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   Chapter 23 NO.23

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Damian's P.O.V

" Hello Dr Joseph. " I greeted him through the phone.

" Hello my boy. How are you doing? Any change?" Dr Joseph's happy voice asked.

" Well no, I mean yes...not really. " I told him confusingly. What can say? I'm confusing both he and myself.

" I'm pretty sure something is disturbing you...what is it? "

"I just have some questions to ask you. "

"Well do go ahead. I'm listening. " he assured me.

" it possible for me to feelings...feelings that I felt while I still had my normal memory...I mean is it possible for me to experience those old feelings without having remembered everything?" I asked him.

" Well son, that depends...what kind of feelings have you been feeling lately?"

"''s sort of difficult for me to explain...I'm really confused myself. "

" Are they feelings that concerns the heart?" He suddenly asked as if he read my mind.

" Um...yes."

" We all do know that the mind or memory might forget but the heart never forgets...if your heart is feeling that way, don't set those feelings apart. Those feelings might be the keys to getting your lost memories back, okay? " Dr Joseph explained. Hearing that I had a chance of recovering made me feel better but about my feelings...I don't know...I don't think I can tread on that part.

After saying thanks to Dr Joseph and bye then cut the call. I took in a deep breath before getting up and leaving the room.

I walked past the room Emma was staying in and I stopped. I slowly shut my eyes. I don't want to step back. I don't want to take a look at her or how she's doing but I couldn't help it. I turned and went back to stand in front of the room. The door was already slightly opened so I took a look in and saw her lying on one side of the bed almost trying to fold herself into a ball. I knew she wasn't yet asleep because she kept moving her head before she gently rubbed her belly. I drew my head away. She did look worried...why? She should be hasn't eaten!

Writer's P.O.V

A slim lady with a model shape and putting on a pretty expensiv

gnored her and quickly ran upstairs to stop Danielle from harassing Emma.

" Danielle! " Damian called her as soon as she opened the door.

" So this is the so called woman! Today, I'm going to teach her a lesson. " She exclaimed before walking further in. Before she could raise her hand on Emma, Damian held it.

" Let's talk outside...please. "

"'re pleading just for this woman..." she said as she struggled to break free from his hold.

" She's not feeling okay alright...fine, you can sleep in my room. " Damian told her and she stopped struggling and stared at him.

" You've never let me into your room and that's why I stay in this room but Damian, for this woman's asked me to sleep in your room. " Danielle said in a confused manner. Just when Damian thought it was over, she dragges her hand away and quickly rushed to the bed. Before, he could catch up with her, she drew Emma's clothe making her sit up.

" Wake up you whore!" Danielle exclaimed as she kept dragging Emma's clothe making confused Emma uncomfortable. Even as Emma got down from the bed, she kept dragging her clothe and hitting her with her hands.

" Danielle stop it! Can't you see that she's pregnant!?" Damian raised his voice at her as he drew weeping Emma away from her.

" What!?" Danielle asked while panting.

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