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   Chapter 58 A new member

Devil for a husband By Mercy kalu Characters: 10616

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"Sure. I'll remember to include your speciality." I told Blayze over the phone as I walked down the street holding a bag filled with grocery on the other hand. I couldn't just stop smiling as I talked to him over the phone. I wanted to make him something special today so I left from work earlier than usual to head to the market. Just as as soon as I was done, Blayze called and we started chatting.

I smiled sheepishly to myself as I listened to Blayze fill my head with beautiful imaginations and ticklish butterflies in my stomach. With the phone stuck to my ear and my smile plastered to my face, I took a look at the road and saw it was free to cross. I turned to cross the road over to where the car was parked but suddenly heard a screeching of a car tyres and gently turned my head to the direction of the sound only to notice a speeding black car with black tinted windows heading directly towards me. My phone fell down from my hand as I shockingly stared at the approaching car. My heart beat slowly accelerated faster than usual. I felt frozen and unconscious to whatsoever that was happening at the moment. I felt a rush of adrenaline pump all over my body. I felt like I couldn't take any step forward or backwards. It was like my feet's were glued to the ground. My heart continued racing faster as my ears went deaf to any other sound. My death was fast approaching and I was strangely aware of it.

I suddenly felt a pull by my arm making me take involuntary steps backwards till I was permanently out of the car's way. I felt a rush of wind hit me on the face as the car immediately drove past me.

"Are you alright miss? Miss, miss..." I suddenly began to hear a strange reoccurring voice in my head or was it real. Was i already in heaven or something? I couldn't quite tell as I was in a lot of confusion. My head was wierdly beginning to spin around. First, I was almost ran over and i'm...what's actually going on? I took one look at the woman in front of me and was only able to grab one thing, she was definately way older than i was. She kept opening her mouth to talk but I barely heard any of it. My eyes slowly went from double to triple and I blinked several times to get my sanity back but it barely worked as I managed to speak up.

"I...I'm fine." I barely whispered as I tried to take a first step on my own then second...everything went blank as I fell to the ground.

Blayze P.O.V

"Caden... Caden...Caden are you still there?" I heard no response but I could hear some background noises and before I could speak up again, the line went dead.

It was strange. Caden would never cut my call in such a manner. Why wasn't she responding earlier?

I redialled her number but it wasn't going through. I suddenly had a bad feeling like something... Something wrong has happened but I secretly prayed it wasn't so. I hoped Caden was alright, sound and safe.

There was a knock on my door before Lisa came rushing in with the receiver in her hands.

"Sir, there's an important call for you from the hospital regarding Caden." What? I felt my heart fall deeper into my chest in a painful way as my blood began to pump

hysical at the moment.

I...I'm...I'm pregnant?

I finally understood why they were all acting, talking and smiling in such a strange manner.

"Oh, I'm so happy for you sweetie!" Mum exclaimed as she drew closer and brought me into a hug.

I began to slowly assess everything as a slow smile grew on my lips. I was going to become a mum. How strange that sounded in my ears. I, Caden, a mother. It sounded strange but nice. Although, I wasn't prepared for such a news but I'm ready to give it a try. I'm ready to start a family with Blayze.


I looked up to Blayze expectantly to see the same joy on his face as I was beginning to feel but I received something other than what I expected. He didn't seem much of...interested. He had his head bent as he stood behind everyone and when he rose it once and our eyes do meet, he just gives me a fake brief smile and immediately looks away.

Okay, I'm pregnant and everyone is officially happy except my husband... Why? I don't really seem to understand. We're suppose to be the happiest couple at the moment but right now...I don't think that's what is happening.

Leslie P.O.V

"Ahhhh! I can't believe I missed! Caden!" I exclaimed angrily as I hit the starring wheel in front of me continuously. After I was done and felt a bit calmed, I relaxed to assess everything.

Yes, I wanted to run Caden over earlier but the damn woman won't just die. Does she have nine lives or something? Why can't she just die and leave Blayze and I alone? Why can't she just disappear from the surface of this earth?

"I want you dead Caden and by all must die." I declared loudly as I made it my first priority to deal with her.

You brought this upon yourself Caden. If only you had just listened to me and stuck with our deal to stay out of Blayze's life then probably...probably I won't be after your life right now. Just get ready Caden 'cause it won't be long before you join the dead.

Sorry if i took long before updating, I hope u all understand that I'm just trying. Pls don't forget to vote and comment. Next update will be very soon.

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