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   Chapter 5 NO.8

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She stood staring at the huge frame of picture hung on the wall just above the fireplace. It was a picture of a young beautiful woman dressed in what seems like a white simple plain dress with her wavy brown hair let down to rest on her shoulder. Her smile not too broad but simple and yet enchanting. The twinkle in her brown eyes revealed just how much contented and happy she was.

There was something about the woman in the picture that Judy just couldn't quite place her finger on it. There was a feeling. A strange familiarity.

"She's beautiful, isn't she?" She heard the masculine voice ask her as he stood beside her.

She slowly nodded as she still had her eyes on the image before taking a look at the man beside her who had his eyes glued to the image as well but there was a difference in him. She noticed how much his expression had softened up compared to a few minutes ago when she walked in on he and Moses. He seemed frustrated and stressed up then but right now, he seemed relax just by staring at the woman in the picture frame. Something at the back of her head told her the woman had a sentimental impact on him.

"She's my wife." He stated with a slight smile. One she had never seen before on his face in the few minutes they had met.

"She passed away as she couldn't bear the pain of losing our daughter." He narrated and that sentence alone created a soft place in her heart and she felt sorry for the man.

"I...I'm sorry for your loss." She sympathised.

"You really don't have to was a long time ago." He stated before taking his away from the image and to her.

"Shelby will be very happy wherever she is now...our daughter is finally home."

She furrowed her eyebrows as she couldn't understand what he fully meant. At least, she was happy for them at reconciling with their lost daughter although she had thought he meant she was dead.

A slight smile grew on his lips as he took her hands into his which Judy felt yet again was strange. This was a man who seemingly kidnapped her and now...he was supposingly different?

"Welcome home Adriana." He said looking directly at her which she felt was strange. Was there someone standing behind her? She had to turn to take a look and be sure but surprisingly there was no one.

"Who...who are you talking to?" She asked confused as she turned once more to check.

She felt his hands on her shoulders turning her gently to face him.

"I'm talking to you Judy. You are my Adrianna."

She stared at him with wide eyes, surprise written all over her face.

* * * * * * * *

"Can you find her?" He demanded from the ebony skinned woman who sat down at a small round table with a red clothe laid on it. She stared into a large white bowl filled with water and placed on the center of the table. She was dressed into a strange mediaeval attire, one that resembled that of gypsies. She had a oval shaped face with a strong view of cheekbones. Her lips were nude and plumpy but a scar ran across her left eye.

She rose her eyes away from the bowl.

"No. I've told you..."

"Try harder!" He ordered her in an authoritatively calm manner, one she couldn't avoid succumbing to.

She gulped down irritatedly and tried once more looking into her mystic bowl to find any trace of the whereabout of this person in question. She chanted a few words in whispers and the liquid in the bowl twirled a bit both stopped.

"See!?" She exclaimed as she got up to her feet and walked a few steps away from him frustratedly.

"I've told you several times before, I cannot find her. Something, somehow is protecting her. You are the only one who can find out who she is because she's your..." Before she could finish her sentence, he griped a tight hold on her neck making her slowly struggle for air.

She watched his eyes change colour from light brown to a set of glowing golden ones revealing a part of his true form as she was slowly raised off gravity into the air. She tried hard to grasp for oxygen.

"Never, ever...mention that anywhere or I'm going to break your little neck." He warned her in a deep husky voice. She could clearly see the change in him as his true form struggled to take over. She watched

him managed to control himself as she desperately struggled for oxygen.

"P-p-please." She managed to whisper to him as her eyes got teary.

She was suppose to be used to this but no matter how hard she tried, she could never get used to the fact that she was controlled by an evil animal of a person. A creature she and her ancestors had struggled for centuries to get away from. No matter how hard she tried, she was always doomed by him. Before she knew what was happening, she saw herself fly halfway across the room and with her back, she hit the wall and fell to the floor with an aching pain. With dizzy and teary eyes, she saw him walk out of the room. Her tears finally left her eyes and rolled down her cheeks as she tried to find the strength in her to get to her feet with the murderous pain in her back. Her breathing was rapid and hard to control.

"Monster." She whispered as she tried to control her tears and breathing.

* * * * * * * *

"What sort of joke is this!?" Judy asked angrily as she stepped backwards away from the man in front of her claiming to be her father.

"First, you kidnapped me and now, you're claiming to be father!?" She asked him as she took a few more steps backward.

"I understand that you're confused but let me explain..." He told her as he tried to draw closer to her but she walked away from him to another part of the room.

"Of course I am confused. How do you expect me to believe such a huge lie? I grew up in an orphanage. Yes...yes I admit that I might have prayed a few or maybe a lot of times to find out who my real parents are but I'm over it now and...I don't appreciate this joke so if you're done. I will find my way out of this house or whatever it is." She told him trying hard to control her emotions and not lose her cool.

She tried to find her way out of the room but he took hold of her arm to stop her from leaving.

"I know. I understand how confused you must be. You have a very good reason not to believe me. You have that right but I'm sorry... I can't let you leave right now. Your life is in danger and I can't let you out of my sight."

"Danger? What sort of danger? Why would anyone want to harm me? I've never upset a person as much as to try and claim my life. This is utter rubbish." She declared before trying once more to leave while dragging her arm away from his grip but to no avail.

She just felt frustrated. She wasn't interested in finding out what was happening here. All she wanted to do right now is run and keep running without looking back away from this man, this place and everything she just seemingly found out. When she was younger, she had always wanted to find out why her parents abandoned her and never came back for her. She had so many questions to pose at them but along the years, she gave up on ever finding them and with the years, her questions passed away. She didn't want to hear anything about how she became an orphan. She wasn't interested in his lies.

"I'm sorry Adrianna but I can't let you leave." He told her as he dragged her along with him towards the door.

"It's Judy!" She exclaimed as she involuntarily followed him out of the room. She struggled the best she could to get out of his grip as he drew her along with him down the hallway back to the room she earlier woke up in.

"I'm sorry Adrianna but this is for your own good. I have to keep you safe, away from that monster." He told her before quickly stepping out of the room and locking the door.

"Which monster!?" She asked him frustratedly as she tried to rush to the door but he was faster than her and had already shut the door before she got there. She banged on the door continuously as he locked her in. Tears gathered her eyes as she kept banging and pleading to be let out.

Finally, she gave up tiredly as she turned and rested her back on the door. She slid down on the door to the ground. She wept at her misfortune. She wondered how her life got to this extent and which monster was after her life. Everything in her life was going far from her plans. Was she in for a crazy ride?

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