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   Chapter 11 NO.11

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We got down from the taxi the next morning and I stood staring at the tall sky scraper building in front of me while Abigail paid the driver.

"Let's go in Emma." She told me as she took hold of my hand and dragged me along. Several people dressed richly for work kept walking in and out of the building. It kind of made me feel different about what I was wearing since I was put on a red gown and a black sweater but what does it really matter...since when did I start caring about what others wore. I really hope Bra...wait Damian would be able to recognise me. I could feel my start start to beat fast with fear against my ribcage. Abigail pushed on a large and tall transparent glass door before we finally got into the building. It smelt so nice in here and was wide. If I could shout then I'm sure I'll probably hear the echo of my voice four times.

"Good morning miss Abigail." A woman dressed official in ash colour and sitter behind a counter greeter Abigail and Abigail responded in a nod then she stopped and walked back to the woman.

"Sorry for the disturb Messy but say...has Mr Russell come in today?" Abigail asked, the woman shook her head.

"No not yet."

"Oh...thank you very much."

"You're always welcome so long as you treat me to a fancy lunch later today?" The woman said in a kind of pleading manner. Abigail thought for a moment the nodded.


"Yes!" The woman exclaimed in a low voice as Abigail and I walked away.

"Thank you." The woman yelled behind us and Abigail turned and nodded to her.

We stood in front of a wide iron door and so did about two people. I guess we were waiting for it to open. I decided to stare down at my feet as we waited.

"Good morning sir."

"Good morning sir." I heard different voices greeting and then I saw an expensive looking leather shoe walk in and stood close to mine. I slowly raised my head then turned to see who the person was. Bra...Damian was standing close to me. My Bra..Damian...I really need to get used to his real love was just right beside me. His eyes seemed to be glued to his phone as he scrolled down. He suddenly raised his head and looked away from his phone. He took a look around then finally he saw me. He stared back at me. Does he remember me? Is he finally back?

"Can I help you miss?" What?

"I'm sorry sir but she's with me." Abigail said as she came closer and put her right hand around my shoulder.

"She is...well she was staring at me earlier...that's not good."

"I'm really sorry about that sir...s

I walked ahead to my seat, I sat down then swung the seat around to face the large shutters. I picked up a small remote on my table then pressed the open button on the remote. The shutters immediately automatically raised to reveal the whole city behind those mighty powerful glasses of the building. It still doesn't get old here, just sitting and staring. Suddenly I felt a pinch then a bang in my head. I brought my two hands to hold my head as I shut my eyes and squeezed them because of the pain...there it was again...that blurr image in my was a blurr image of a woman playing with a...a man...I just couldn't tell who they are...but something is different now....I finally saw a new side that I haven't seen before in this reoccurring memory...the sea...I could see a blurr view of the sea...then suddenly the pain and the images garnished, leaving me panting and confused with the whole thing. Something is just not right...I've been seeing the blurr image of a woman and a man playing for sometime now both even in my dreams but for the first time...I saw something different...I saw a blurr image of the sea.

I sat up straight then took a deep breathe. I swirled my chair around to face my table. I pressed on a button on the phone on the table.

"Arthur?" I called, "Yes sir." His voice came in the line.

"Cancel the shoot for today...I'm going to see my doctor."

"Um...years sir, very well as you wish."

"And Arthur?"

"Yes sir."

"Make sure to hold your tongue on where I'm going to." I warned him.

"Uhhh....Yes sir I'll do just that." Arthur answeres, he better keeps his word.

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