough! " The man named Yusuf yelled in an annoyed voice but not quite raised. He slowly turned his chair to face them then quietly got up from his seat and walked all the way to lean on his table making the light to finally reflect on his face. He was tall, light skinned but looked like i

t has been whooped up with a cream changing his complexion to a bit sought of yellow. His skin looked like he's lived under the sun of california all his childhood years. He was a bit muscular but not the definition of your typical model look. He had a grown four inches black beard. His black hair was a bit grown close to the length of his ear and freestyled. He had hazel green eyes and had an asian sort of look added to his looks.

He shot Mr Williams one of his death glares.

" I don't run this den on promises and owe me way too much...when you can no longer pay me...You die." he said without no trace of humanity in his eyes.

"Please....please no...Oh please Yusuf have mercy...please...just...pleaseeee..." He pleaded as he tried to struggle free from the two men dragging him towards the door now. He finally wringled himself away from their grip and ran to Yusuf and knelt in front of him with his eyes wet and sweat breaking throughout his entire body. He put his hands and rubbed them together as he pleaded to Yusuf.

"Please...please Yusuf I don't want to die...wait...wait...I know how I can pay my debts to you!" he almost yelled out to him as Yusuf's men dragged him again. Yusuf gestured to his men to stay still and give him a chance to speak.

"You have two seconds to speak something sensible." Yusuf told him coldly with all trace of seriousness and business-like.

" can have my daughter for a wife."

"And how is that supposed to bring back my money? " Yusuf asked him as though getting irritated by the old man but still kept his cool.

" can marry her for a wife...I know my daughter and she's too stuck in her religious belief that she listens to everyone...." Yusuf narrowed his eyes at him as he pouted his mouth to a corner still not understanding.

"You can use her for anything you want...a slave, a maid...she could even warm you up at night and I know no man would deny that can use her as my payment to you...and you don't have to go wife hunting like your family's like hitting two birds with one stone. " William said with a mischievous sly smile on his face.

Yusuf stared at him for what seems like forever and he knew William had a point. He was in dire need of a wife to get his family off his back plus she won't actually be attractive wife material to him.

" Tell me little about her." Yusuf ordered. A slow smile played on William's lips then he stood up to his feet.

"She's practically housewife material...she can do everything; clean, cook, wash, keep orderliness without complain...Her name is Victoria and there's a tiny bit something annoying about her..." Yusuf furrowed his eyebrows at him as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"She's a dedicated Christian worshipper which is part of why she keeps her me Yusuf, this will work." William told him with a pleading smile for yes. Yusuf put on his thinking face and eyes and thought for some seconds.

"Get her down to the registery's office by twelve." Yusuf commanded him.

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