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   Chapter 19 NO.19

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I walked down the hallway with a cup of coffee in my hands heading to Paula's office. As usual she had requested one of those her numerous orders. She had me walk all the way across the street to get her a cup of coffee.

Things are really not going well for me. This past few days, I feel like Damian is avoiding me. Does he think I'm crazy or something. He just seems more distant than ever although I know me and this new Damian were never close but still he noticed me at intervals and he just passes me by. I'm really worried. How I'm I suppose to get him to remember me if he just passes me by?

I turned into a corner only to bump into someone and once again spill the coffee on the person. What's with me and spilling coffee? Ahhh!

I slowly looked up to see who I just messed up only meet Damian's squeezed up face as he just stared at the coffee on his jacket and hands. I quickly brought out my handkerchief and tried to clean him up.

"'s okay...look just stop!" He finally snapped at him. I slowly stopped and stared at him with furrowed eyebrows. He looks angry. He's angry with me.

" For once just look at the direction you're heading! Are you also blind? " He snapped angrily again at me and immediately walked past me.

I swallowed hard.

You cannot cry now Emma. He probably didn't mean to insult you...he's angry...yes...but still...that hurts coming from him. I know that I'm not complete...I'm partially handicapped but I don't need someone pointing that out to me. I can take it from an outsider but from him whom I love...that really hurts Damian.

I used the back of my left hand to wipe my tears away. I have to go get Paula a new coffee.


Ahhh! Now she messed up my attire. Why can't she be more careful all the time? Does she have to be so clumsy?

" Sir what happened to you? " Arthur asked as he followed me into my office on seeing my state.

"She just had to ruin my perfectly good day. What would happen if she just becomes focus and stop spilling coffee on people..."

" Are you talking about Emma sir?"

" Yes Emma...Emma that's her...she's beginning to get on my nerve for some reasons...look just go get me a new suit from one of the dressing room downstairs...I can't head home now, I have a lot of work to do." I told Arthur as I took off my jacket fru

. I stood in front of the elevator after pressing the button. I knew how to find my way home. Abigail had written down the address for me on a piece of paper and all I had to do was just hand it over to the taxi driver and I'll be home. At least I'm beginning to recognise the road.

Finally the iron door slowly slide open and I got in then pressed the last floor button. I stood and watched as the door slowly started to slide to close and before the twoparts met, a foot stuck in between and I rose my head to see who it was. Damian!?

Writer's P.O.V

Damian squeezed his way through the door then finally got in before the door completely closed. He took a look at Emma standing at the other eyes. She was staring at him with wide eyes.

Damian's P.O.V

Why is she staring at me like that? Is this woman stalking me or something? She seems to appear everywhere I go. What is she still doing here up till this time? I rolled my eyes away and decided to ignore her and just wait on ahead to get out of here. Suddenly the elevator shook and the lights went off, the elevator came to a stand still.

No no no no no...not now! The lights couldn't have seriously went off! I went towards the button and pressed it several times for it to start up but it wouldn't budge and finally I stopped then slowly turned only to see Emma already seated on the bare floor. Seriously!?

" I see you came prepared!" I told her coldly as I shook my head and put my hands on my hips.

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