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   Chapter 7 NO.7

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I continued to secretly visit him at my small shack. Sometimes I just end up teaching him how to do this or that and still told his to try and do something that could trigger his memory but nothing worked. I still couldn't tell my parents or anyone anything. I was kind of scared as to the action they might take towards Brad...yeah...I decided to call him Brad...anyways, only I know that in my mind. It's not like I can tell him or so.

Brad was very useful...I mean helpful to me. I taught him how to string the shells and he learnt very quickly so be helps me. I get lucky these days as I sell faster in the market and we seem to be having often tourists than before, well I guess that's great news. I guess it felt nice to.. to have a friend...I mean somebody who talks to you apart from your parents. It just felt great and I think I'm becoming lost in this world.

"What exactly is your life?" He suddenly asked as we washed the shells. I took a look at him then back to the shells. Why would he ask me such a question? Was he trying to imply that I had no life now? Well then why I'm I breathing? What's all this? I kind of felt hurt. It was just like he was the same like all of them, staring at me and pitying me, looking at me like some half crippled lady. I'm not cripple...I just can't talk...that's all. Sometimes when people behave like that with me, I just chose to ignore it because I know they know no better than what they see in front of them but just kind of hurt hearing that come from him. I stood up and walked away pretending like I wanted to pick something up or just wash somewhere else.

"Emma." He called as he stood staring at me walk away.

"Emma I'm sorry...that didn't come out right...I mean, I shouldn't have said that...I'm sorry." He said as he walked towards me. I turned and walked past him and without looking at him, I picked up the basket. I wanted to say a lot of things to him about what he thought of my condition but I just couldn't and that was what hurt the most.

"Emma." He called after me but I just kept on walking ignoring his calls. As soon as I was sure that I was quite far away from him, I stopped and hid behind a big oak tree. I sat down on one of its long outward roots. I tried to contain the anger that I felt within, the hurt...which brings me back to the question of why was I actually hurt? None of those words really usually hurt me. I've kind of created a protective shield against the world's talks about my condition but now I feel like his thoughts actually penetrated through the shield and suddenly I burst out into tears. I thought that I've finally made an understanding friend. Someone who would treat me equally, someone who won't look at me with pity and ask me what exactly my life was all about. Because I can't talk doesn't mean that I can't have a life. I quickly forced myself to stop crying then properly wiped my face with my skirt then got up, carried the basket and left.

"So...want to tell me why exactly you're working at home?" Mum asked as she stood close to the door with folded arms as she watched me stringing the beads in my room. I shook my head without looking up to her. I was mad...mad at Brad and not at my mother and I still couldn't tell her the reason why I was here and and not at my usual place instead. She came and sat down on the mat that I sat down as well.

"Are you going through some girl feeling things...feelings, broken" Love!? How on earth did love get in here? I'm just hurt that someone I thought that actually cares about me doesn't really do. Why does it hurt? I controlled myself not to cry in front of my mother.

"You can talk...make me understand what your're going through..I won't judge you I promise." She said softly as she touched my arm lightly. Slowly raised my head to meet her rather calm and warming face. She was just so nice and I found myself burst into tears in my palms. She came closer to me and embraced me in a warm hug.

"There, there...just let it all out dear." She whispered to me as she soothed my back.


I walked quickly that night towards the shack, I even hastened my pace when I noticed that it wanted to rain and with the rumbling thunder and the lightning, I

knew it was going to be heavy. I just wished that I could make it to the shack then back home before the rain starts. As soon as I got closer, I saw a ray of light. He must have really learnt how to on the lantern. I knocked on the door and in some minutes time he opened. I immediately put the small bag containing food in his hands without looking into his eye s and tried to turn and walk away but he grabbed my wrist and swung me to turn. He dragged me into the shack then shut the door and pinned me to the wooden wall.

"Listen Emma...I'm sorry okay...I didn't mean to be mean, to be a jerk earlier today...I didn't mean to ask that question in that me if you knew how the question was in my head then you wouldn't be so angry...what I'm trying to say is that I'm sorry." Immediately the thunder rumbled hard and the winds blower in and switched off the lantern. I pushed him aside and tried to find my way to the table. I picked up the match box and quickly opened it only to see that none was remaining. I turned to Brad.

"I'm sorry okay? I kind of tried several times they kind of finished." Are you kidding me? He wasted a while match box that I just bought yesterday. Money don't fall from tree around here! I wanted to tell that to him. The rain immediately started pouring down heavily. I've had it with this guy. I'm going home, rain or no rain. I walked past him then opened the door.

"Emma what are you's raining heavily outside." He yelled but I just ignored him and took a deep breath before running outside under the rain. He ran after me but unfortunately for me, he caught up with me. I struggled to get free but he just somehow managed to drag me back into the shack then he shut the door. I decided to remain quiet on seeing our foolish condition.

"You...are... a very stubborn young woman!" He said as we stood in total darkness only the heavy sound of the rain outside was to be heard in that night. I didn't respond...what I meant is that I didn't gesture to his comment.

"Look Emma...I said I was sorry...I'm an idiot for making such a nice person like you feel horrible about many people will see a half-dead man on a river bank and save them...just few and you're among them." I didn't want to believe that he was sincere, that he meant it. I just lowered my head to avoid his gaze. Because of him, I am now all wet which makes me more mad at him. Suddenly he came closer and drew me closer to him and kissed me on the lips. He kissed me! I was trying to push him away but he became stronger and slowly I fell for it. I stopped struggling and allowed everything to follow and happen. I suddenly just realised now that I liked Brad. The feelings he made me feel was different. Never felt like that in my whole life. I guess there was a reason why I met Brad. Maybe he felt the same way about me as well. Maybe he...He likes me as well.

I woke up smiling to myself as I stretched on the mat. I turned to see if Brad was still beside me but he wasn't. I slowly sat up holding the bed sheet over my naked body. Where could he have gone? I decided to come down then I dressed up. I went outside and looked around to see if he was somewhere at the corner but he wasn't. I wanted to call out to him and hear his respond but I couldn't. I walked into the forest and searched around. I was becoming scared. What on earth could have happened to him? He couldn't just leave me after spending one momentous night with me. I just gave him everything in one night. Brad where are you? I searched and searched till my ankles and knees hurt, warning me to have a rest but I didn't want to. I wanted to find Brad...I wanted to see him again. I know Brad he wouldn't just disappear like that unless...unless something horrible has happened to him. Maybe, maybe he's back in the shack and he's looking for me. I quickly ran back to the shack and walked in only to meet an empty room. I sat down on the mat bed and immediately burst into tears. I wept my heart out. Where are you Brad? I know you wouldn't betray me this way...there must be some logical explanation for all that's happening. I know there must be one.

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