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   Chapter 18 NO.18

An Act Unknowingly By Mercy kalu Characters: 5468

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So now where in the world has Paula dissapeared to when I urgently need to talk to her about something important? I headed straight for the elevator after coming out from the office where her secretary told me that she was downstairs headed for a shoot. I got out of the elevator and headed to her dressing room. I nodded my head to the greetings the employees gave me. I walked past the room where the clothes where kept then stopped on reaching Paula's dressing room...I think I saw something...I took a few steps backward and peeped back into that room...What's she trying to do? Okay, let me see...clothes on the floor, she struggling to squat...

Just mind your business Damian....that's her own business.

I turned my head back to the direction of Paula's dressing room. One step, two steps, three steps...

Oh here we go!

I saw myself walking back to the room Emma was in. I stood for a minute at the door staring at her. She's really something else. Why doesn't she just admit that Paula was abusing her and the job was too much for her. Now she walks around doing Paula's dirty laundry no matter how painful it is for her. Now she's trying to pick up some clothes when it evidently shows on her face that it wasn't easy for her.

Oh what the heck!

I walked right in and started picking the clothes up without looking at her expression.


What is he doing? Why is he helping me? Does he care about me or maybe he's finally recognised me. Wait...has he really recognised me.

Emma don't get carried away.

After he was done picking them up and hanging them on the hangers without looking at me, h

this now Emma...if you can't handle it anymore then don't hesitate to drop that job and tell me right away. I'll support you." Abigail told me sincerely. I smiled broadly to her.

She is such a nice woman. She is caring and loving. She treats me almost like her own daughter which makes me miss my mum who raised me up back in the island. There was something about Abigail that I just can't put my finger on. She's different from others I've seen and in a very special way. I feel comfortable and more relaxed when i'm with her.

"I'll take your broad smile as that you've understood. " Abigail said playfully with a smile. I nodded again.

I wonder if I should tell her about my encounter with Damian earlier today.

No...I might complicate things...besides nothing too important happened.

I'll just have to be more careful and know the way to handle things around. I shouldn't be too fast with Damian. He has to slowly remember me and then explain as to the reason why on earth he forgot me so easily.

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