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   Chapter 6 NO.9

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She heard the sound of the door unlock and quickly she sat up on the bed from her lying position as she wiped her face with her palms and sniffed. She had been crying for a while and now her eyes were just heavy. She waited for the door to finally open and to reveal the person behind it. Moses walked in with a young man behind him.

She looked away from him as she properly laid back on the bed with her back faced to him. He was silent as he understood what that meant but what can be done, he just had to do his work.

"Your father has asked me to bring you downstairs for dinner." He told her and waited patiently for a reply or reaction but none came.

"Judy." He called her but got no response.

"Judy, I understand that you're upset with me. I lied. Yes, I didn't tell you everything but it was for your own protection. If you knew the truth, your life will just be in more danger." He explained but still heard nothing from her. She didn't even turn to him.

"It's okay to confront me, you know." He told her but still nothing. He stood for a second and took one look at the young man behind him.

"Okay, we can do this later but right now...I was asked to get you downstairs anyway I can." He told her as he walked closer to the bed and took hold off her arm as he dragged her to sit up and then off the bed even though she struggled.

"Stop it! I don't want to go with you!" She struggled to get out of his grip but he wouldn't let go as he drew her along with him down the hallway with the help of the young man he came with.

Finally, she stopped struggling and just walked along with them to wherever they were taking her. They walked into a large room and what behold her first was the dinning table and her supposed father already aseat at the head. She met several new faces at the table as well. They all stared at her as she was made to have her seat beside her father.

"Thank you Moses." Her father appreciated before Moses gave a light nod and then walked off to have his own seat.

She took a look around the table and they were over eight people at the table including her. All new faces. She never presumed there were more people in this building except from her supposed father, Moses and the man that dragged her here along with him.

"I take it that you must be hungry. Eat something."

"I'm not hungry." She spoke out immediately as she looked up to him.

"What I want is to leave this place. I want to wake up in my own bed and find out that all this was a dream."

"I'm sorry Adrianna..."

"It's Judy!" She exclaimed as she corrected him. She felt frustrated from hearing that name all over again. How many times does she have to tell him that her name is Judy and not some Adrianna?

"Judy." A brown skinned woman called her with a warm smile.

Judy looked up to her direction where she sat directly opposite her. She still flashed her warm smile. Judy found it strange.

"That's a nice name. My name is Marcella. Dear, I know it's hard... I know it's confusing. It's tough waking up in a strange home and finding out your father is still alive. Your family and clan does exist. You're not an orphan after all but please...before judging us, I beg you to give us a chance, get to know us and you'll find out everything you need to about that?" The woman told her calmly as everyone sat silently and listened.

Judy suddenly fell lost of words. This woman right here seemed nice. She just told her they were all family and that she wasn't alone. She had never really been. They've just been distanced. Judy wondered what if truly this man beside her was her father and she did belong to this...clan? What of if there was more secrets to tell? She would never know unless she played along and gave them a chance to enlighten her. It wasn't as if they would let her go if she remained stubborn. It was best to play along and find out all there is a

off the bed and picked up her robe from the floor before putting it on to cover her own nakedness.

"I have no idea why he would make us search the entire town looking for a mere female human."

"He did that?" She asked before lighting her cigarette and inhaling then exhaling.

"Yes, he did." The young man answered and a sly smile grew on her lips.

"He's really scared out of his wits, isn't he?" She asked more of to herself.

"The great Talon is about to fall and he can't bear the fact that it's at the hands of a mere human child." She said as she walked back to her bed before having her seat.

"So, did you find anything to trace the female?"

"The red-riders seem to be hiding her away somewhere. I wonder of what importance is that female to Talon and to the red-riders." He spoke as he seemed deep in thought and came and had his seat beside her.

"He's turning the town upside down looking for her and the red-riders have retreated to hiding just because of her...The rise of the full blue moon is fast approaching and both parties seem less caring." He spoke as if imagining the unthinkable.

"Well the lycans will just have a feast then, wouldn't they?" She said with a chuckle before inhaling her cigarette once more.

He gave her a warm smile.

"Don't you worry Lucia...I won't let any of them hurt you." He told her as he soothed her cheek lightly. She smiled before getting up to her feet and walking away.

"That's lovely Tyler but we both know what we have going on here is a phase. Someday, you'll find your mate and it'll all be over between us..."

"I'll reject her just for you."

"You can't or you'll never father a child. You'll just have to accept her. Don't you worry...I'm perfectly fine." She told him as she stood beside her table and flashed him a warm smile before inhaling her cigarette once again.

He stood up and walked up to her before bringing her closer in an embrace.

"You should leave before Talon does meet you here." She told him while they still remained in embrace.

Finally, he let go of her.

"I'll surely see you again Lucia. Just keep waiting till everything gets better and I'll take you away from his captivity." He told her and she flashed him a brief and warm smile before he kissed her lightly on the lips.

She watched him turn and then walk away. Soon enough, she was alone in her room once again. She dropped the cigarette in an ash tray before folding her arms as a sly smile grew on her face.

"The game has just begun."

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