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   Chapter 10 NO.10

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She walked me to a small but yet beautiful room. The wall was. The wall was painted blue the bed small but nice and comfy. I've never slept or sat on such a bed in my whole life. The floor was covered with a red rug and it smelt okay in here.

" can stay here until you're able to get on your feet." Me!? In such a nice room!? Why? Why was she helping me and being so nice to me? It just felt strange and somehow right.

"Look, I know you have lots of questions going on in your mind now...I'm not a bad person neither do I have dangerous plans hatched for's just that you remember me of someone..." Me? Who could that be that could have a life like mine?

" remember me of myself when I first came to this city...anyways this room belonged to an old friend but she's moved to another city now so you can stay here." She's giving me a room to stay in? Wait...I put my hand into my handbag and brought out the envelope. I stretched out my hand to her. She looked from me to the envelope then back to me. Her face lit with amazement when she realised what I meant.

"Oh no no no no! I'm not asking you to look like a nice young lady who needs help so I just want to help..don't worry about paying's for free, I told you till you can be able to stand on your two feet." She said with a smile. I didn't know how to thank her. I mean how many people would accept someone like me into their home. I heard out here in the city, you can't trust anyone but I'll say otherwise about this woman. She was very nice.

"Okay I'll have to quickly leave for work now...there's something to eat in the fridge and...wait, what's your name?" She asked as she stood in front of the main door after giving me a tour round her apartment and then picked up her handbag and coat. She then turned to me. I thought about how I was going to tell her.

"Okay, wait here." She said then walked away into what seems like her room. She came back with a pen and paper.

"Here, write your name down for me." She gave me the pen and paper. I nodded then walked up to the table. I kept them on top of it and wrote down my name.

Emma Dale

Then I handed it over to her.

"Oh!'s nice to meet

an to tell me that Damian Russell...owner of Russell's perfumes and dressing lines...the multi time billionaire Damian Russell is responsible for your pregnancy?" Does she have to say all that? I nodded to her, her eyes slowly lit up as she came closer.

"But...but how can that be possible...from what you told came from some remote island somewhere and Damian comes from here...How did you meet? How's that even possible? The press is going to go wild if they find out about this...are you really sure it's Damian? You might have gotten him mixed up with someone else. People do look alike these days." How many times do I have to nod to her? I nodded non stop. She looked really surprised. I don't get it what's wrong.

"You know what? I work in the cafeteria of his company...tomorrow you're going to follow to work my cousin...we're going to see if he recognises you and you'll be able to have a closer look...he might not be whom you assume him to be but for now...when we get there tomorrow...don't tell anyone what you just told me, okay?" She said and I just nodded even if I didn't quite understand all she said about companies, work, pretending that we're related...I'll just go with the flow tomorrow. At least I could look forward to meeting my Brad again. Maybe this time around he's going to finally recognise me and remember the fact that we were once together and loved each other.

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