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   Chapter 24 NO.24

An Act Unknowingly By Mercy kalu Characters: 6177

Updated: 2018-01-02 15:39

Writer's P.O.V

" She's dare you Damian cheat on me with this ugly thing of a woman!?" She exclaimed angrily as she drew forward trying to attack Emma but Damian kept restraining her.

" I didn't cheat on you! I'm not the father of the child she's carrying! " Damian finally told her.

" What?" Danielle asked as she slowly calmed down.

Paula just stood by the door watching them with a sly smile at the corner of her lips.

" You're not the father? " She asked more calmly in a lower voice.

" Yes...I am not responsible, okay? She works at my company and couldn't find her way home so I brought her here to stay just for the night."

" Re...really? "

"Yes! Since you like this room so much then you can have it...Emma will stay in my room!" He told her before walking out of the room holding Emma's hand.

" Did...did he just say his room? " Danielle asked Paula confusingly which sounded more like she was asking herself.

" You betcha girlfriend. " Paula told her with a sly smile before sipping her hot coco again.


Damian dragged me along with him into his room. I was way into tears to notice any description of his room. Was I really worthy enough for all this? Was I worthy enough to be in this room? Who was that woman earlier and why was she so angry with me? Why did she keep blaming Damian of cheating on her? Everything doesn't quite make sense.

"Once again...I'm sorry...I'm sorry about everything you've gone through this night because of me...I hope you can forgive me. " Damian told me sincerely as soon as we sat down on the bed.

I nodded to him as I tried to control my tears. I've really got to stop crying all the time. It must be really frustrating. Damian was asking me to forgive him whereas I'm the one who's supposed to ask for his forgiveness for being so weak and helpless. I

" Damian defended me and honestly I felt really good hearing him say that. He tried to take hold of her hand but she pulled it away.

" You're defending her!? Damian stop talking and let her talk for herself!" She warned him before turning back. She really does want to fight with me this night but how can I tell her that I don't even have that strength and that everything she said about me is false.

" Danielle please stop creating such a ruckus and let's clear things up outside..."

" Stop it Damian! The more you try to protect her, the more I become irritated by this woman...why can't you talk huh!? Say something! What did you do to my Damian!?" She started asking me as she took hold of my shoulders and kept shaking me and Damian tried to save me from her. All I could do was begin to shed tears for being blamed for something I didn't do.

" Talk! Why are you here!? Are you blackmailing my Damian!? Is that why he is behaving so irrational..."

" Stop it Danielle, she's dumb!" Damian exclaimed as he raised his voice. Did he...did he just...use that word on me?

" W-what?" Danielle asked in surprise as she slowly calmed down.

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