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   Chapter 57 Putting things...right

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His black hair was soft and somewhat delicate under the caress of my right hand's fingertips. Slowly leaving the view of my husband's hair, my eyes travelled down to his smooth forehead, his well brushed eyebrows, and then to his shut eyes. I smiled on realisation that everything I was seeing right now is mine.

We sat in a beautiful greenery park under a beautiful oak tree for shade having a picnic. It wasn't easy for Blayze to make out a free space from his work just for us to have this day but he did and I'm extremely grateful for that.

I took in a deep breath as I stared down at his face with which his head rested on my laps. With his eyes shut, his arms folded and his legs crossed, he laid there quietly. Right now, I feel like I own the world all to myself. Everything seems so beautiful.

" If you're done admiring me, maybe now you can feed me with an actual... fruit." He suggested with his eyes closed and a halfway smile across his face.

I smiled. That was an agreement Blayze and I had. He was to relax and feel the air all around him and I was to serve him as a king he is.

I turned my head to the right, stretched my hand into the small basket beside me and took out a strawberry. I plucked one and was about feed him but then suddenly it looked so appetizing to me. I gulped hard. I somewhat felt like I couldn't resist felt like I was...I was deeply in need of it and without any further calculations or thoughts in my head, I immediately put all of it into my mouth. I chewed gently and quietly in order not to alert Blayze. I shut my eyes as I covered my mouth with my hand and savoured the taste in my. It was strange...I just couldn't explain it but it tasted very delicious. I don't think I've ever enjoyed eating a strawberry as much as I do right now. I needed more, lots and lots of it. I stretched my hand back into the basket and picked up about three at the same time and one by one, they all went into my mouth. Quietly, I continued to eat them up till my mouth was full and no strawberries were to be seen again in the basket.

" What are you doing? " Blayze suddenly asked with wide open eyes which got me surprised. I had actually forgotten Blayze was still here.

Oh what's wrong with me!?

With my mouth full and my eyes widened in surprise, I blinked several times.

"Were you eating?" He asked and without waiting for my answer, he sat up and took a look into the basket.

" The strawberries are gone. Caden did you eat them...all!? " he asked with an expression I couldn't read. Is he angry he somehow amused?

At a confused level, I slowly shook my head with still a mouth full. He stared at me for about a second before he suddenly chuckled. That was a relief.

" Ouch my cheeks hurt!" I mumbled as I touched my poor protruded cheeks. I held unto them as I slowly began to chew.

" You, Mrs. Norman just broke an agreement. Now...what should be your punishment?" He said as he thought. I wanted to talk. I wanted to defend and somewhat explain myself even if i'm a bit thrown off but I seemed to be busy with a mouth full.

"I...I didn't...really do it on purpose...but these are really good..." my words trailed away as his phone suddenly rang.

I watched him take a look at the caller ID before he took a look at me and excused himself. He moved away a bit which I found odd. He never really answered a call away from me and plus his expression didn't look so good. Today was our day off and even the company knows that so I'm pretty sure they wouldn't dare call him for work but even if they were the ones, Blayze wouldn't just move away to answer their call.

I furrowed my eyebrows at him as I stretched my hand into the basket and brought out a sandwich. I took a bite and chewed as I stared at him. Why do I suddenly have this feeling that he's hiding something from me? I watched him answer the call with his back turned to me. He turned once with his side facing me as he talked. I tried so intensively to read his lips but...the truth still prevails that I'm not such a good lip reader.

After about a few seconds, he was done with the call and turned back to me. He knelt to meet my face and gave me a brief smile. I know that smile...the 'I'm sorry' smile. Oh please, dear lord let me be wrong just this once.

"We're okay...right?" I asked in a low voice after I just swallowed my last sandwich bite.

He rolled his eyes around as he scratched the back of his neck.

" Um, yes sure. It's just..."oh please no.

" ...I...I...Caden I'm really sorry. "


" Blayze. "

" I know. I know. I promised that today was going to be our day but something important really came up. Something that might tamper with our future and the company someday if not taken care of...please can you just bear with me this once. I...I'll take on your punishment if possible. I'll face whatever punishment you give me when I get home..."

" You're dropping me home? " I asked him with wide eyes.

" Um...yes but I will not be long. I'll get right back home as soon as I'm done..."

" Let's go." I told him clearly as I stood up to my feet.

"Huh?" He asked a bit confused and I didn't really see why he should be. I was the victim here. The victim who got her hopes up that her husband could abandon at least a day's work for her and make her feel special but instead got a confused request

truly regret being a brat in the past but now I'm ready for a relationship with you...I know everything. I know you don't truly love Caden..."

"I love Caden. She's my wife, the one and only woman destined for me. She's the only woman that I'll ever love. I need you Leslie to stop bothering me and forget about any fantasy you have up there in your head 'cause it's never ever going to come to pass." I told her as I remained calm.

I watched her face slowly change into a tight frown.

"Forget you!? Never! Just get ready to dance to the beating of the drum you chose... For the woman you call wife will look for her life just as I'm searching for my love."


I watched her angrily pick up her handbag after threatening Caden's life once again but this time much more clearer before she turned and stormed out of the office angrily.

I sat there silently and speechless. Leslie wasn't a person to make empty threats. She was always a crazy person. She had always been crazy enough to do the scariest stuff. She had always been a mean person and took no chances when it got to getting what she wants. She would rather have something destroy than let another person have it instead of her.


I shut my eyes and tried to get some sleep even if I had so many things going on in my mind. On one hand, I'm glad that this is all about to end and on the other hand, I'm worried if my plans for tomorrow will get to be successful. Although, I know I have to get some rest now but it wasn't the same without Caden by my side. This few months, I've gotten so used to having her by my side that I feel cold right now without the feeling of her warmth.

I felt her warm hands intertwine with mine which brought a smile to my face. I had almost forgotten that my wife always made me feel nice at my worst moment. Her soft little hand always managed to make my wide and rough own feel better...Caden... Caden? I immediately opened my eyes. Was that all a dream or did I really felt her hand? Secretly, I prayed it wasn't a dream.

I turned my head to the side as I took a look at my hand and behold, it really wasn't empty. On my palm laid Caden's and I traced it down to her body. I stared at her as she laid on the floor beside the sofa with her head rested on a pillow on the bare floor. Her eyes were shut and I couldn't help but stare at her in surprise. She had asked me out but now here she was keeping herself in an uncomfortable position. I really couldn't understand what was going on in her mind. Her eyes slowly fluttered open and our eyes met and stared into each other's for about a second before she suddenly spoke up.

"I'm sorry." She apologised in the most apologetic tone she could put on. I could see the sincerity in her eyes and I felt bad as well.

"I'm sorry for breaking the promise I made to you." I apologised as well.

"I'm sorry for asking you out of the room." She continued.

"I'm sorry for not having explained myself."

"I'm sorry for...." Her words trailed away as I got down from the sofa to on top of her and lightly kissed her on the lips.

"Enough apologies for one night." I told her before kissing her on the forehead.

"Let's go to bed." I told her calmly and she nodded in accordance.

I got up from the sofa and carried her bridal style into my arms. she wrapped her arms around my neck for support before I walked away towards the room.

Sorry if this chapter seems a bit boring but pls bear with me. I'm quite busy right now but trying to work this out.

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