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   Chapter 8 NO.11

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Her breathing was unusually rapid with her mouth performing the inhaling and exhaling function of the nose as she ran down the paths of the dark forest. There was a strange smoke hovering around. She could hardly see a thing and her heart kept racing. All that illuminated her path was the bright glow of the moon. She was barefooted but she kept running. She was in her pyjamas once again but she kept running. It had become a strange routine for her but somehow she just couldn't stop it. Each time she heard the growling or strange sounds behind her fast approaching, all sense of reasoning just disappears and the only word that makes sense is run. She ran as fast as she could and tried her best to avoid certain dangers like tripping and falling flat on her face to the ground. That would most definitely hurt and the monsters chasing her from behind would catch up with her. Her feet were beginning to hurt since she was barefooted and cold under the snow. Her legs felt wobbly and tired of running. They threatened to give up on her. Her lungs felt like they were on fire and out of air. They struggled to keep her going but she feared they too might just betray her. Her throat felt parched and she wished more than anything that she could have a good drink. When all her body parts finally made its complaints to the brain, she struggled with the fact of actually stopping and catch her breath which she eventually did.

She sucked in quickly and desperately as much as she could as she felt the perspiration trickle down the smooth line of her back. She would give anything to wake up from this nightmare, to just stop running from something she just couldn't understand why it was after her. She bent as she relaxed her hands on her knees and gulped down quickly to make her parched throat a bit easy to deal with. She raised her head to take a look at the path ahead of her and that's when she noticed the strange tall figure that definitely wasn't there a few seconds ago. Now, her mind was playing another crazy trick on her.

It was a tall figure of a shirtless man who had his back faced to her. He seemed to be in shorts. His back was well built like that of an athlete. It was hard to understand all his qualities due to the dark forest but the moon did little mercy to her eyes. He stood still without moving and that seemed really strange. The strangest was the fact that the strange sounds chasing behind her suddenly stopped. Everywhere was quiet. A few seconds ago, he wasn't there and now, suddenly he's there. There had to be a good explanation for this and out of curiosity, she started to take steps forward towards him. Maybe, he was lost just like her. Maybe, he could explain what exactly was going on in this thick forest. Maybe, he could explain why she keeps showing up in her pyjamas and running. She took careful and hesitant steps with her right hand slightly stretched towards the strange man. She couldn't take her eyes off him for some strange reasons. She was almost there. A step more and she can place her hand on his shoulder to get his attention.

"Help me!"

She instantly turned her head to the direction of the voice as her heart le

fact that this might be leading down to a part he didn't want to take at the moment.

"Because wolves move in packs and where there is a pack, there's an Alpha. I've read a bit about wolves to know that...There's just this one. He's different from the rest...there's something about him. I can't explain it but I can feel it...He's the one always after me. I can't tell how it really looks like's eyes are somewhat kind of gold in colour."


"Yes bright brown or something. I can't quite explain it but I feel he's their leader." Judy explained suddenly done with crying.

* * * * * * *

"Tall, huge, golden eyes, wolves? It's him." Marcella told Geoffrey as they walked down the hallway away from Judy's room.

"That's not possible."

"It is, remember what the wise one said?"

"He said a couple of things but he definitely didn't mention anything about some damn telekinesis..."

"Exactly, perhaps there's more to their bond..."

"There's nothing more to any kind of bond Marcella. Judy can't possibly be having visions. Didn't you hear what she said? Weeks ago, she had none of these nightmares and now suddenly they're visions?"

"Perhaps Geoffrey they are...I don't think we can stall the next move any longer. He's getting really close and he's coming for her. We both know what happens after he gets her. He'll become unstoppable." Marcella told him as she brought him to a halt to face her.

Geoffrey stood relentless staring at her. He refused to believe that something else was paving way for destiny. A man has his own destiny in his hands and has the right to crush or build it.

"Sir, sorry to interrupt but we've just received some bad news." Moses reported as soon he walked up to them.

They both stared at him as they waited to hear the news.

"The town had been attacked and blood spilled."

Marcella immediately took in a deep breath as she looked away from Moses.

"By what?" Geoffrey dared to ask to hear the words right out.

"Wolves." Moses stated before gulping down.

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