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She ran faster and faster, more than her legs could with her heart racing more than usual. Her blood pounding over her ears. Her breath faster and louder than usual but she wasn't about to give up now. At least not when she could hear the strange growling sounds coming from different angles behind her drawing closer and closer. Howling sounds could be heard from the distance. The thick darkness of the forest hovered with strange fogs made it impossible for her to see but she had to keep running. She had to save herself before the beast or whatever was after her gets her. She hardly saw what was after her but she could hear it. She could feel it. There was something there. Something behind her that was after her life. She was simply running with no idea of how to get out of these woods and the craziest part was the fact that she was in her pyjamas. She was literally in them and barefooted while running through the woods. It was strange. She had no recollection of how she got in here in the first place and how she got whatsoever that was chasing her to go after her. She had no idea what they wanted. She was simply running in a world where all that makes sense was to run.

She tripped over an outgrown root and fell to the ground. She groaned as the pain rushes through her entire body from her ankle. She grasped tightly unto that ankle as she bit her lower lip. Her own sweat tasting salty in her mouth. She heard the howls again but this time getting closer. With her heart stumping faster and faster in fear, she looked around for somewhere to hide. She managed to get up to her feet and quickly hopped to hide behind the huge root of a tall tree as the sweat on her body rolled down her back. She swallowed hard as she tried her best to stabilize her breathing pace in order to hide quietly. She prayed silently deep within her to please be able to get out of this situation alive. It was suddenly quiet. All the weird noises were all gone. Only the sound of the wind could be heard. She wondered if her prayer worked. They were probably gone. She slowly brought her head out of her hiding place as she turned it to check for any being but nothing. The direction from where the noises came from was all silent.

She sighed before she turned her head back to its normal position only to get shocked by what awaited her. A wolf stood with its face just an inch apart from hers while growling, displaying all of its canines. She stared at it while frozen in fear. Looking into its eyes, she noticed they were somewhat amber and she could see her reflection in them which left her confused. Her thinking was blurred. Her mind messed up. There was definitely no way out for her and she was doomed. It opened its mouth to pounce on her and she screamed.

Judy woke up panting harder than usual as she sat up. Sweat breaking through every corner of her body. She swallowed hard but her throat was too parched to get through. She quickly reached out for the jug beside her on the side table and poured herself a glass of water. She gulped it down at once before keeping the cup back on the side table. She ran her hands through her hair.

What is going on?

She asked herself as she felt the frustration coming on again. She was having the exact same dream for the fourth time in a row, every night. Although, she had similar ones when she was still a young girl then she was taken to a psychiatrist. She was then advised to stop reading such books and she actually did it. Since then, she has been herself until Nelly brought up the topic four days ago. She hasn't got one goodnight sleep since then. It's crazy considering the fact that she hasn't read through such genre's again.

She sighed before getting off the bed to the bathroom to shower. She wasn't about to go back to sleep with so much sweat. If only she could understand what all this meant. Why was she having such nightmares? Is something after her or what? Was her mind playing tricks on her once again? Was something somehow trying to get to her? What was plagiarising her so much? She knew she needed help. She needed answers but didn't know how. The town's people were hard to communicate to. When she knocked on anyone's door, they would answer but never pay attention to her. There was so much hurry to go back into their homes. she hardly understood what their deal was.

"Hi Judy." Moses greeted as soon as she stood in front of his shop and waved to her as soon as she got off her truck. She waved back with a smile.

"Hi." She replied as she stood waiting for him to walk up to her.

"'s the fliers been working out for you?" He asked her referring to the method he suggested to her to try and get the town's people informed about the library.

"Well..." She started as she rubbed both of her palms together.

"...not...not really great. No one is sparing me a minute or even a second. They're always hurrying back's like... It's like they're all scared of something...or someone rather. I really don't know." Judy narrated feeling disturbed and tired.

"Maybe they're scared of the wolves." She instantly looked up to him at his sentence which he obviously started laughing as soon as he spoke out. She really didn't find that funny.

"Oh come on Judy...I'm just joking." He informed her as he hit her lightly on the arm and died down in his laughter.

She furrowed her eyebrows at him and he slowly put up a straight face once again.

" you really believe there are wolves around here?"

"Come on Judy, I told you...I was just joking to make you feel less tense. I mean, don't you think I would know that considering how long I've been in this town?" He argued her thoughts. She thought for a second before finally shaking off such thoughts.

Her recent nightmares were really beginning to get to her. Her thoughts were becoming clouded with possibilities.

"I...I-I'm sorry. I've not been myself lately and there are really so many questions hovering around me." She apologised as she rubbed her palms together and sighed.

"It's okay Judy. It has not been easy for any of us either but I think I know how to help you. This might help a bit. There's going to be a meeting this afternoon at the town's hall and a few people might actually show up might want to attend and get to meet them all."

A slow but sure smile grew on her lips.

"Thank you so much Moses. I think that would help a lot." She told him happily and he smiled back.

"I'm just glad to see a smile on your face once more." He told her while still smiling at her. She lowered her eyelashes shyly and rubbed her palms together once more. She couldn't screw the conversation up at this point.

"'ll head over to the library to pick you up when it's time and...and we can go together." He told her.

"That'll be nice." She replied with a smile and he nodded with a smile before turning to walk away.

He turned back to her once more.

"See you later." He told her and she nodded before he continued walking away.

She stood watching him walk away. She couldn't quite stop smiling. His suggesting was indeed a big help to her. She was glad she met Moses Cooper. He is the only friend she has since she came into this town. Now, all she hoped was that everything goes well and according to plan. She turned and walked towards the library's building.

"Maybe they're scared of the wolves."

His sentence from earlier suddenly flew back into her mind and she couldn't help wondering why he would joke with such a thing. She really didn't find it funny especially with her recent nightmares. It really did send shivers down her spine. She shuddered at such thought of his words becoming real. She shook her head at such thoughts.


She exclaimed in her mind. Not that it was impossible that wolves existed but not in this part of Alaska. It was clearly written there in the internet. Creep town does not inhabit wolves or bears or any other wide animal. She was clearly becoming absurd.

"Excuse me Mr Hopkins, can I have a word with you?" Moses asked the middle aged man who seemed engrossed in the conversation he was having with a few elderly men after the town's meeting was over.

Moses promised to introduce her to the town's head who then would introduce her to a few important people that might actually listen to her.

Mr Hopkins excused himself from the men and turned to Moses with a familiar smile.

"Oh Moses, how are you doing?" He asked him happily as he stretched out his hand for a handshake and Moses quickly accepted it.

"I'm doing okay Sir. Everything is fine." Moses replied.

"That's good to hear. Do you need any help?" The town's head asked sounding sincere and caring. Judy found it nice that they both got along so well. She figured they must have been friends for quite a while now.

"Actually I don't but she does." He said as he drew Judy closer to the town's head attention.

"This is Judy Hawks and she's the new town's librarian." Moses introduced and Judy flashed the town's head a smile.

"Oh...I see. This is our new librarian. How do you do dear?" He asked her with a smile he himself flashed as well.

"I'm qu

ite fine. Thank you sir."

"I must say, I felt short of words when I was told someone actually wants to have that post. The library has been shut down for a long time now that I never thought it would be possible to find a new librarian." He narrated and they all listened attentively.

"That's right sir but Judy here is having a hard time. She can't seem to get the town's attention so we decided to speak to you, maybe you can speak to a few people about the library." Moses proposed and Judy couldn't help keep quiet as she watched them.

Mr Hopkins nodded in accordance as he listened attentively.

"Of course I do understand what you're trying to say Moses. The last librarian suggested a few things but...we never really paid attention. I will make sure history doesn't repeat itself. You have my word Judy." The town's head assured her and she showed her gratitude with a smile.

"I can't believe this is done. I owe everything to you Moses." Judy thanked him as they walked towards her truck.

"Well you better believe it 'cause everything is going to be're going to love it here Judy." He assured her as they finally stood beside her truck.

She flashed him a smile as she felt short of words. They stared into each other's eyes for a second before she lowered her eyelashes as she rubbed her palms together.

She sighed.

"Um...I'll get going now as it's getting late. I...I can give you a ride if you want." She offered but he lightly shook his head.

"I would love to but...I need to have a talk with someone back in the hall so...thank you for the offer."

She nodded her head.

"It's okay. I'm just trying to show my gratitude... So...I'll see you tomorrow." She stated before she unlocked the truck and opened the door.

"Yeah...I'll see you tomorrow." Moses replied with a smile and she got in. She waved to him once more before starting the truck and driving off.

There was a sudden roaring and coughing sound coming from the engine. The truck slowly slowed down and refused to accelerate.

"No, no, no...not now please." She pleaded to the engine as she tried once more to start the engine again. It only made sick coughing sounds and finally stopped.

"This can't be happening!" She exclaimed frustratedly as she got down from the truck and walked over to the engine. She rose up the bonnet to take a look at what was wrong. She couldn't figure out what the problem was. She tried touching everything she could to revive the engine then tried to starting it again but to no avail. She felt frustrated and confused. She stood still looking around, confused about what step to take next. She was actually farther from the town's hall than she had thought. It was getting darker and the air becoming chiller. There was no trace of a single person on the road. There were only a few houses to be seen and she doubted anyone would pay attention to her. She decided to give it a try. She took out her car key and picked up her handbag. She locked the truck before getting out her handset from her bag and trying Moses phone number. Unfortunately, there was suddenly no signal. She tried up to three times as she walked towards a home but to no avail.

She took in a deep breath. She knocked on the door and waited patiently for a reply but to no avail. She tried once more but still, she got no reply. She felt no one was probably home. She moved on to the next home she could see. Once again, she knocked. No reply.

"Hello! Is anyone home!?" She asked as she tried to peep into the house through the dark tinted window but she hardly saw anything except the curtains blocking her view.

"I just need a little help with my truck and I'll be on my way. Please open up." She assured them as she tried knocking again but to no avail.

She sighed as she rubbed her forehead.

There was no cell phone reception, no one is opening up for her and her truck has stopped working. It was getting darker and she could feel her hairs stand on edge because of the cold weather. The snow beneath her feet wasn't helping case either. Her home wasn't quite close yet. She couldn't just start trekking home and leave her truck here. She walked back to her truck and stood as she tried once again to receive any signal.

She rose up her hands holding the phone to the air as if that would make it better. She slowly turned around for a change and suddenly she stopped as her eyes caught something that stood behind her hands a bit farther from her. She slowly brought down her hands as she stared at a black wolf standing and staring back at her with its tongue stuck out panting. She gulped down hard.

"Don't move."

Her subconscious warned her and fearfully she stood as she felt the sweat break out throughout her body. She knew she couldn't stay frozen forever. She had to somehow make a run for it. She felt sure that she could try and outrun it considering the distance between them but then, it had four legs and her two.

Another with a dark brown fur came strolling behind the other and finally stood beside it. She gulped down harder as a cold shiver ran down her spine. How was she suppose to outrun two wolves?

She remembered Moses clearly stating that there were no wolves in Creep but here she stood with two directly staring at her, daring her to make a move.

She slowly and gently took one step backwards and the crumpled sound of the snow beneath her feet could be heard throughout the silence. The wolves heard and growled displaying all of their canines as they bent their heads getting ready to go after her as soon as she takes one step.

Her heart fell deep into her chest as fear ripped all over her body. It was sort of like her nightmares. They were becoming real. She couldn't stand frozen for ever and she had to make her move. Without thinking anymore, she turned and took off on her heels. She ran as fast as she could ignoring the growling sounds drawing closer and closer from behind. With her heart racing faster and faster, she kept running. She couldn't stop now or she becomes a dead meat. She looked straight ahead and pleaded that somehow someone comes to her aid. She could feel her legs slowly feel weak from all the running but she wasn't even halfway away from the wolves. She was running out of breath and her throat parched. She was not a runer and had never been one. This is the first time she had to run faster than ever before. She knew she couldn't keep running straight or they would eventually catch up with her. She sighted a corner quickly ran into it before one could pounce on her.

She banged on a door continuously for help but to no avail. She took a look behind her once and saw the wolves running faster and faster towards her. She stopped banging and began to try to break in and finally the door pushed open. She quickly shut as soon as she was in and locked it before the wolves could pounce on her. As her heart raced faster and faster, she rested her back on the door as she gulped down several times to help her parched throat. She was literally out of breath. She felt it was over until the door shook and she quickly stepped away from the door. As she moved backwards, she stared at the door which kept shaking vigorously as growling sounds could be heard coming from behind the door. Fear griped her entire body as it dawned on her that as soon as this wooden door manages to be pulled down, she becomes a dead meat.

"What do you want from me? Leave me alone!" She yelled almost at the top of her voice to the wolves as tears gathered her eyes and suddenly, the noises grew quiet. All she could hear at the moment was the rhythm of her own heartbeat and her loud breathes from exhaustion.

Something told her it wasn't over and as stupid as it may seem. She took slow steps forward as she stretched her hand towards the door knob. She couldn't possibly hide here forever. Maybe the animals finally gave up and ran away or someone at last is at her rescue. She had to help herself. She had to find out what was going on. Before she could succeed in touching the door knob, the wooden door suddenly swung open and directly in front of her stood a person in a long red hood. His face, she couldn't see as he kept his head bent. His dressing was obviously medieval to the present dressing which she found awfully weird. Something told her he wasn't here to save her, there was obviously something more going on here and one thing she understood was that she was clearly confused.

She slowly took a few steps backward as she tried to get away from the strange person who stood in front of her. The moment he took a step towards her, she quickly turned away from him to run but unknowingly met with another just like him who immediately covered her nose with a white cloth. She tried her best to struggle, kicking and punching at the best place her hands could touch but slowly her arms weakened and her vision grew blurry. She begged herself inwardly not to give up now as the tears rolled down her cheeks but whatever that was in this white cloth over her nose was quite stronger than her will and slowly, she lost her consciousness.

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