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   Chapter 15 NO.15

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By lunch time, I was suddenly way too hungry to hold on and I didn't feel like driving all the way to some fancy restraunt or buy some cheap take out across the road so I walked out of my office and turned to Arthur.

"Arthur look..."

" Yes sir. Look sir I'm very sorry, I didn't know that pregnant woman would be so careless and I actually hadn't asked her to get your coffee. I actually thought it would be Bridgit who would get it. I didn't mean to be the cause of the commotion earlier. Please sir don't fire me or else my girlfriend will leave me." he finished almost loss of breath. He was panting by now. Uhhh! He was giving me such a headache! I robbed my eyes with my right hand's thumb and index finger before finally facing him.

"Are you done? How did your confession work out for you?" I asked him all of a sudden. He looked surprised and taking aback.

" huh...I...I..."

", you always talk too much and I've told you to stop that or someday I might really fire you." I told him and he just bent his head and suddenly rose it again.

"I'm sorry won't happen again. " he pretended to zip up his mouth and threw away the key.

" listen to me...I'm going for lunch downstairs at the cafeteria so if there's any problem that needs my attention then...then don't disturbe me." I told him with my hands in my pockets. He tried to say something but I gave him a glare and he just quiet down before I finally turned and walked away.

I walked into the cafeteria which seems to be flooded with most of the employees. All eyes turned to me but then soon enough, they looked away while most of the ladies still stared and whispered among themselves with dreamy eyes. That's right! Dream all you want about this guy which you'll

or your hospital bills." He said all at once with crossed arms without almost even blinking. I sat there trying to assess everything...that's it...he just wanted to apologise? I...I thought that he had finally recognised me...well I guess I'm happy that he cares about me and his child. Even if he didn't know that I was carrying his child. He still cared as a fellow human being and I liked that. Maybe we can start out this way.

"hello...hellooo!" he called me back to planet earth. I slowly rose my gaze to him.

" So...are we okay?" he asked with a stretched hand for a handshake. I took a look at his large yet long hand. Oh how I've dreamed of seeing those hands again...but in mine. How I've dreamt of having that hand around me for warmth.

" Hellooo...My hand is hanging?" he whined. I then brought mine and shook his. It felt warm as usual but sent sensations and butterflies in my stomach.

"Good." he suddenly said and quickly drew his hand away. I had to leave him to his lunch but this time with a smile. I was happy that we've sort of sorted things out...I'm just glad to start somewhere with him.

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