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She turned to her right side on the bed as she furrowed her eyebrows with her eyes still shut. Slowly she fluttered them open. She rolled her eyeballs around at the unfamiliar environment. For the first few seconds she laid there, she couldn't quite picture how she got here and suddenly a memory flashed back into her mind. Startled as she is, she immediately sat up. Fear gripped her entire body once again as she realised that she had been kidnapped and for a reason she knew nothing about. Normally, a person would scream at this point to be released but she had read far too many books to fall for that tactics. She took another look around the strange room she was in as she got down from the bed. It was weird. She felt like she was back in time. The room didn't seem modern at all except for the bed which looked a bit modernised. The walls were clearly made out of blocks of bricks and with no painting or wall paper to cover it up. The floors were far from being titled. Every furniture she could set her eyes on were made of wood. The room seemed vintage and there was no sign of any window.

She found it strange that she would be kidnapped and brought to such a place. She really had nothing to her name. She was raised in an orphanage and while other kids were getting adopted, she was left behind. Whatever she is now is all due to her hard work. If only they could understand that they've got the wrong girl. Confused as she was at the moment, she treaded on towards the door. She pushed away every negative thought that popped up in her head at the moment. She did not want to think of the horrible possibilities that these people could do to her. She stretched her hand towards the door knob and took hold of it. After taking one deep breath and gulping down hard, she decided to try her luck.

She turned on the door knob and miraculously to her, it was open. The kidnappers did not lock her in. She wondered if they forgot or just purposely left it open. Without wasting much time, she took a brave step forward out of the room. She met no one guarding the door. That was odd at least for a kidnapper. There was a feeling of relief but at the same time the unhindered feeling that something was definitely going on. She gently walked down the empty corridor which told much more intriguing tales than the room she was in. She heard voices coming from a room just a few steps away from where she was. As she grew closer, she noticed a slight ray of light coming out of the room through the slightly opened door.

"What did you expect me to do? I had no choice but to bring her here. They were about to get her." She could hear a strange familiar male voice speak up as she stood close to the door apparently eavesdropping.

It would definitely do her a great deal to know why on earth she was in such a strange building and what did they want from her.

"This isn't the right time! She can't be here!" Another male voice spoke up but with a deep authoritative tone.

Judy couldn't help but wonder if she was the one they were talking about and if so...why? Why can't she be here? It's not that she wanted to be here but right now, she's just being really curious.

"Sam and I had no time to think but just go for it. The wolves were about to get her...if they did, he will definitely find out who she is and we couldn't let that happen." The familiar voice spoke up again. This time, it sounded much more familiar than earlier.

Not only did what they said get to her but the fact that it seemed she may know the person talking right now made her much more curious. Who was he? And why does it seem like there is more to the meaning of the wolves about to get her except from trying to feed? To her, the were just a few common animals trying to feed on her.

There was silence in the room and she couldn't help wondering what was going on.

"Do you think they picked up her scent?" The authoritative voice spoke up again.

"I...I don't think so. They couldn't get to her and besides...only he can tell who she really is."


She wondered who 'he' was and how was she related to him in this discussion. She knew she wasn't the only subject of the topic anymore.

She couldn't take on the curiosity anymore and just held on the door knob and swung the door open making everyone silent as they turned to her direction.

She first observed the strange room that somehow seems to look like an office before she noticed the man who seemed to own the authoritative voice. He seem

ed to somewhat look like he was in his late forties and then the other person left her in shock.

"Moses!?" She asked in surprise as she stared at the man she had considered a friend. She couldn't help wondering why Moses would want to kidnap her. Why would he help her kidnappers?

"What...what is going on here?" She asked him while still confused as she took a few steps into the room to face him.

"Why did you do this? I actually trusted you...why...why would you help a few people kidnap me? I don't understand." She asked him as she stood in front of him and watched the expression on his face change.

"It's not what you think Judy..." He started as he placed a hand on her shoulder. She shrugged it off as she took a step backward.

"What do you want me to think? I left you back at the town's hall and then I got kidnapped. I woke up in a strange room and the only person I could recognise seems to be plotting something dangerous. I really think this is what I should think."

"I'm just trying to protect you." Moses tried to make her understand as he reached out to her but she refused to accept him.

"Protect me from what? What could you possibly know that is chasing me?" She demanded as she took steps backward.

"How could you? I really trusted you. I thought you were a nice guy, someone willing to help me in this strange land and it turns out that you're just...fake." She quoted angrily at him before she stopped taking steps backwards and finally turned to quickly leave the room but someone huge blocked her path.

She looked away from his chest up to his face and met the eyes of the same man she noticed first as she walked into the room.

"There's something you need to know... The real truth about who you are." He told her in a deep baritoned voice and all she did was gulp down hard as she stared into his eyes. Something in the back of her head told her that she had really gotten herself into something she knew nothing about. She wondered what this truth is.

* * * * *

They cleared the way for his dark shadow even before his body came into view with their head bent slightly low not daring to match up with the figure that walked in their midst. The tall, huge man walked straight up to two bodies lying lifelessly on the cold bare cemented floor. The hall in which they all gathered seemed slightly deemed and only lighted by torchlights hung on the wall. They all stood shirtless and their bare well built upper body shone under the light.

He stood for what seemed like ages staring at the lifeless bodies lying on the floor. His expression could not be read or understood. His face surfaced no emotion. It was just plain staring with deep furrowed eyebrows. A man with enough guts stepped forward to explain what had happened.

"It was the Red-riders. They attacked unexpect..."

"Who ordered them?" He asked, his voice sounding husky, low and deep as he rose his eyes away from the bodies to the man trying to explain.

The man remained silent out of fear as he swallowed hard, sweat slowly breaking out through his entire body.

"I...I did." He managed to answer with a shaky voice as he decided to man up.

The entire hall fell silent. The young man thought it was over until he suddenly felt a tight grasp on his neck. He began to slowly struggle for air as his feet slowly left the ground. Gravity was no where to be found for him.

"We had...had to go hunting." The man continued to explain as he struggled for air but the dark shadow in front of him paid no heed to his reasons.

"You are not the beta. You had no right to go into town permission." The dark figure stated in a scary calm tone. His voice more dominating.

The young man grasped unto his hand that grasped unto his neck as he tried harder to grasp for air to talk.

" wasn't planned...they...they went astray...they had confessed to me what they saw when...when they came back with deep injuries. They had little...time to live. They...they saw a human with...with a different...scent." The tall figure's furrowed eyebrows slowly released as he thought of what he just heard.

In about a second, he released the young man's neck making him fall to the ground grasping in quickly all the air he missed as he rubbed his neck.

"Come with me." He ordered him as he walked past him and out of the hall. The young man tried his best to gather enough strength and get up to his feet to follow his leader.

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