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   Chapter 21 NO.21

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Were I'm I going to go? How I'm I going to communicate with anyone? I can't even speak. I feel so cold. What I'm I really going to do?

" Do you need a ride?"

Is that Damian's voice? I slowly raised up my head and lo and behold. It was really him. His car was parked right in front of me. I stared at him with wide eyes in surprise.

" I you need a ride? You know, sitting out here in the cold in your condition is not very healthy. " he told me while I still stared at him with wide eyes. I wasn't really expecting this...I sensed...I sensed sincerity in his voice and in a long time, that felt good coming from him.

He sighed before he stretched his hand and opened the car's door.

" Get in. " He ordered me as he placed both of his hands on the starring wheel in front of him.

I finally managed to get over my surprise. I picked up my handbag from beside me and wore it over my shoulder. As I tried to get my heavy self to my feet, I felt a hand on my back. I looked up to see who it was and to my was Damian. Without looking at my face, he took hold of my hand while his other supported my waist and he helped me get to my feet. Ever since I stepped into this city, I have never been as happier as this moment. Damian might not have remembered me right now but he cares...he cares about me and that's something for me to hold on to.

He helped me gently get into the car and he shut the door and walked all the way to the other side and got in and before I knew it, the car was moving. I couldn't take off my eyes from him. My Brad was somehow slowly returning back to me...thank goodness.

Damian's P.O.V

Did I really just get out of the car to help her? What's wron

arked in front of a very huge house. I don't think I've ever seen such a beautiful looking mansion in my entire life. I turned and saw Damian pressing something on his phone. He turned to me and gave a brief smile.

"It's a good thing that you're awake now...look, I couldn't think of anywhere to take you that you would be safe in except...except my home'll spend the night here and tomorrow you'll see Abigail at the that okay with you? " Okay with me? You cared so much as to bring me to your home...this was more than okay for me...even if you had left me on the streets. I would have still been happy that you actually thought of me.

I gently nodded to him with a thank you smile.

" Okay...wait, I'll help you get down from the car. " he said before he quickly got down. He opened the door for me and as he said, he helped me get down from the car. After he shut the car door, I couldn't help but stare at the magnificent mansion that glittered beautiful with its light this night. I know Damian is rich but not this rich to own such a mansion.

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