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   Chapter 7 NO.10

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She paced to and fro in her room thinking hard about her next step. She just can't remain here anymore. It was too much. She was locked up in a room and made to watch as things unfold in front of her as they talked in riddles. No one wanted to explain anything to her. Everyone kept their mouth shut. It felt like there was an agreement to keep her in the dark. She wondered what was this danger. Who on earth is this monster her dad mentioned earlier? What sort of monster is after her life and why her? She had always tried her best to live a simple and ordinary life. She never attracted much attention. All she wanted was some peace and quietness in her life. Was that so hard for her to get?

She finally stopped pacing and stood at one place. She had to do something and quickly at that. She had to find out what was going on. If no one was willing to explain things to her then she is going to find out the truth on her own even if it means pretending to accept them all. She wondered if anyone back in town has noticed that she was gone. Is anyone making any effort to look for her at all? She prayed that somehow, someone will notice her absence.

She knocked on the huge door and waited for a reply which later came up. She then walked into the same room she was made to walk into the first day she was brought here. It was her father's study room.

"Adrianna my dear, is there anything that I can do for you? Are you okay?" He asked her with so much care in his voice as he got up from his seat behind the table and quickly walked up to her.

She hesitated before shaking her head. She had thought out her plan thoroughly. First, get her father and everyone in this God forsaken building to believe that she believed their crap of stories. Secondly, find out what exactly is this big secret that they are hiding and thirdly, escape. These are her plans and she was going to stick to it.

"I...I just felt a bit stuffy in the room so...I decided to visit" She said the last word looking up to him.

A slow but sure smile grew on his lips.

"I've dreamed for so long to hear you call me that. Welcome home, my daughter." He told her as he opened his arms wide as he gently brought her in for a warm embrace.

That was easier than I thought.

She thought within as she lurked her eyes around the room while still being in an embrace with her father. Well, this was a good start for her.

* * * * *

"Judy! Judy!" Josephine knocked on the door to Judy's home but got no response.

"Judy are you in!? This is Mrs Adams! You had called about the water or something." She stated as she knocked once more but like before, she still got no reply and her knuckles were beginning to hurt from knocking on the wooden door so much. She had been knocking for almost fifteen minutes now and yet no sound was to be heard.

She wondered where on earth she could be. She had be

lights or reckless drivers to cause such accidents. That thought brought her back to the initial cause of her accident. She tried her best and got down from the car but ended up falling down on her knees as her legs felt wobbly and gave up on her. She sat up and rested her back on the car as she tried to catch her breath. She looked down at her broken arm.

She saw something before the accident.

Yes, she did see something. It ran past so fast that she hardly could tell what it was but this she was sure of, it definitely had four legs to run that fast. Perhaps, it was an animal. An antelope, raccoon...or wolf.

She heard the sound of an animal growling.

Slowly, she lifted up her eyes away from her arm and unto the creature now standing a few steps away from her. It snarled at her as it displayed all its canines. It stared right back into her eyes and got ready to attack.

Josephine took in a long deep breath as fear washed over her entire body. She had heard of them. She had wondered if truly these creatures inhabited in her little small town and all her questions have been answered. Today, it stands right in front of her daring her to take a step and see its own action. It did look like any type of wolf in the internet but this was extraordinarily a bit bigger than a usual wolf. Somehow smarter with its looks. It was like it knew exactly what it was doing or possibly what she was. She watched as a few more just like the one in front of her emerged from wherever they were hiding and stood behind the one in front of her. The all snarled as well.

She sighed before gulping down hard. This was really the end for her.

It ran as fast as it could and pounced and her. All she could do was scream as she met with her death.

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