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   Chapter 22 NO.22

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Is this really where Damian comes from? Is this really his home? If so...I'm really nothing compared to him.

I wondered as I stood inside the mansion's sitting room staring around. Damian had asked me to wait here. It was very warm and comforting in here. The fireplace was beautifully designed and a huge picture of a man that resembled Damian but older hung on the wall above the fireplace. I was fascinated by the whole thing. I wanted to take a closer look so I took steps closer as I stared at the picture.

Could this...could this person be Damian's father? It is possible though. A huge portrait of him is hung over the fireplace in the living room of this huge mansion.

"What are you doing here? " I heard Paula's voice from behind ask me and immediately my heart sank in fear. I never thought that Paula would also be living in the same house with Damian.

I slowly turned to her. She stood at the entrance of the sitting room in her night gown and a pink robe. A maid stood behind her. She had her arms folded and stared at me with squeezed eyebrows.

" Oh...I forgot...that you're dumb." She said harshly to me as she took steps towards me.

" How the hell did you get in here!? I don't remember ever asking you to come to my home...I don't know why I keep asking you! I don't even want to know what you're doing here or how you got here! Just get out right now! Your face gives me the creeps...Matthew...Matthew..." she said as she took hold of my arm and dragged me along with her towards the door. I tried to hold myself back but wasn't strong enough and neither could I tell her that Damian brought me in here.

The security guard named Matthew came in front of us.

" How the hell did this woman get in without you noticing!?" She asked the man between gritted teeth as she took hold of my neck. It was very painful and the most painful part was that I couldn't say anything. All I ever do is just stand, stare and cry and right now...I feel like crying.

"Ma she...sir..." he tried to explain to her but because she was in a hurry, she cut him off.

" No need! I don't

of a magnet and very drunking. Immediately, my heartbeat increased to be a little bit faster than usual. I saw myself slowly getting my lips closer to hers till they were almost an inch apart.

Damian what are you doing!? I immediately pulled away creating an awkward atmosphere. I have to get out of here, I have to clear my mind.

" I...I...I have to go...I...I have urgent work to attend to." I quickly told her without looking at her in the eyes anymore before I immediately stood up and quickly walked out of the room without turning back.

I got into my room and shut the door before sighing. That was really a close one.

"What is going on with me?" I asked myself as I took my seat on the bed. I am very sure that I'm no longer myself...something is definitely wrong with me. I keep having this wierd strange feelings when I'm around Emma and as day passes becomes more and more strange. I say things to her that I could never say to anyone...I do things for her sake that at the end I feel like slapping myself to wake up from the dream I was having. I couldn't exactly say that I was attracted to Emma, I mean...there's nothing really attractive about her but...but she still manages to increase my heart beat every time and that's why I had earlier on decided to avoid her. I have to talk to Dr. Joseph.

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