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   Chapter 8 NO.8

An Act Unknowingly By Mercy kalu Characters: 7183

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Days after days, I sit down in the shack just waiting for him to walk right in and tell me that he was okay and that he was only kidding about his disappearance. I've checked almost every corner or place on this island and he was still nowhere to be found. Doesn't he care about me? Doesn't he care about the fact that I'm getting hurt now? Doesn't he...hasn't he grown to love me like the way I've done? I just realised that I've fallen in love with him. I can't sleep at night. I think about him all the time and I end up crying my eyes out.

If only Brad could've told me something. Why would he just leave me like that after making me feel loved for one night. I don't really see any reasonable reason.

"Peel them off properly don't want us eating dirt." Mum told me as we sat together in the kitchen one afternoon and while I peeled some potatoes we were going to have for dinner, she did something else. I suddenly felt dizzy, like everything was going double. I shook my head to push that aside and for a minute it worked but then it was back again. I dropped the knife on the table and decided to stand up, maybe that'll make me feel better. This wasn't the first time that this has happened to me. For the past one week, I've not been myself. I immediately felt nauseous and like throwing up. I quickly ran outside.

"Emma." Mum called behind me as she followed me outside. I threw up in a corner. It felt like I was there up everything that I had eaten the whole day. Nothing was left. My bones felt like they were all broken, I felt so weak and tired. Mum stretched her hand and gave me water to rinse my mouth. After I was done, I turned to her and she just stared at me with inquisitive eyes like she was trying to find something out and by somehow piercing into my soul.

"Tell me this the first time you've thrown up?" She suddenly asked, or couldn't lie to her anymore. I've done way too much of that because of Brad. I slowly shook my head without looking up to meet her eyes. After what seemed like a silence for ages, she finally spoke up.

"Get dressed...we're going to see a doctor right now." She said then turned and walked back into the house.


We sat in the doctor's office waiting for the result. It was just a small clinic that some people were able to set up on this island. The joy of the whole town knew no bounce when they found out that there was finally medical help for everyone and since then the clinic has been opened. There was only one doctor and two nurses. The doctor came in then sat down on his seat then he turned to us.

"Miss Dale?" He asked and I nodded.

"Doctor do you know what's wrong with my daughter?" Mum asked as she turned to the doctor.

"Oh yes! In fact that's what I'm about to tell you now." The doctor said and mum nodded, we both paid utmost attention to what he was about to say.

"Miss Dale here is one month and some weeks pregnant." What!? Me!? Pregnant!? About to become a mum!?


"Are you insane Emma!? How could you do this to your me?" Dad scolded me as soon as we got home and mum told him. I just sat there in front of him as I wept. I just destroyed the hopes and dreams my parents had for me.

"Jerry calm down...Maybe... maybe there's some logical explanation about all this..."

"What logical explanation Jade...she's pregnant out of wedlock...we're going to be the laughing stock of the whole town...what didn't we do for you Emma...why did you decide to repay us this way?" He suddenly asked in a low tone. I raised my head to

him as I shook it trying to tell him that I was sorry. I didn't mean to hurt them...I just fell in love.

"Tell me...Tell me right now...who's the father of that child you're carrying...who's responsible?" Dad yelled at me which startled me. He had never scolded me this way. How was I going to tell them that I don't even know who the father of my baby was? Not even his name. Dad handed me a small board and chalk.

"Write...Tell me everything this minute." He told me, mum came closer to calm him down. What I'm I going to do? Brad where are you? Why did you do this to me? I wrote down everything that happened. How I met him and the circumstances...I even wrote down the fact that i hid him from everyone including they my parents. As soon as dad read it, I could see the anger in his eyes, in his breath.

"You're a disgrace!" He yelled at me before walking out. I just sat there crying. Maybe I am a disgrace. Who wouldn't feel embarrassed about having a daughter like me. A daughter who is dumb and again got pregnant for a guy who she doesn't even know out of wedlock. I was such a bad luck and an unfortunate fellow. Mum stared at me for sometime before she then came closer.

"It's okay just fell in love with the wrong person...don't worry, your father didn't meant what he said...he'll come around and understand you...we're all here to support you. We're a family...we'll help you go through this even after you've given birth...we'll help you raise the child's okay, don't cry anymore." Mum said as she consoled me and brought me into a hug. I wept my heart out. I was really sorry. I'm really sorry that I hurt them. Honestly it was never my intention. If I knew fallen in love would ruin my family then I would have forced my heart to give up a long time ago. I'm really, really sorry for being such a horrible daughter.

Six months later.....

Mum and I walked down the market towards her shed where she sold some fresh fish that dad caught while dad sells the rest to people in the big city. I noticed most eyes were on us. This has been going on ever since my belly started to show. Sometimes I just wanted to press out their eyes and ask them what on earth they were staring at.

"So...Jade...your daughter has finally showed us the meaning of her true colour...dirt." one woman whom we just passed said which made us stop and everyone else giggled at what the woman said. I felt my heart beating faster. Mum immediately turned.

"Well Clara...what about your own daughter? Last time, I saw her near the river bank with that carpenter, careful or she might be next." Mum told her which probably shut the woman up.

"Clara is right...why should your daughter get pregnant and no one Knows who the father of her baby is." Another woman said, "Well why should you know...You're not my family members and we don't have to tell you all anything..."

"Yes you long as you live in this town...everything is everyone's concern including your adulterated daughter..."

"Don't you dare..." Mum warned and tried to go closer to the woman but I held her arm to stop her and by this time, I couldn't stop the tears that gathered in my eyes anymore and I just let it fall.

"What? You want to fight me? Just because I told you the truth about the fact that your dumb daughter is also actually a dummy..."

"Okay that's it." Mum pushed away my grip and went after the woman. They both burst into a tight fight.

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