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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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A man stood on his knees with wet and pleading eyes, bleeding nose and a cut on his lip. His hair was in a mess and his lips quivered with fear as he stared at the tall figure in front of him.

"Mr...Hopkins." Talon rather stated as he stared down and the quivering man.

"I am going to ask you just one question." Talon told him and the man gulped down as he took a look at his wife and daughter packed up to a corner letting out little sobs.

Talon squatted so his eye level could be the same as the man. He looked into his eyes.

"Where are they hiding?" Talon asked him and he hesitated as sweat broke out through his entire body.

Mr Hopkins gulped down.

"I...don't know." He stated boldly with his voice sounding rough and rather unusual from the beating.

Talon stared at him right in the eyes without a word for a second.

"Kill them." Talon ordered as he stood to his feet referring to his wife and child.

"No!" Mr Hopkins screamed at the top of his voice as he struggled to get hold of his wife and daughter but was held back by one of Talon's men. Two others took hold of his wife and child. They held them by their necks ready to twist and break their necks.

"I'll tell you!" Mr Hopkins yelled to Talon just when he was about to step out of the house. Talon stopped on hearing that.

He felt pleased with his achievement and turned back to the man. He walked back up to him and squatted to face him.

"One" Talon ordered and Mr Hopkins gulped down hard as he got ready to talk.

* * * * * * *

Judy walked slowly down the hall and as she sighted her father's office, she thought of how to get rid of the bodyguard constantly following behind her.

She coughed as she held on to her throat before slumping down to her knees.

"Miss Judy, are you okay?" He quickly rushed to her aid but she acted more like she was suffocating and couldn't breathe.

", I'm not...please...please get me...get me a cup of water to drink." She managed to speak up and he looked around a bit confused and conflicted if he should leave her all alone. His job was to constantly be with her.

She noticed his hesitation and decided to add a few spice to her drama. She drew in a deep breath with a mouth open like she was begging for air before coughing hard again.

"Please." She managed to beg him through a rough voice.

He finally nodded.

"Okay Miss Judy but please wait right here. I'll be back in a jiffy." He told her before getting up to his feet and retreated towards the kitchen.

She took one look behind to see if he was out of sight before quickly getting up to her feet. She took a look around for any being saw none before quickly rushing down to her father's office. He was out so this was a good opportunity to get some inform

ight hand.

"Who?" Geoffrey acted dumbfounded.

Talon kept his head straight again irritated by the his attempt to lie. He could hear it, her heart beating. The closer he got to her, the louder. She was in there.

"Don't play games with me Geoffrey. It's either her blood or your people's." Talon stated without an expression on his face.

There was silence for a split second.

"Don't do this Talon. Don't shed innocent blood." Geoffrey told him almost surrendering to the act of reasoning with words.

"Innocent blood...I believe you're the one who wants to do that...give her up." Talon insisted but that only made Geoffrey get ready to fight as he held on tightly to his sword and exchanged glances with his people in which they understood what to do.

"You know I won't do that...I have to put a stop to you forever."

Talon furrowed his eyebrows at the last sentence.

"It's not that easy to get rid of me Geoffrey." He told him but felt like he was rather assuring himself.

A smirk grew on Geoffrey's face.

"Well now it is." He stated without wiping off the winning smirk off his face and that infuriated Talon.

Talon attempted to take a step forward but suddenly halted. It was louder and clearer. He could hear it, her heart beating. She was here.

"Miss Judy, wait..." Her bodyguard attempted to stop her but Judy paid no attention and had already opened the door to step out.

Everyone turned to her but all she could see was the strange man a few steps away from her. It was her first time seeing him but he felt strangely familiar. The crazy part was that the heartbeat clearly belonged to him. It's rhythm was comforting. She needed to go closer. She needed to feel that comfort and so she took a step towards him almost threading like a zombie who couldn't control itself.

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