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   Chapter 13 NO.13

An Act Unknowingly By Mercy kalu Characters: 7898

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I stood in the cafeteria staring at Bridgit squeeze some juice out of the oranges. I wanted to do something, to help but she wouldn't let me...she says i should relax and let the baby relax as well but we all know that's not me. I grew up working all the time so I can't stay a day idle without doing's become a habit. She turned to make...some tea, I guess? I gestured to her that I wanted to do that.

"You want to make the coffee? Emma I'm sure you don't know how to use this so let me make it, okay? You just sit and rest...." I shook my head to her...I'm not resting anymore...if I rest anymore, I'm going to be so fat by the time I give birth. I gestured to her to teach me how to make the coffee using the small appliance and also how to make a latte. She finally agreed to show me and then I learnt fast.

"Excuse me....Mr Russell would like his latte now with no extra whip of know how he likes it." An average looking man said as he said at something he was holding in his hand and only looked up when he said the last part.

"Don't worry'll be right there." Bridgit managed to answer with a smile then he nodded still staring at the thing in his hand before he turned and had already taken about twelve steps away, close to the exit of the cafeteria then he stopped, turned and walked back to us.

"Excuse me but who are you...I've never seen you here before." He asked directing the question to me all of a sudden. I stood wide eyed.

"Oh...She? She's Emma Dale...She's Miss Abigail's distant cousin...She just started working here yesterday." Bridgit told him as sbe still tried to compose her smile. I wonder how she does that.

"Is that so!?" He asked as he continuously slowly nodded his head in understanding.

"Okay...make sure not to waste time in getting the latte to the shooting know how he gets when things don't go the way he wants." The Arthur guy said to Bridgit nodded in agreement before the guy turned and finally left. Since this morning, I haven't seen Damian...I wonder how he's doing he okay? Has he finally remembered who I am to him? Has he finally remembered all that happened? I have to see him...I have to calm my beating heart...seeing him from afar would do the trick. I gestured to Bridgit that I wanted to carry the latte instead and she stared at

turn red with anger....I'm sure she hates me now...I must now be on her number one death wishlist. As soon as Damian dragged me out of the shooting room and the door shut, he swung me around and pushed me till I was joined to the wall. He came closer.

"What on earth is your problem?" What?

"Why do you keep staring at me like that?" I didn't know how to answer him and all I did was stare into his hazel blue eyes to try and find my own Damian...the one that I fell in love with. He hit the wall angrily behind me which startled me.

"See!? You're doing it again...stop you know me...what? Have you ever seen me somewhere before? Do I look like some lover you lost? What? Tell me so you could stop with the staring." He said in a fist rage. If only he knew, if only I could tell him the whole truth and he would believe me. If only I could tell him that he's the father of this baby that I was carrying and he was...currently about to kill with his heavy body pressing against my tummy. I flinched not being able to retain the pain anymore. He suddenly remembered himself and realized what he was doing. He let go of my arm and took a step back, releasing my tummy from that agonising position. I couldn't help but rub my belly. He just stood staring at me then he quickly turned and walked back into the shooting room. Damian had changed so much or...was he always like this?

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