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   Chapter 16 NO.16

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"We would like to speak to Miss Paula please." Abigail told the secretary of Paula as I stood behind her. The day was almost over and we've finally decided to come and apologise. I was feeling quite nervous. what of if all this doesn't go as planned in my head? What of if she rejects my apology and throws me out? I can't let that happen because I'll not be able to see my Damian again.

" Wait here and I'll let her know." Her secretary or assistant was a short red headed woman with red bushing cheeks and light blue eyes. She looked tough and snobbish. She went in and later on came out qnd and nodded to us to go in. Really!? she's accepting us in? Here it goes Emma. We walked into her mighty huge office. It smelt nice and nice. Everything smelt of 'I am rich' and 'I am expensive'. Well what do you expect from a woman who owns half a fortune and is a model again.

" A-bi-gail!" Paula said picking the word one by one as she sat on her luxurious seat with crossed legs staring back at us with a quite unusual smile. I don't know what to make out of all this. City folks can be really strange.

" And...You...What's your name?" She suddenly asked me. Oh my God what do I do!?

" Her name is Emma and she's a distant cousin of mine...She can't talk." Abigail spoke for me. Paula was silent for a while before speaking.

" Are you married?" She asked me directly. I slowly shook my head to her. She was silent again and slowly her smile grew to a sly one. She stood up from her seat and walked up to her table. She stood and leaned in front of it.

"So you're a black woman who's pregnant out of wedlock can't talk?" What!?

r as we turned and headee for the door.

" WAIT!" she yelled from behind us then I could hear the sound of her heels walking up to us and she stood from behind.

"I want you to start work here by...let's say before I get to work tomorrow I want to see you standing right in front of my you better don't be late...I hate late comers...and yes I can be at the end of every month...I'll pay you five thousand dollars at can use it to take care of that child you're carrying..." She said and broke out into a devious laughter again. I think she's crazy. Abigail and I quickly left that place. Why do I feel like I just sold my soul to the devil? I I'm pretty sure that this is not going to be easy and if it turns out to be then I can be sure that Paula will make it difficult for me...Now I get it. She wanted revenge. She was exacting revenge on me because of what I did earlier to her...Bridgit was right about her.

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