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   Chapter 20 NO.20

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Damian's P.O.V

I paced to and fro as I continuously tried to make a call and get us out of here but nothing was working. There was no stupid signal. Why do I have this feeling that some stupid force is doing this to me? Finally I stopped trying and put the cell phone back into my pocket. I was beginning to feel hot and agitated. I loosened my tie and took off my jacket. I took a look at Emma and she still seemed calm. Calm!? How can she seem so calm at this point? We were trapped in here and nobody probably knew, meaning we might die here! Did I mention that I hate being trapped in a small spaced room. I ran my hand through my hair roughly.

" Are you human at all!?" I asked her angrily. She just stared at me with an expression that I couldn't read. I snorted as I wiped my face with my hands.

" I hate this! I hate being trapped!! And I hate the fact that it's you with me!!! Oh I'm so going to fire that security guard! " I exclaimed loudly and by this time she furrowed her eyebrows at me and stared at me with...with concern? No...that can't be what I'm seeing. I stood quietly for a minute before I then took in a deep breath. The more I struggled here, the more we lose the air.

I went and sat down on the floor as well beside her. It won't hurt to know I wasn't alone. There was silence between us for almost like a minute and suddenly I couldn't bear it anymore.

"Are you really okay with this place? " I saw myself asking her that question. She just stared at me.

" Oh that's right! You can't speak." I exclaimed as i finally remembered but should I have said that out aloud. I took a look at her and she was now staring at her hands with her head bent. No longer staring at me!?

" I'm sorry...I shouldn't have said that to you. " I appologised in a low voice. I think I'm beginning to slowly run out of air. I sighed at my misfortune. She suddenly raised her head and turned to me. She closed her eyes then pointed to them and as she opened it, she pointed to me. What...what exactly does that mean? I st

nd? "

"No. Actually this is my ghost, of course I'm still around! Why did you turn off the lights?"

" No sir. Actually there was a problem and it turned off on its own. It was wierd 'cause that has never happened before. I just came from turning it back on." He explained.

" Really? If that was what really happened then thank you God, if not you would have seen the back of your job. Make sure such power blackout doesn't happen again especially during work hours. You're not paid every month to lazy around. Lock up the building. I'm leaving. " I ordered him and he just kept nodding.

" Yes sir. I can assure you that it won't happen again. "

"You better do. " I warned him before I walked away.

I drove out of the parking lot and was about to turn when I saw Emma sitting on one of the stairs leading to the entrance of the building. She sat with head bowed and when she does look up, she looked gloomy and troubled. What could she still be doing here at this time? I had really forgotten about her as soon as I stepped out of the elevator. In my rage to lash out on Daniel, I forgot that she was in with me earlier and...and her presence was wierdly comforting in a way.

"Just mind your business Damian. " I warned myself and stepped on the gear.

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