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   Chapter 6 NO.6

Rules of Destiny By Mercy kalu Characters: 1070

Updated: 2018-01-02 14:29

PROLOGUEAUTHOR'S NOTE again! for those of you that have read my other books...?? I've described before about the book on it's profile...for those of you that are asking then YES...yes it's an arranged marriage story but not your expected cliché story...there's going to be some turn of events and a different setting in the background, different castes and pretty much different everything...

So yes...maybe I'm not the best writer out there but I don't care...this is me...I want to be totally me and doing

what I love which includes writing.

I promise to try and make this as understanding and okay as possible as I can...believe me if you could watch it as a movie in my head then you'll understand moving on...

En hen! back to what I was saying.

.there will surely be some mistakes of typical errors but I hope you bear with me and understand that I'm trying...please, pleaseeee...don't forget to VOTE and COMMENT to show how much you support me...


From Mercy198.


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