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   Chapter 17 NO.17

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"Well look healthy to me...I'm pretty sure in a few weeks or days you might get your memories back." Doctor Joseph told me as he packed up his stuff into his briefcase. I sat cup from the couch I laid on in the office in the mansion.

"So you're saying there's a possibility that I might regain my memories?"

"Weeel...I wouldn't want to get your hopes up so I'll tell you this's a fifty-fifty chance...You might get them back if they are stimulated by the memory itself or... they might take years before returning. " He said as he stood in front of me. I couldn't help but be silent for a while. I can't let that happen to me. I couldn't possibly live with the knowledge that a vital part of my life is missing and I don't even know anything about it. What of if I had done something terrible or very risky in that part of my memory? What about the people I met during that period? That means I will totally not recognise them.

"Are you saying that there's a possibility for my fast recovery if I happen to meet people or go back to the place where I lost my memory in the first place?"

" Technically speaking, yes...if you can do that then good...anyway..." He looked at his wrist watch as he picked up his briefcase.

" I have to get going now...I have an appointment with a patient...You know Damian, you can always come over to the hospital and I'll check up on you thoroughly...." He sai

e in her eyes before she turned and headed towards the door. Does she really have no heart?

" And oh...Emma...make sure to get me a cup of coffee from across the street...I don't like the cafeteria coffee, it gives me indigestion so if I were I don't want to be short be quick." She said and walked out gracefully surely feeling that she had won the battle. She was lucky, she was lucky in the sense that I couldn't speak if not...someday I would have given her a good piece of my mind.

I slowly tried to squart and pick up the clothes and arrange them on the hanger on the rail but it wasn't really working...yeah it doesn't work much especially when you're heavily pregnant. Squatting was a bit difficult for me. I bit my lower lip to suck in the pain.

Sorry for the short chapter but I was just really busy...please keep voting and ask me questions about anything you don't understand through most of your comments...thanks.

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