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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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"Why did you stoop so low as to fight with her Jade?" Dad scolded as we were back at home.

"I just couldn't bear the insults that they were rendering to our family needed to hear what they said about Emma..."

"You know they're not all should've ignored them, look now you're hurt...I've never known you to be such a wild person..."

"I'm not, Jerry okay...but when it comes to my family, my daughter...I'll do anything to protect her..."

"Emma is not a baby...she clearly knows what she got herself into when she laid with a man she didn't know." How could he say that about me? This hurt way too much. I immediately stood up from my seat and walked quickly into my room and tried to control my tears.

"How could you say that Jerry? You've hurt her." I heard mum tell him and the next thing I knew, I heard a knock on my wooden door. I was already crying way too much. I know, I know...I have a master's degree in stupidity. I don't need anyone telling me over and over again. Immediately I knew what I should do. I stood up and opened the door. Dad stood in front of me with sorry eyes.

"Can I come in?" He asked and I slowly nodded as I wiped my face and stepped back for him to come in. He sat on my mat beside me.

"I'm sorry...i've been too hard on you lately." He started, "It's just that this...your condition now wasn't the best I had planned for you...I wanted you to have a peaceful and happy life...marry the right man in a splendid wedding and have the best family you could...when I found out that you were felt like a big blow to my face, it felt like that I've been stupid all this year's dreaming of your perfect future...I guess I got too carried away...Can you forgive your father?" He asled, I turned to him with teary eyes. I nodded then hugged him. It wasn't his fault, none of this was his fault. It wasn't wrong of him to dream of a better future for his daughter. I decided to tell him my plans. I couldn't sit here for the rest of my life and regret the decisions I've made and have people laugh at me and my child. I had to make things right before my baby's born. I decided to tell him of my plan of leaving and going to the city to look for Brad. I didn't want my baby to grow up without knowing who his dad is just like me. I have no clue about who my real parents are and it hurt every blessed day to think that they threw me away just like that. Dad and mum didn't take my decision lightly especially mum. She demanded I changed my mind but my mind was already made up. I couldn't take the insults everyone threw at me with just their stare or glances with their eyes. It hurt very much. It made me feel like I was some prostitute. Mum finally gave in as I promised her that'll surely be back.

"Remember Emma not to stress yourself too need to get as much rest as you can and take good care of yourself." Mum said in tears as we stood on the sea shore the next evening in front of the boat. I nodded to her then hugged her. Dad came closer and put an envelope in my hand.

"Here take the money your mother and I managed to gather...make use of it to find yourself somewhere to stay as soon as you get there...if things don't go too fine for you there then come right back home, okay?" Dad said and I nodded in tears as well. This was the first time that I am going to leave my parents. Dad came closer and hugged me then mum joined in as we had a family hug with mum and I crying. The bell was rang indicating that everyone leaving should get on the boat. We finally released ourselves then I turned and got in on the boat. I turned back to my parents and as the boat sailed away, I waved to them and they waved back. I promised myself onward to come back victorious. To come back achieving something. I couldn't put my parents into any further more shame.


As soon as I got down from boat. I knew a whole new whole awaited me. I've never left our island before tankless of having been to a city. Everywhere was so busy, everyone busy...New York city sure is big. I clenched on tightly to my bag as I w

alked on ahead. I had no idea which way to go so I just decide to follow other passengers on the route they walked finally we came out from port side and into the main city. I just kept on walking as John I did, in stared around and exclaimed 'wow!' In my mind. Everything here was so flashy and so independent. I stood in front of a shiny kind of machine. 'So this is what is called a car...the one they drive on the road.' I gently touched it. It was amazing then I hit it and suddenly it rang a loud alarm tune. I immediately walked away as people began to stare. I stood for a minute from being tired...don't forget that I was pregnant. I was carrying another being which made it double weight, mine and my baby's. I saw a sign board up of a lady lying on a bed. Maybe there's a room vacant or something. I decided to cross the road and then took a first step only for a car to almost hit me as it came honking. I covered my head with my hands. I was done for.

"Are you crazy!?" The driver yelled angrily as soon as he got out from the car. I slowly uncovered my head as the person came closer.

"Do you want to kill yourself or something!? Well not me...go and jump off some building if you want to commit suicide..." as he talked I slowly raised my head to see who the person was. Brad?

Is this really Brad in front of me? Why does he look different? Why does he sound different? I know he's the same man that I fell in love with back in the island. I know he's the father of my baby but...why is he dressed like richly...even his car looks very expensive.

"Get out of the way miss!" He suddenly yelled at me. Doesn't he remember me? Why is he behaving like he doesn't know who I am? I just stood there staring at the different reflection of Brad. He shook his angrily and walked back to his car, it was after he got into his car that I realized that I was losing him again. Before I could even take a step closer, he cornered me and sped off. Several cars kept honking and speeding around me and yelling at me to get out of the way. I was confused, scared, divided. This was indeed a strange land. I felt a hand on my shoulder which startled me.

"Come, follow me." A fellow black woman like me said. She held my hand and helped me cross to the other side.

"Are you okay? You could've gotten yourself killed out there." I just had my head lowered in embarrassment.

"You should be more careful in this looks like you came from some country home or something...where are you from?" She asked and I just stared at her then slowly I gestured to her that I couldn't speak. She had that 'oh!' pitiful look in her eyes. She calmed down a bit.

"Look this city is very dangerous for people like you...I mean you're pregnant and you can't speak...How will you cope here? Do you even have any place you're staying at?" I slowly shook my head. Well done Emma! You always find a way to destroy your life on your own. The average heightened black woman stood like she was thinking. She had a warmth face. She looked like she was in her middle forties or more so, late. She had well carved lips and wore glasses. She was among the few black people that had pink lips. Everything about her appearance kind of calmed me down I could trust her and that I've known her for ages.

"I think I know what to do...follow me." She said then took hold of my hand. She called a taxi and we got in. My first time of sitting in a car. It felt nice to have a machine carry you around and fast at that. I was able to have a wonderful view of the city as I sat there. The taxi finally stopped in front of a tall building. I saw people going in and out of it. We got into the building then we started to climb some stairs. I wonder if this was going to end but luckily for me we finally got to our destination. She unlocked the brown wooden door in front of her and ushered me in. She dropped her bag on a table in front of some chairs. It was beautiful here.

"Welcome...this is my home." She lives here? It was pretty and cosy in here.

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