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She stood with both her hands on her hip staring at the rows of books arranged in columns and according to its genre. A wide smile grew on her lips before she properly adjusted her glasses. She was finally here. Her own dream heaven. She finally owned one. Who wouldn't love a room filled with books? All you can fill your head with. The knowledge that would be so helpful and intriguing.

She heaved a sigh of relief.

Being a librarian may sound like a waste of time to most people but to her, she sees it as an opportunity to be in heaven and as well get kids to be educated. Now, if she could just find a way to get the town's people to love the idea of walking into a library once again. To get the kids interested in enlarging their imaginations. She was told the library didn't really do well in the past, no one was interested and so it had to be shut down as the librarian then resigned. No one else volunteered to take up the job so there, the library then remained shut until she came along. She was glad she did.

"It shouldn't be hard getting the kids to love the idea of story telling in a library." She encouraged herself before she got to work with cleaning up.

She wondered exactly how long the library had been closed for so much dust and cob webs to accumulate literally everywhere but who said starting up a new life was ever easy. While wiping the glass windows, she stared out to the street. Strange, not even a soul was seen. The only living being that came across her this morning was the roaring of a car's engine as it passed by her just after she got out of her truck right in front of the library's building. She did her best to smile and wave politely to the driver who gave her a strange and questionable stare like she was doing something wrong. He didn't even reciprocate her warmness by kindly waving, nodding or even winking. That sent an odd feeling at the back of her head but she just pushed it away. Everyone was probably living here just for the same reason as hers. To be left alone. To be given the peace and quietness you deserve so it was no biggy been given the cold shoulder.

"Just a little bit more." She told herself as she stretched her hand farther towards the position she had to place a novel. She wasn't about to get off the ladder and drag it all the way to that position just to place something she clearly can do although her height was contradicting her thoughts. Her subconscious kept reminding her that she wasn't tall but maybe not short either. She preferred to use the term average. Her arm length was probably also the same mocking her daring to outrun nature but it was just a little bit more. She needed to get the book on the shelf.

"Um excuse me, do you need any help?"

"No, no, not really. I can do this." She assured the masculine voice that just interrupted her thoughts but she was way into defeating nature to understand what just happened.

"A little more." She stretched her left arm more to the left and suddenly she felt it slipping off her hand but before it could touch the floor as she thought, another hand caught it.

She traced the masculine hand back to it's owner who flashed her a warm smile before stretching up his hand and doing what she couldn't do for almost fifteen minutes. Tall huh? She managed to whip up a smile to the new stranger that she definitely didn't hear knocking nor walking in. Although, she could remember his question.

"Um...thank you." She managed to speak up as she carefully got down the ladder.

"Uh you... You're..." Judy started confused in what word to start with. She wasn't much of a talker. Never been sociable and not one to start a conversation. Not that she was immune to socialisation or anything but she just wasn't much of a talker. She was more of a spectator. One to observe and learn or maybe speak up when necessary to.

"Oh I'm sorry for my manners. I'm Moses Cooper and I own the grocery store right next to you. Technically not exactly next to you given the space between the two buildings but I'm the next human you can see around." He stated as he stretched his hand to her for a handshake and she accepted it as she listened to him.

She flashed him one of her warm smiles.

"Judy Hawks and just moved in."

"Well I could tell given the way you waved earlier to the man in his car."

"Oh.. You saw that." She expressed embarrassingly.

"Yeah. Didn't really mean to but couldn't help noticing you as I threw out the garbage and for the one would really pay attention to you if you do that. It's strictly mind your business in this town."

"I see. My bad...I suppose you've lived here for a long time now."

"Hmm, you can say that if six years can count."

She chuckled as she looked down at her two hands she kept rubbing gently together. A strange habit she did whenever she was having a conversation, probably from the nervousness of not wanting to screw it up.

There was a strange silence for a second.

"Um, so Judy I'll be leaving now. I just wanted to check up on you and know if you were okay or if you needed anything..." He stopped as he ran his hand through his neatly cut blonde hair before he sighed.

"...cut short, I just wanted to make friends with the new neighbour. That's not bad, right? I'm not disturbing or anything."

She shook her head.

"No no. You actually took the first step. That was my initial visit my neighbours, you know, let everyone know that the library is now open."

"Okay... So, I do have a grocery store. You might want to pick out a thing or two. You're always welcome." He spo

ke as they walked to the door.

She nodded her head once with a smile.

"I actually will. Thank you Moses for the warm invitation." She expressed her gratitude and in response, he flashed her one of his best smiles. One that made his blue eyes twinkle as she had already noticed.

" was nice meeting you Judy."

"Same here." She accepted his last handshake which engulfed her little hand in his, sending a strange shiver down her spine. She felt breathless as well as stiffened up for a second. They flashed one last smile at each other before he opened the door and walked out.

He turned once more outside and waved to her which she did as well with s smile.

He's nice.

The two words that roamed her mind as she watched him walk away. He was right, there was a bit gap between the two buildings.

She finally turned away and heaved a sigh she had no idea she was holding back. She did do great with the conversation.

"Hmm...I am starting to really like Creep." She said with a smirk before walking away to continue her work.

She sat at her desk reading through a book when the door opened and in walked a dark skinned young lady. She stood staring at the shelf in amazement.

"Um...can I help you get something?" Judy asked her as she quickly got up from her seat and walked up to her.

"I...I was passing by and I noticed that the library was opened. I mean it has been shut for quite a while so...I decided to walk in and be sure." She explained to Judy without taking her eyes off the books.

"Okay can be sure of it that this building is officially opened and you're welcome anytime of the day."

"That's nice to know. This is nice." She expressed with a smile before she directed her gaze to Judy.

"I'm sorry, I just got excited. I'm Nelly Abraham and it's nice to finally have a reading place. I've been craving for this since I got to this town." She stated as she stretched out her hand for a handshake.

"Judy Hawks. Just moved here and I can understand your plight. Can you imagine a world without books?" Judy joined in as she accepted the handshake. Nelly had quite a firm grip. Strong hands.

"That would be the ultimate catastrophe."

"I know, right?" Judy asked and they both laughed at themselves.

"Thank you Judy Hawks for saving my life from boredom. Now, I'm definitely not leaving here without getting a book."

"Oh that's nice." Judy stated as she walked with her.

" there maybe a way for me to speak to the rest of the town? I mean invite them over."

"Don't bother. It would be best you let things be the way they are. The last librarian tried the same strategy but it never worked. The people of this town are way too scared to walk out of their home."


"And...why is that so if I may ask?"

"Well...for starters, there are strange happenings that have been going on for a long time. It's there, you can feel it but you can't see it. It's just weird."

"What... What happenings, if I may ask?" Judy asked as a sudden interest grew for the new and strange information. This wasn't stated on the internet and no one told her either.

"I...I don't know myself and no matter who you ask... No one is going to tell you, rather they would hush you up and tell you never to speak of it again. I've learnt to stop asking questions myself so...Judy you should." Nelly advised as she had her eyes fixated on a shelf lined with books to her interest.

Judy couldn't help but feel lost for words. This was a new twist in her new town. This wasn't the sort of peace and quietness she expected. Not the kind resulted from fear of something she knew nothing about.

"Do you believe in werewolves?" Nelly asked her a shocking question jogging her out of her thoughts.


"Do you believe in the existence of werewolves?"

"I...I'm not really sure although... I was interested in their stories when I was a young girl...I sort of got over them."

"Oh...well that's a shame 'cause I heard a rumour that Creep might be harbouring some and that's why no one really wants to move down here or talk about this town. I mean think of the thick forest surrounding this town. No one dares to match in there." She stated as she grabbed a book from the shelf.

Judy furrowed her eyebrows at that thought. That never really occurred to her.

"Found my book!" Nelly exclaimed excitedly before walking back to Judy's desk and Judy followed confusingly behind her.

"I'll like to borrow this please." She told Judy who walked over to her table to sort things out.

"Please put down your name and signature here." Judy told her in a low voice as she handed her a pen and book.

"Werewolf." Judy stated as she read through the description of the book at the back.

"Isn't this all just fiction? A makes belief with imaginations." Judy asked as she handed Nelly the book.

"Probably but I'll prefer to use the term, myth...I believe they do exist." Nelly said as she handed the pen and book back to Judy.

Nelly flashed her a smile.

"Thank you Judy Hawks for the book. I'll be leaving now and make sure to stay alive till the next time we meet." Nelly said while Judy smiled and waved to her goodbye as she walked out of the library.

She sighed as she suddenly felt unease.

"Werewolves...Judy it's nothing but fantasies. Something someone carefully made up and nothing for you to get worked up about." she assured herself before she took her seat and continued with what she was doing before Nelly came in.

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