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   Chapter 25 NO.25

An Act Unknowingly By Mercy kalu Characters: 5799

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Damian's P.O.V

I shut my eyes for a second on realising what I just said. There were possible and a thousand ways to tell Danielle that Emma couldn't speak but all I could do was call her 'dumb?'

Really!? I think I just messed up again. When I looked at Emma, I could see that what I just said affected her as she shut her eyes tightly with her head bent.

All of a sudden, Danielle started laughing really hard as if something was funny and as she did, she pointed and stared at Emma. That was very insulting and Danielle very well knew it. I took a look at Emma who still wept with her head bent. She's crying again all because of me. I immediately took hold of Danielle's arm and dragged her along with me out of the room while she still laughed her mocking laughter.

"Damian...Damian why didn't you tell me earlier that you were just trying to help a begger?" Danielle asked to my amazement as soon as we stood close to the stairs.

" Emma is not a beggar. Just because she can't talk doesn't make you better than her." I told her the honest truth. The truth was that I was getting hurt seeing Emma being insulted and I don't know why. It's not like I have any special relationship with her. Why then do I feel affected? I just realised that I've spent half this night protecting and defending her.

Danielle slowly stopped laughing.

" What's that suppose to mean Damian? Did you just compare me to her? Let me tell you something...I, Danielle is ten times better than that...that thing in your room you're trying to compare me with. I have riches, fame, beauty, everything but what does she have? Nothing! She's just a pitiful looking dumb, pregnant black woman...She's a leach in disguise..."

" St

g about the way she stared at me was off.

I led her to the table and helped her have her seat.

As she was eating, she suddenly raised her head and looked around. She started making wierd gestures. I knew she wanted to say something but what was she trying to enumerate.

" Wait let me get you a paper and pen." I told her as I tried to get up but she quickly held my hand to stop. She shook her head at me.

" can't write? You can't read and write? " I asked her confusingly and slowly she nodded with her head bent in shame.

"'s okay...maybe you...can explain in another form." I told her to make her feel better and that worked as she slowly raised her head and stared at me before smiling. Suddenly her eyes directed to something behind me. I turned and realised that she was staring at Danielle's picture kept on my study table.

She gestured with her hands to ask me who she was.

"That's Danielle...she's fiancée. " I told her and immediately on hearing me say fiancee she sat still staring at me with...with sad teary eyes.

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