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Hello everyone, this is my first werewolf story here on wattpad so I hope you all bare with me. There is no promise that there wouldn't be at least a few grammatical errors. Please don't be harsh while leaving a comment and don't turn away on reading the very first chapter. Remember, you can't judge a book by it's cover but if you still do want to leave after reading up to the middle then you're free. So, here it goes.

"P-please I plead on you...don't hurt her." he pleaded with his voice trembling and quivering as he watched the tall figure in front of him grasp onto the neck of the young woman beside him. She was equally shivering in fear as tears rolled down her cheeks while she had her eyes fixated on the man on his knees in front of her.

"It's all very easy... Tell me what I need to hear. What are they planning?" The man with the tall figure demanded. His voice sounding a bit husky but relaxed. His hazel eyes fixated on the man pleading in front of him.

"Please just take my life instead. Don't hurt my wife...she has nothing to do with all this." The man who was held down on his knees by two hefty looking men themselves pleaded as his eyes got teary just staring into the eyes of his dear wife who pleaded to him to save her.

The young woman was silent but her silent sobs could tell a few tales of her sadness. Right now, her life hung in the hands of a very cruel man. A tall figure whose shadow seems like the darkness itself. Struggling from his grip was no use. She knew it and that's why she stood still. It was safer that way. She had tried it as soon as he and his whole bunch bursted into her home. She had tried running away at the very command of her husband but to no avail. Her husband had tried fighting his own share of war but was very much overpowered by the strange strength these men possessed. She had used her nails fiercely, scratching the tall figure where her nails could reach on his skin. She knew she was successful with scratching him as she took one look at his bare skin from where she stood with her neck grasped in his left hand. She could see the few scratches on the tanned skin of his shoulder and chest. The fact that he didn't even flinch for once from her scratches sent cold shivers running down her spine. She could feel the perspiration on her forehead resulting from fear. She didn't know if her husband should speak up or just let him kill her. The tension was killing her already.

"I can see you really don't love your wife." The man said as he slowly raised the woman off gravity and into the air as she grasped and struggled for air itself.

"No no no no please! Please don't!"

"Tell me what I need to hear or she dies this minute." The tall man demanded again yet still calmly.

Taking a look at his face, the young man knew the demon in front of him meant it. He was ready to kill his wife like it wasn't a human in his hands. He needed to save his wife. Her life was important to him but then he would have to betray his own kind.

"Okay I'll tell you!" He screamed almost at the top of his voice. It wasn't like anyone was going to run into his shack and save both he and his wife. No one in his right mind would want to stand up to these animals.

He snarled. "Speak."

"A prophecy! A prophecy has been foretold on how to destroy you."

"Impossible!" He growled as he brought the woman down to her feet.

"I am immortal. I cannot die!" He growled louder at him as he took steps closer.

"What solution exactly?"

"The r-red riders are in search of a child, one with half...half of your lost human soul. The one that will destroy you." The man stuttered in fear as he stated all the facts.

The tall man remained silent for a while as he stared into what seems like space. The men that came in with him seemed almost as lost as himself. Their leader was immortal. They've seen swords in the battlefield break at the mere strike on his body. How then can a mere child destroy him? What was fate trying to do?

The man suddenly raised the woman into the air once again.

"Nooooo!" The young man screamed in plea.

"Please don't... I told you all you wanted to hear. I betrayed my own kind." He pleaded to the man.

The tall man tilted his head a bit to the left. A strange smirk slowly growing at the corner of his lips.

"Exactly... I hate...traitors." He said in an impulsively calm tone before the sound of a broken neck could be heard throughout the quietness of the room.

The woman's dead body fell to the wooden floor with her eyes open.

The young man stared at his wife's lifeless body in shock and in a second of realisation, a scream came out of his mouth that could be heard far off into the forest echoing over and over again.

2016 (present day)

She rode carefully into a small parking spot in front the one floored wooden house.

She heaved a sigh of relief after turning off the engine. A little smile grew on her face.

She was finally here. Her life was finally going to start afresh. She could picture all the things she would do with her quiet time. She needed the peace and quietness. This were the most two reason why she surfed the internet day and night till she came across the name Creep town down in the heart of Alaska. It was neither freezing cold nor was it freaking warm like California. It was just there. Perfect. The name did send a bit bad vibes at first but she wasn't about to drop her dream resident because of it's name although she couldn't help wondering why there wasn't much about it on internet. All that was mentioned was its name, site and the population density. She had to do a little research on her own to find out just what it looks like. The idea of a forest surrounding it didn't really give her the chills. The town was quiet and peaceful and that was all that mattered to her. She already got herself a job at the local library before waving the orphanage she grew up in goodbye and leaving.

She picked up her handbag beside her on the passenger's seat before opening the door and stepping down. The feel of the grass beneath her feat reminded her body she was finally on solid ground which sent blood pumping from her heart and round her body. She could feel the chilled air slap her right across the face. She wasn't quite surprised. It was getting late already so it was quite expected. She swung the handbag over her shoulder before shutting the door making a rusty sound to be emitted.

The truck she had wasn't quiet new, in fact it was old making strange coughing sounds whenever she started the car or shut the door. It belonged to a nun back at orphanage that was very dear to her. The nun had insisted she took it along with her to make her journey easier. She had thanked her very much and waved to everyone with the promise that she would call as soon as she is settled.

She walked forward towards the entrance of building. She gently pulled the door made of net op

en ignoring the sqeeky sound it made, she knocked. She stood patiently which led her to subconsciously survey her dressing. She needed to know if she looked okay in a faded blue denim trouser, a dark blue chiffon top, a grey sweater and a pair of black boots. She smiled as she felt sure she looked decent enough.

She quickly ran her fingers backwards through her straight black way past shoulder length hair.

The lock turning on the door could be heard and she stood straight.

The door finally opened to reveal the smiling face of a woman who seems late in her thirties.

"Hello Judy." The woman greeted nicely as she came closer to give the young woman a hug.

"Hello Mrs Adams." She greeted back as she accepted the hug.

"Oh please. I've told you before that you can call me Josephine." She told her nicely as she welcomed her into the house.

"Okay, thank you M-I mean Josephine." The young lady quickly corrected herself as she displayed a smile on her face.

Josephine shut the door after they were both in.

"How was your trip down here? I hope you didn't experience any difficult tracing down here?" Josephine asked kindly.

Judy shook her head as she rubbed her palms together.

"Not really plus I've been down here before was kinda easier than the first but thank you for asking."

"Oh don't mention. I'm just glad you're safe." She said to Judy and Judy nodded in accordance.

"Okay, I best leave you to settle in and rest now while I head on my way as it's getting late. Here are the keys to your new home." Josephine said as she handed Judy a bunch of keys.

"Thank you Josephine." Judy thanked her as the woman headed straight to the door.

"There isn't much in the fridge but you can do a little grocery shopping yourself tomorrow although you might find something in the cabinet. I'm sorry there isn't much for you." She apologises as she opened the door.

"There's really no need for that Josephine. Thank you, really for everything. The apartment and helping me find a job, really, thank you." Judy thanked her once more with the best warming smile her face could bring up.

"Oh it's nothing just be well and Judy...try not to stay out late. It would be best if you could get home before seven." Josephine adviced with a different kind of expression.

Judy couldn't help but ask the one word that would bug anyone at this point.

"Why? Creep is a small town with lesser people... I really doubt there would be thieves around."

"Hmm thieves...yeah you're right. Creep is quiet. Sometimes too quiet that it creeps even its own inhabitants but I'm just saying. Be careful Judy and if you do need my help on anything, feel free to give me a call."

"Thanks and I'll be sure to remember that." Judy appreciated before she watched her walk away and down to her car. She waved to her once more with a smile before she drove off. Judy went back into her new home before shutting the door behind her.

She sighed as she stood looking around.

She had finally made it. She decided to take a walk round the house after dropping her handbag on the table. The sitting room wasn't quite big but it was okay and comfy with the kitchen and small dinning room adjourned to it. Her room on the other hand felt warm and close. She wasn't really a fan of much space. She always preferred the closeness, having not to walk quite a mile before getting to your closet. The entire furniture were already in place. She bought them about a month a ago and had them loaded down here. She personally came down here, chose the wallpaper to be used and decorated the whole house. All that's left now is for her suitcases to find it's place in her room. She picked up a cup from the cabinet and properly rinsed it before filling it with clear water from the tap. Josephine told her the last time she was here that it was safe to drink from the tap.

She gulped the water all at once down her thirsty throat before heading back outside to the truck to unload her suitcases. She carried them in one by one before finally shutting the door. She wasn't much of a dresser. All she had were two big suitcases. She rolled them into her room. She laid one on the floor before she began to unzip it and got out her nighties.

After undressing, she went into the bathroom to have her bath and came out all freshened up and dressed in pyjamas. She made her way back to the kitchen. She opened the fridge and there was nothing there. She decided to rummage through the cabinets and thankfully she found some noodles. Happily, she cooked one and took her seat on the couch as she had her dinner. She was quite hungry. The food she had was earlier this morning back in the orphanage when sister June made her one last breakfast and she ate to her full. Now, she already misses her cooking.

She snuggled up under her duvet on her bed before she opened to a page in the novel she was holding at hand. The page had a card stuck between it and the other page. With all excitement, she began to read from where she stopped off.

Amazing, she could practically hear her heartbeat through the quietness of the room. Probably too quiet which made her look up a bit away from the novel at hand. She stared outside the closed window to the forest far off hovered with a strange darkness. A darkness that suddenly seemed mesmerizing and for some reason she couldn't take her eyes off it. The longer she stares at it, the more she realises a strange attachment. It felt like she was being drawn closer to it. A strange calling. It felt like the wind carried strange whispers from the forest down to her ears, one she couldn't interprete. Judy had never been a fan of the complete darkness but she was brave enough to get over at least little as she could. She wasn't in denial that the little fear still remaining could always be activated. The darkness seen emitting from the forest screamed strangely dangerous but yet fascinating in a way to her. She gently gets off her bed before walking towards the window. She stood staring into the darkness of the forest. A very strange appealing indeed. If she was outside, she was sure she would definitely be tempted to walk down there to find out what was calling out to her.

Her phone beeped and she was startled as she looked away from the forest. She placed a hand over her chest to calm her racing heart which must have been activated from fear. She shook her head at her stupidity and without taking one more look at the forest, she drew the curtain to block the view before heading back to her bed.

Creep was definitely not the best idea for anyone but it was something she was looking for and she was determined to make the most of it.

So? By the way, a place like Creep doesn't really exist. It's pure fiction and it's my story. Hmm...not sure this chapter was interesting enough, pls do not forget to click the vote or comment icon to show your supports. Thanks for reading.

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