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   Chapter 60 You're Welcome.

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7 months later....


"Ummm might want to see this!" I heard Mia's voice call from the sitting room. I stopped what I was doing in the kitchen and wiped my hands on a towel before walking off to the sitting room. I met Mia's eyes glued to the television and I carefully had my seat beside her as I tried to understand what she was watching.

It was weird, I could see Leslie in the television being taken away by the police.

"...It has been found that multi time millionaire and model Leslie Banks is responsible for the threat that posed on Mrs Norman's life several months ago when she almost had a terrible car accident. The plate number of her car matched exactly the one taken during the incident. Several evidence has been found against her considering illegal dealings with her company and the police are taking her into custody..." The newscaster ranted on as she stood just a few steps away from where the police was.

There, I saw Blayze walking down the stairs of his building and although lots of reporters swam around him trying to get little information from him, he remained silent. Although I got something from them.

"...How do you feel about exposing Leslie Banks to the world?"

" How did you manage to get all the evidence against her?" Several reporters swam him with question.

I was confused. My husband was up to something like this but never bothered to share it with me!?

"...This isn't over Blayze! You and your hell of a wife can go to hell! Hell!" Leslie screamed at the top of her voice at Blayze as she was dragged away and forced to get into the backseat of the police car.

I sighed before picking up the remote and switching off the television.

I was vexed.

Sure, Leslie is finally getting what she deserves but it's all because of my husband and I knew nothing about it for months. I'm forced to discover everything from the television.

"Caden what's wrong?" Mia asked after I switched off the Television.

"I...nothing really... I just don't want to see that." I tried hard to hold myself.

"It's okay Caden... Finally, both you and Blayze will get the peace you deserve." Mia said as she soothed my arm.

"I hope so...I really hope so Mia."

* * * * * * * *

I sat on the bed folding a few clothes as I tried hard to get my mind off the news from earlier. I need to hear my husband's own part of the story. Why did he not share his secret with me? Why did he keep me in the dark about confronting Leslie? Why did he let me find out everything this way?

The door knob turned and the door opened. I took one look and saw that it was Blayze. My dear darling husband.

"I missed you." He said as he drew closer and kissed me on the forehead. I usually respond to that with love and happiness but not today. Today, I'm pissed off with him.

I gently stood up from the bed with the folded clothes in my hands and walked towards the wardrobe. I set them there.

"Caden." I hear him call from behind before he took steps towards. I felt his arms around me as his breath caressed my ear. Something in me wanted to relax and enjoy this but this wasn't the time. This was the time to talk. I pushed his arms away and walked away back to the bed. I stood waiting for him to turn.

He did but slowly at that. He drew closer and we stared into each other's eyes. I waited patiently for his explanation but nothing came forth yet but just a raise of an eyebrow.

"Well? Are you not going to explain yourself? 'Cause I would really love to know why my husband embarked on a quest for so long and never bothered to tell me. I really want to know why I found out something from the telly when it should have been from you?" I asked him honestly waiting for his reply.

He sighed.

"I know. I know...I'm a jerk for not telling you everything but Caden I was just protecting you..."

"Protecting me from what!? Leslie!? Do you know me at all!?"

"This! I was trying to protect you from this reaction. Caden I didn't want you being stressed out or worried. I needed you to be in good condition, you and our baby." He explained as he drew closer and took hold of my hands in his. I stared into his eyes, hoping to find solace and to be at peace with his explanation but it still felt irritating.

"At least you could have confided in me Blayze. You did so many things in the past months and I had no idea about I feel like a wife who doesn't pay attention to her husband." I said in a calmer tone as he helped me have my seat on the bed.

"I'm sorry. Believe it or not Caden, I did everything I did in your best interest. Okay, I promise never to hide such a thing from you again." He said with a sorry look in his eyes. I knew he meant it. He was sorry and no matter how annoying it seems, he really did do it for my sake.

A slow smile grew at the corner of my lips and he smiled back.

"You promise?"

"Promise." He replied with a broader smile before he drew closer and lightly kissed me on the lips.

"Have you eaten?" He asked after our lips were barely apart from each other.

"Yes but I'm not sure our little you is full. He says he'll eat more as long as you feed him." I told him with a smile and he just chuckled.

I love my husband. I love my new family and my dear baby, you have a lot installed for you. I can't wait for your arrival.

A month later....

"Ahhhh! Where is the damn doctor Blayze!?" I yelled almost at the top of my voice as I held on tightly to the sheet of the bed I laid on top.

As soon as my contractions started then my water broke, I made my way to the hospital on time and called Blayze while on the way.

I could feel the pain and need for the baby to finally come out but nooo, the doctor said I wasn't ready. I needed to give it sometime but now, I think I'm really ready.

"Uh... Um, I'll just get him..."

"No, wait Blayze." I pleaded to him a bit more calmer as I stretched out a hand to him.

"Please, please don't leave me Blayze." I pleaded in tears as the pains continued to increase. I just really wanted to get this over with.

He took hold of my hand and came closer.

"You're going to be okay Caden." He assured me and I just quickly nodded as I tried hard to gulp down the pain. Nope, it wasn't quite working. Oh here it comes again.

"Ahhhh!" I screamed in pain as I clutched tightly to his hand.

"Um, Caden...not too tight." I could hear his faint voice.

"Caden?" I heard Mia's voice as she popped her head in first to check if she was in the right room. A smile grew across her face ad she walked in to reveal Richard.

"Oh can't see this!" He exclaimed as he immediately turned back to walk away.

"By the way...goodluck Caden." He quickly encouraged me before walking off.

"Don't mind him Caden, he's just being such a cry baby. How are you doing...."


"I'm guessing not so good."

Mia and Richard had began dating due to my intervention. I begged Richard to give her a chance and he accepted so now they're into each other. My t

w mirror several times before I got out and headed to the door.

"Caden." I called out as soon as I walked into our home and heard some voices coming from the sitting room. I calmly headed there.

What stood in front of me sent my blood boiling as I stood frozen. I could feel it all coming back again. The memories and most of all, the anger.

"What are you doing here?" I asked her between gritted teeth.

"Blayze...please calm down." I heard Caden's voice suggest as she walked up to me but none of those words were what I was severe preparing to heed to.

There the woman who destroyed my childhood stood staring back at me and dare she hold my daughter in her arms.

I walked past Caden who kept trying to stop me and carried my daughter away from her arms.

"Get out of my house!" I ordered her in the calmest voice I could portray.


"Don't you ever dare utter my name again. Get out." I warned her for the second time as I watched her crocodile tears began to roll down her cheeks. She tried to reach out to me but I instantly pushed her hands away.

"I'm so sorry my son..."

"Son!?" I exclaimed almost at the top of my voice which must have startled Mel as she began to cry.

Caden reached out and took her from my arms. I paced around angrily as I tried hard to control myself.

"Please take her to her room." I could hear Caden instruct a maid as she handed Mel who now calmed down to her.

I was frustrated.

"Don't you ever dare call me son! You are not mother! You were never a mother to me when I needed you the most...before... Before I do something crazy, you better leave." I told her the truth before I turned and quickly walked out of that place and headed to my study room.

I was feeling so hurt. My heart was aching so much. I wanted to yell. I wanted to break something. I instantly pushed a vase sitting by the corner to the floor before I ran my fans through my hair. I wanted to bust out. This feeling should never happen to anyone. It's a very horrible feeling.

"Blayze." I heard Caden's soft voice call out as soon as she walked into the study and met me aseat with my head rested in my palms.

Why this? Why did my so called mum have to show up again? Just when things were beginning to get stable in my life.

"Blayze honey." She gently raised my face to meet hers. I don't want her seeing me this way.

"Are you okay?" She asked. What was I supposes to say? No, I'm not okay. My mum just showed up and I'm a mess.

"How did she get in here in the first place?" I asked her as I stood up to my feet and walked away.

"I let her in."


I instantly turned to her with a confused look.

Why would she do that?

She came closer as she took hold of my hands in hers.

"Blayze I know you might feel angry right now but you need this. You need to confront your mum once and for all. Talk to her and let her know how hurt you've felt all this years. Ask her those questions that have kept you sleepless for years. This is your opportunity to finally attain the inner peace you need... Please Blayze... Give this an opportunity at least for I and Mel's sake...please." She pleaded and I could see right through her eyes that she was also getting affected by all this.

I do want peace. I've dreamed of that all this years. I've thought of how to confront her whenever I ever meet her again. I've thought of all the questions I would throw at her face. I've thought of how I would scream at her as I ask her why.

I walked back into the sitting room with Caden to find her aseat weeping her eyes out. A soft feeling suddenly grew.

As soon as she saw us, she immediately stood to her feet as we approached her.

"I...I'm so so sorry Blayze. I'm sorry for everything." She wept before she unexpectedly put her arms around me and brought me into a hug. I stood still, frozen not knowing how to react. I want to push her away and yell at her but...but I just couldn't and somewhere deep down....I missed this. I missed my mum.


Ahhhhhhhh! I can't believe DFH has finally come to an end. It was hectic. It was stressful but we've done it. Let us all just wish Blayze and Caden a blissful harmony.

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