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   Chapter 6 NO.6

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I sat down staring at him as he lay there kind of lifeless. He was quite is handsome and by his length on the looks like he's tall. His hair was very soft, straightened and short. I guess he's been out for at least two nights 'cause he's got studs grown. It's been past almost three hours now, he should've woken up unless...unless he's dead. I quickly got up and walked up to him, as soon as I was about to bring my ear closer and try to hear his heartbeat again, he suddenly coughed like someone who suddenly resurrected. I took a step back fearfully as his eyes slowly opened, at first he shut it back because of the bright light of the day then with squeezed eyebrows he tried to open them again and this time succeeds. He slowly turned his head to my direction. I stood frozen staring at him.

"W-where am I?" He asked, I just stood there staring at him then he tried to sit up but I motioned to him with my hands not to try to as he groaned at the pain he felt both on his head and his body but he sat up anyway. As he stared around, I quickly went out and brought the boiled herbs to him in a small bowl. I stretched my hand to him and gestured to him that he collects it and drink up. He just stared at me with a confused look.

"What's that?" He asked referring to the bowl in my hand. I gestured to him once more to drink up. He looked from the bowl to me then back to the bowl and then to me.

"Can't...Can't you speak?" He asked me, with a sad expression I slowly shook my head.

"At all?" He asked and I shook my head again as I looked away. He gave me think confused pitiful look, I just decided to ignore that. After much hesitation, he collected it the bowl from me then immediately I turned.

"Wait!" He called behind me then I stopped and turned to him.

"What's your name?" He asked all of a sudden. My name? How do I tell him my name? I surely learnt how to read and write but I couldn't study any further so I just stopped in the last junior class. I looked around for something then I remembered my younger class chalk board. I looked for it and with a chalk and shaky hand, I wrote down my name in capital to him.

"Emma!? Your name is Emma?" He asked and I quickly nodded, he thought for a second then turned back to me.

"Well Emma then you must know my you know who I am?" He asked, I just stood surprised and confused then it hit me. No way! He's lost his memory!?


"Well young lady..." mum called me as I tried to sneak through the back to my room. I stopped knowing I was busted then slowly turned to face her.

"Care to tell me where you've been all day?" Mum asked as she placed her right hand on her waist and held a wooden cooking spoon in the other. She was average in height, blonde hair, warm and charming. She had brown eyes and was the best mum in the world. I looked down as I played with my fingers in my skirt.

"Come on...Come inside, we'll talk about that later." Mum said, that was it. It was over, each time I did that, she knew I was sorry. I couldn't speak out so I just formed a habit of doing that each time I feel sorry for what I've done.

As we ate dinner together consisting of dried smoked fish and some cooked rice, I pounded on the thought of whether I should tell them that I found an almost dead man earlier today or I shouldn't. He doesn't even remember who he is, where he comes from, what his name was? Nothing! How on earth would only telling everyone help the man..I'm scared...what of if he's some fugitive but still I just can't leave him to die alone or to perish. I have to save him...maybe he'll soon regain his memory then he can tell me all about himself and then head home before anyone finds out. Around here, news and rumour spread fast like wild fire.

Immediately after dinner, I packed some rice and dried fish into a paper leaf then tied it up and put it into a small bag. After I was sure, mum and dad had retired to their room, I sneaked out through the back door without making a sound. I ran as fast as I could back to the shack, as I neared it, I realised that there was no sign of light in the shack. Has he left? Is he gone? But why? I got closer then got in. I managed to find the lantern and it was exactly where I left it on top of the table with a matches beside it. I lighted the lante

rn with a match stick then I carried it with my hand and turned only to be immediately startled that I almost dropped the lantern but he held my hand. He was right here in front of me...he never left? We just stayed like that staring into each other's eyes for almost five minutes before he turned and walked away then turned again.

"How...How did you do that?" What? I just stood confused as to what he was referring to.

"How did you switch on that...How did you put on the fire in that lantern." Oh! The lantern...he's quite funny. How can he not know how to put on a lantern? Fine, I'll show him. I nodded to him trying to tell him that I understood what he was finally referring to. I gestured to him that I was going to put off the fire and then light it again so he should watch me. He nodded in agreement as he came closer. I blew off the fire then lighted a match stick again and this time slowed down a bit so he could watch as I finally lit the lantern. His eyes widened in amazement. I find that funny and cute...Wait! What I'm I saying? I'm not supposed to be finding a stranger I just met today's..It's just kind of wrong.

"Give me that." He said and then collected it from my hand before I could even gesture that he could take it. Wow! I guess I was just too slow in response for him. He bent to the floor and picked up his boot and just stood staring at it. I stood as well staring at him. After some time, he suddenly squeezed his eyebrows and slowly turned to me.

"I'm sorry to be a burden but do you have any food that I could eat?" Oh, yeah! That's right! The food! I totally forgot as I just stood there staring. I nodded quickly to him and picked up the small bag from the table. I took out the food that was wrapped with the leaf. I stretched my hand to him and nodded with a gesture that he should take it. He looked from me to the food then back to me.

"I'm sorry...but I'm I supposed to eat leaves? Do you eat leaf around here?" Oh my! he just got a wrong assumption. I shook my head to tell him no then I took a step closer to him. In front of him, I unwrapped the leaf to reveal the rice and dried fish. He had an expression on his face that says 'oh!' He finally collected it from me and just stood staring at me with raised eyebrows, I stood staring also with raised eyebrows that say 'what?'

"Can I please have a spoon?" He finally spoke out. Spoon? Spoon eh? Well...we don't have them here...I mean I don't have them here. I gestured to him to use his hands. I got him some water to wash his hands. He sat on the mat bed and looked from his hand to the food in the other hand then back to his hand again then the food. I thought he was going to totally reject it but he immediately dug in with speed. He put a handful into his mouth and ate as he nodded as if some music was playing in his head. That's funny. I've never seen anyone act like the way he does. His English seems to be so fluent not like the way we speak around here. There is definitely something intoxicating about him. I went closer and sat down on the mat bed as well leaving some distance between us. I used some gesture using my hand to ask him of he was now okay...Can he remember anything now like who he is? Where he comes from? Why was he lying on the river banks?

"What? I...I don't get what you're trying to say?" Oh here we go! I didn't go to some school for dumb people where they teach them how to express through some symbols and gestures. I just come up with my own. I did it once more but slowly this time.

"Oh! My head? still hurts...a bit...I don't get it. I can remember all other things how to speak and this language. I know my left from right, colours, trees, cultures...but why can't I remember my name, who I am, where I come from, who are my family, nothing about my personality?" He said while staring into the stars. He looked really hurt. I wish I can help him. I wish I could make it all better for him. It must hurt a lot not to know anything about your true self or where you come from, I say so because I know how that feels. I've felt like that all my life. I don't even know where I stand in this world. I don't even know which part of this world is my origin. It's like existing on a surface with no origin.

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