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Emma Dale is not the ideal fantasy character that you'll picture in a fairy tale...let's just say her story's different and has everything to do with fate, Destiny and true love.

Meet Damian Russell, his looks and money will make your heart drop but his character will make you barf. Aggression, anger, rude talks: that's all the package of Damian till something incident, an accident which throws him back to the reason why his life is messed up which brings Emma into the picture...but this two won't have a normal beginning but hopefully the end is...well you'll just have to read and find out what's different about their story from all others.

Don't forget that in every srory...there's a villain and her name is Paula Tom Russell...HE DOESN'T KNOW! Is a novel that'll send your heart throbbing for more.


It's funny how life works. When you don't seem to enjoy what is going on or what is around you, that's when time slows down but the moment you start to enjoy it, time speeds up leaving you with the statement 'good things never lasts forever.'

My name is Emma Dale and I am twenty two years old. I live on an island in the middle north of America with my adopted parents and I'm an African by my skin complexion but I just don't know which type of African. My life hasn't exactly been the best...well you can one would want to be in my shoes if they were asked if they wanted to, not that I hate my parents nor anything of that sort...the truth is that I'm not exactly the dream daughter they wanted but they accepted me wholeheartedly when they found me in a basket by the sea shore and the only thing on me were my baby clothes and a small locket around my neck with no picture of my real parents in it. My adopted parents are white so you can see that it's not really easy for me especially when there's only a few black people around here. They've loved me and shown me all the love they could've showered on their real child and I could never forget it. I dream all the time like every other woman that someday when I make something of my life, I'm going to take good care of my parents and let them know the time they spent on me wasn't a waste.

I walked on the sea shore picking up any shell that I could see. I do this every morning after the men had left for the sea to go and catch some fishes and later sell to the sea port in the big city. As soon as the men are gone, the sea shore suddenly becomes quiet till it reaches evening and the boats that carry people who want to travel to the city or another island arrives. Sometimes I wonder if I can ever get on that boat and someday see the big city. People that have been to New...yeah I think it's New yo..York city...that's right. People that have been there and returned tell us lots of stories about that place. The busy schedules, the busy people and the fact that everyone is always in a rush. I finished picking up enough shells that I needed. You see, I wash these shells and use them to make different kind of wearable accessories; necklaces, ones for wearing on the wrist as well. The shells that wash off shore on this island are kind of different, they're prettier with beautiful patterns than other shells. I discovered that when I was six year old and I started collecting them, I accessorize them then I sell them in the market

, see...that's how I make a living.

I decided to head to the river where I washed my shells. It was into a forest kind of zone but not the type filled with Wilde animals of any sort. It's just that while I work, I prefer to stay in a quite and peaceful zone...there's no need to stay in the midst of people because i wouldn't even be able to interact so I prefer to stay somewhere that wouldn't remind me of my misfortune. As soon as i reached the river, I dressed my skirt properly and squatted after I kept the basket on the floor beside me. I started to pick the shells from the basket one by one and started to wash. It hasn't been long when I turned my head to the left and then back to what I was doing...wait, I saw something...I turned my head back only to see a man lying on the river bank wet and wounded. I stood up confused at what to do. I decided to check if he's still alive. I took a fearful closer step. I squatted once again as I was finally close enough. I put my index finger under his nose to feel his breath but it was still hard to tell so I brought my right ear to rest on his chest and try to hear his heartbeat. Alas! It was beating. This man is alive but...but what could he be doing here. He doesn't look like he belongs here. Only very few people lived on this island so everyone knew each other. If he lives here then I should have seen him around. Even his dress material, the strong leather material of his shoes and his skin tone said the same story. He was a white man but most white people leaving here are not this fair because the sun has worked it's way on their skin but this man's own was clear and fair he came from some wealthy home and he hasn't been out under the sun much. I wondered what I was going to do...I couldn't call out for help because I just couldn't but I had to save this man.

I laid him on the mat which I laid on the small wooden bed. I decided to bring his to the small shack that I had set up a long time ago, that was where I stayed and stringed up my shells and sometimes rest here since it was closer to the river. Not even my parents knows this place. I quickly boiled some water as I noticed he had a fever and the upper part of his forehead was bleeding. I picked up a small towel after I poured the boiled water into a bowl and carried to where he was. I kept it on a small stool beside me. I dipped the small towel into it and then gently place it on his forehead, I tried to clean off the blood there and compress the wound. Afterwards I went to his feet, I gently took off the black boots and then his socks, it was all wet. Something made me think that the river washed him off shore. I cleaned his feet with the hot water using the towel then I looked for a wide blanket and covered him as I noticed he was starting to shiver. I placed the hot, wet towel on his forehead and went out to get some herbs that would help his wound and his fever. I came back with them, I chewed up some then placed it on his wound. The other one was going to be boiled and he'll have to drink it when he wakes up. is it? F.Y.I. the island Emma lives in doesn't really exist and even if somewhere like that does exist then I have no clue...It's all just a fiction...thanks for putting my story in your library and thanks for starting to read...please vote and comment to show your supports.

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