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   Chapter 12 NO.12

An Act Unknowingly By Mercy kalu Characters: 5813

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"Guys...I want you to meet someone new who'll be joining us." Abigail said as soon as we reached the large cafeteria and she took off her coat and stood in front of two people wearing the same red polo T-shirt. They were both females and both fair skinned.

"I want you to meet Emma...a distant cousin of mine...she's not from around here and is not a city might find her village like...the thing is that she'll be working here with us and I'll love it if you guys could keep her comfortable." Abigail said with a smile.

"I'm Bridgit...nice meeting you." The first girl with chubby cheeks and curly hair said as she stretched her hand. I accepted her handshake with a smile and a nod.

"And I'm Macy and the eldest here when it comes to rank." The second girl said as she stretched her hand with a smile. She had a short black straight hair and cheek bones. I accepted her handshake as well.

"Um girls...Emma is...she's not really okay...she can't speak I hope you understand her sometimes." Abigail said and they looked at me with pitiful and sad eyes. I hated that.

"Don't worry Miss Abigail...we'll take good care of her." Bridgit said as she came closer to me with a smile on her face and lightly pat my arm. I could feel her genuine sincerity so I smiled with her.

"Come Emma...I'll give you a tour around here then around the company and give you a brief detail on how things work around here." She said as she led me on to another path and Abigail just nodded in agreement. Macy went back to her work.

Bridgit gave me a tour around the cafeteria and explained several things which I really sometimes didn't understand and I had no idea on how to tell her to please repeat once more so I ki

ell me something...I sat up on my wide luxurious bed then switched on the lamp on the side table. I stood up after rubbing my face with my right hand. I went and took another shower then came out once more feeling fresh and all better. I got dressed back into my pyjamas.

I stood close to the window with a towel in my hand trying to dry my hair with it. I stared out and only saw the peaceful estate in which I lived in. Quite famous for their tight security away from the press and peaceful environment. Only equally millionaires and billionaires live here. I looked up to take a look at the clouds, the moon. Somehow, that was the only thing that made me feel warm and better. I wonder when all this is going to be over. When is the images in my memory going to become clearer? When I'm I going to finally see the woman in my dreams and memories clearer? When I'm I going to finally have a peaceful night sleep I want? When is all this going to be over?

Sowwwyy....this chapter was not as long as the rest...i suddenly ran out of ideas but I promise to makr the next chapter more interesting....Please continue to vote and comment on my work...thanks

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