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   Chapter 59 Facing fears

Devil for a husband By Mercy kalu Characters: 13835

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Caden's P.O.V

Staring at Blayze was what I found myself doing throughout the scan. Everyone seemed amazed. Everyone seems excited but just my husband seemed distant. Just my husband seemed lost and different. I get it. It's a surprising news. I never expected this as well but I'm happy. We are going to have a family and I expect my husband to show at least a tinny bit happiness.

I continued to fix my gaze on him as we rode home in his car later that evening. Everyone insisted I spend the night resting in the hospital but I preferred going home to the comfort of home. I persisted on being okay and now we're on our way home. Blayze hasn't said a word to me since we said our goodbyes to my family before heading off. I know it...I know that something is disturbing him. Could it be work? Is he stressed out? Is there a problem at work or...or could it Leslie again?

"I'm sorry you had to rush down to the hospital earlier today. I'm sure you had a lot of work." I decided to start somewhere and break the silence.

"It's okay." He replied in a calm and silent tone without taking a look at me for even once. He kept his eyes glued to the road and his hands glued to the starring wheel. It was very obvious that he wanted to avoid any conversation at the moment.

I furrowed my eyebrows at him as I realised that my effort at the moment was fruitless. I slowly directed my gaze away from him to the view outside the window as I wondered what on earth could be going on with my husband. He wasn't like this earlier this morning... I think his new attitude began at the hospital quite before I found out about my pregnancy.

He parked the car in front of the mansion in the compound. I sighed a sigh of relief. Finally, we are back home. Today was quite a day and all I really want to do right now is lay my head down and have a good sleep. I turned to Blayze but he was already halfway out of the car. I watched him walk over to my side and helped me by opening the door.

"Thank you." I told him as I accepted his hand and got out of the car. He then shut the door and handed the key to the driver to park the car properly. He walked with me into the mansion.

"Go on ahead. I have some work to attend to."

"But..." Before I could say anything more he was already walking away towards his study room.

I stood there disappointed as I watched him walk away. This was not what I pictured at all about the day my husband will find out that he's going to be a father.

I sighed.

He's probably just tired and doesn't want to stress me out either. He'll surely come around. I walked off towards the stairs, all the way up and then into the room.

I first undressed before I went into the bathroom and had my bath. As I sat in the bathtub, I shut my eyes for a minute and a flashback of the accident earlier came back to my mind. It was all fresh. It seemed like just minutes ago when it's already been hours. The fact that black car got so close to hitting me made my heart skip a bit than usual. If I had actually been ran down by that car...what could have been my position right now. What could have happened to my baby? If it hadn't been for the woman who pulled me back...the woman... I didn't see her at the hospital. I can't really seem to recall her face. I would love to thank her for saving both I and my baby's life. She really did a lot for me.

I sat on a stool in front of the dressing table staring at my reflection. Is this really the same Caden that I've always been? I looked dull and sad. I'm guessing my happiness really isn't complete without my husband. I wish I could somehow read his thoughts. If only it was possible to go into his mind. We've been married for months now. Why can't he trust me enough to share his worries with me? Is there something wrong with me? Is it the way I talk or behave? Why is it so hard for him to trust me?

"That's enough Caden! You're going to go right now up to him and have a good talk. We cannot sleep over this issue." I ordered my reflection before I got up and walked out of the room, down the stairs, the hallway and finally stood in front of h

"When I was a young boy, I used to always hide under the bed whenever... Whenever I heard my parents arguing then one day they both snapped and my mum...she packed up her stuff and left even when I pleaded and cried that she shouldn't. She never looked back once and I never saw her again. My dad took out all his anger on me and whipped me whenever he could...he said that my face reminded him of my mum and the fact that...that my mum cheated on him. I was very young and confused. When that wasn't enough for him...he sent me off to a boarding school. I never came home during the holidays. I was always sent off to one camp or the other. I never saw this mansion again till after I graduated from high school and was asked to return upon receiving the news about his death. All he ever did was leave me with his fortune. He must have thought he was doing a great deal for me...I hated his money. I hated the fact that he chose his business countless of times over me. He did that with mum and that's why she probably left...I hate them both. Because of those two, I never learnt what it is to be a family. I never knew how much it meant to love someone or to cherish a person...I don't know what it is to be a dad. I don't know how to be a dad to our child...I...I'm scared that I might turn out just like my dad. " I finally narrated all my worries and I pray she takes them well.

She gave me a brief heartwarming smile.

"You're going to be the best dad there is on planet earth. I'm going to be right there beside you all the way and I'm never going to let go." She said in the most sweetest voice there is.

I couldn't help but smile on hearing those words of encouragement.

"I'm sorry for judging you the first time we met." She apologised with a broader smile. My smile broadened as well.

"You don't have to. I kind of was who you thought I was. I promise you, I'm going to try my best and be the best husband there can be." I told her warmly before I softly kissed her on the lips.

"You already are." She said after we let go of the kiss for a second. I smiled at what she said.

She laid properly with her back rested on my chest and my arms wrapped around her.

"Thank you Blayze for sharing such a huge part of your life with me. Really, it means so much to me." She said almost in a whisper and I just brought her closer before I gently placed a hand on her belly. I heard her light chuckle and it made me do the same.

It was nice to have someone to share this with, someone I could trust. It was nice to know that there will always be this certain people that will always be there for you.

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