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   Chapter 56 A stir in our story

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Blayze's P.O.V

I stood still and quietly staring at them hug. Watching him twirl her around in that manner and with his arms around her, I could slowly feel my left hand fold into a fist as i gritted my teeth against each other. My heart was racing faster but it was definitely not because of its usual cause; it was because of the anger that was beginning to swell up within me. I was feeling very irritated with the manner in which he held my wife.

I watched him gently put her back down on her feet and they let go of the hug. I noticed Caden's face, she seemed extremely happy. I don't think I've ever seen this much joy written all over her face just by meeting anyone. This man seems to be an exceptional person in her life. By the look of the excitement written on both of their faces as they talked to each other, I could tell that there is something definitely special and different between them and that sort of fumed me more.

She suddenly turned her head to my direction with the same smile on her face. Within a twinkle of an eye, she took hold of his arm and dragged him along with her towards my direction. I decided to release myself a bit from how I am feeling. I gently unfolded my fist and tried to look okay, normal.

" Richard, I want you to meet my husband, Blayze Norman. " She said excitedly as soon as they both stood in front of me. She let go my his arm and took hold of mine as she stood beside me.

I sort of sighed inwardly.

I'm glad you're back to me Caden.

"Blayze, I want you to meet Richard Reeves, my childhood friend."


He stared back right at me with an expression I couldn't quite read. Is he smiling, smirking or grinning?

I kept my hands in my pockets as I stared right at him. I can't afford to lower my head at this point.

He stretched out his hand for a handshake after a tensed second between the both of us.

I took a look at his hand before looking back up to his face. While staring right into his eyes, I accepted his handshake.

" It's nice to finally get to meet Cay's husband. "


I couldn't help but notice the smile on his face as he called her that. I slowly turned to Caden. She was smiling at him before turning her head to me.

" Ca-y?" I sort of asked as I looked from her to Richard and back to her again.

" Oh it's just a nickname Richie calls me. "


Oh they have nicknames!

Could this ever get anymore worst?

" I see you have nicknames. You two must have been quite close but doesn't Cay seem a little...boyish?" I really couldn't help but ask.

I noticed he was clearly smirking all the way through.

"I know but back then Cay was..." he was suddenly cut short as Caden quickly put a hand over his mouth to stop him from saying anything further and I definitely didn't find that...funny or...cute.

" there something that I need to know? " I purposely threw the question at both of them.

" No." Caden quickly defended herself before she finally took her hand away from his mouth and stood still.

"Not really. Richie here was being childish and tried to go overboard. By the way Richie, why are here? I thought you were in Rome and you never bothered to call me. " She directed the question and her attention at him.

" I'm sorry. I guess I got caught up in a lit of things that I had little time for leisure."

" Oh I see. Are you here to watch a movie as well?"

Just say no....Richard.

He gave a brief smile before he nodded.

" That's great. Which movie?" She asked expectantly and I definitely didn't like where this is heading to.

"The titans which plays in a few minutes time. "

Uhh geez!

" Really!? What a coincidence! We don't only meet again but we're also watching the same movie. I see I really left a strong impact on you."

He chuckled.

" I guess so Cay...I guess I'm still fond of your habits. " He told her with a brief smile on his face and a...a srrange twinkle in his eyes. There was something...definitely wrong with the way he stared at her.

" That's great because I inflict them for good. Since we're watching the same movie, why don't you..."

Do not invite him to join us Caden. Please don't do that.

"...join us? "

And she does it!

Why am I worried? Caden is my wife and she loves me...he's just an old friend of hers who apparently grew up with her. I'm being really childish right now. There's absolutely nothing to worry about.

"We are headed to the same cinema so I really can't say no." Richard told her with the same smile and look in his eyes which was definitely making me uncomfortable.

She smiled back to him.

" I think it's time. Let's go Blayze. " She said as she turned to me and took hold of my arm in hers. Just as we were about to take a step further, my cell phone suddenly rang in my pocket.

" Please excuse me. " I told her as I took out the phone from my pocket and slide my finger on the screen to answer.

"Hello sir." Lisa's voice rang a bit rough and rushed.

" Yes. "

"I'm really sorry sir if I seem to be disturbing you right now but the Indonesian investors are already here and we're all waiting for you. "

"What? " I asked feeling perplexed.

" But it wasn't supposed to be held today."

"It is sir and I told you yesterday that due to some reasons, they had to shift the meeting to earlier than expected. I also sent you an email about the meeting. "

" You did?" I asked her a bit confused and suddenly I recalled her saying something like that.

Urghh! I can't believe it slipped my mind and I'm late!

" Okay, just try and hold them off for a while. I'm on my way. "

"Yes sir." She answered before I cut the call.

I turned to Caden and she stared at me with caring eyes.

" Is anything the matter Blayze? Is there a problem? " She asked worriedly.

" Um nothing much. I just need to head back to the office, something important just came up." I explained to her as easier and faster as I could.

" Oh! I really thought that I would get to teach you a lot of things about fun. I guess it wasn't meant to be today. " she said sadly before she sighed.

I know too. I feel sad that our outing today ends in such a manner.

" Well I'm still here. I can be your partner and we can get to talk."


I don't really think I want to leave my wife with you Mister.

" Oh that's true! Okay, great, I'll see you later Blayze. " her face suddenly lit up excitedly before she lightly kissed me a goodbye kiss on the lips.

That's it Caden?'re okay.

" Um...okay. " I managed to speak up in a confused state.

" Don't you worry Blayze. I'll take good care of Cay." Richard assured me but instead of feeling better...I suddenly felt...bad like the feeling of...insecurity.

That can't be right.

" There's absolutely nothing for me to feel insecured about. " I told myself in a whisper as I walked away.


" I'm really curious as to how you met him. " Richie said as we stood watching Blayze walk away.

What's that I sense?

I turned to him and hit him lightly on the arm.

" I see you still doubt my features. " I told him.

He snorted.

" It's not just that I doubt your features. A man like him and...a woman like poles apart."

" Which is fun. Like they say, opposites attract and by the way it's a long story. One you really don't need to know. Afterall you abandoned your friend. Now let's go before the movie starts without us." I told him as I took hold of his hand and dragged him along.

"Now just hold your horses there cowgirl. I never abandoned you. I j

best friend. You had a lot to catch up and wasted not even a single minute to get rid of your husband and what's with the so called nickname? Cay isn't even a name! It's something so hideously, less busily and stupidly made up!" I ranted on as a steady and annoying feeling slowly built up within me. What was more annoying was the feeling that I certainly wasn't looking for anything but was just taking out my frustration on the wardrobe, messing up neatly arranged clothes and stuffs.

I stopped when I was finally done as I stood straight. My heart was thumping very fast in a different manner and meaning. I shut my eyes for a second and sighed before I turned to her who now stood behind me.

She stared at me with a different expression on her face. Her eyebrows were furrowed and confusion was written all over a face.

" Not even a text message Caden...Did you really enjoy yourself that much that it was such a bother to even text me a single word? Was he so much of a fun to be around? Well of course...I forgot...I am boring, said it yourself..." she suddenly burst out laughing really hard that it made me feel like a fool.

Why do I even both?

"Forget it." I told her and tried to walk past her but she she held back my arm and unexpectantly flung herself into my arms.

With her arms around my neck and clutching on tightly, I felt something was different as her laughter slowly died down.

" I'm sorry Blayze...I'm sorry. " She yet again said another unexpectant words which definitely tookme by surprise.

She rose her head to make sure our eyes could meet.

" I'm sorry for being careless with your feelings. We chatted a lot, visited a few places I haven't been to in a long time and I guess, I lost track of time and everything. I sincerely apologise for neither texting nor calling you earlier. I never meant to make my husband jealous. "


I furrowed my eyebrows at her.

I took her arms away from my neck.

"I'm not jealous." I told her straightforward before I walked past her to the dressing table.

"Really Mr Norman? 'Cause earlier, I'm sure you pretty much sounded like it. You were even frustrated by the fact that we had nicknames. It's understandable to be jealous of Richie, afterall, you do love me. " She said it in an annoying and calm manner.

What was more annoying was the fact that she couldn't see how annoyed I am at the moment. She seemed calm and even laughed at our whole scenario.

" For the last time Caden, I'm not Jealous! " I told her frustratedly as I turned to her.

A slow but sure smile grew at the corner of her lips.

She walked up to me and took my hands in hers.

" Fine...if you say so but please can we just end this. I'm sorry so please forgive me. " She pleaded with a cute smile that was really hard for me to resist. It reminded me of one of the reasons why I fell in love with my wife.

I turned my head away from her. I couldn't think straight with her looking so beautiful.

I suddenly felt a warm and soft lips on my cheek which made me turn my head back to her only to immediately meet her lips on mine which took me by surprise. When she drew back a bit, I could see her smiling and mischievous face.

" Please forgive me Mr Norman. " She said in a cute manner. I purposely furrowed my eyebrows more at her.

"Your kiss won't change anything." I told her and within a second, she stood on her toes again and kissed me on the lips again.

" How about now Mr play hard to get? " She said with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. Her smile was slowly melting my heart and I clearly knew it.

Why do I have to love you so much Caden? I really want to be mad at you right now but...I guess I really can't do that.

A smile slowly tried to grow on my face but I tried hard to control it.

" It's still not working. " I told her pretentiously.

" Hmmm...really? What else can I do to get back my husband? I know...I give up." She suddenly said and turned to walk away.

I quickly took hold of her hand. I drew her back into my arms. With my arms around her, I held her tight and very close.

"Just promise me Caden that...that what happened today will never repeat itself again." I told her as I held her in my arms.

I felt her hands gently wrap around my waist.

"I never make you jealous again..."

" I am not jealous! " I exclaimed at her for the very last time as I loosened from the embrace so I can see her face. She was laughing really hard again.

As I stared at her laugh, I realised that I couldn't possibly ever stay mad at this woman right here in front of me. I love her very much...more than my own life itself. I never ever want to lose her and I never ever want us to quarrel again. It definitely wasn't a good feeling and I never want to feel that way again.

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