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   Chapter 55 Where we really started off.

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A fan of mine made the cover above for Devil for a husband.

Thank you @creativemagic

Blayze P.O.V

I inhaled her scent and the smell of strawberry shampoo filled my nostrils. I smiled without opening my eyes.

I like strawberries.

I cuddled her closer to me. I didn't want to leave even a tiny space between us. If it was possible to glue her constantly to me then I could have probably done that. With her back rested on my chest and my arms wrapped around her little waist, I could feel her warm ones on mine.

She soothed my arm gently and I knew she was already awake.

" Blayze. " she called me in a low and soft breath.

" Hm." I didn't want to speak. I wanted to savour the moment we were having.

" We have to go to work. " She said in the same manner.


That used to be my favourite word. That used to be my hiding corner. That used to be my safe place. It used to be my authority region. A place I would always wake up every moning just to head to. It used to be my alpha and omega. My family, home and everything. It used to be the one thing I thought I only had.

But not anymore.

Now, it's just a wall standing between I and my lovely wife. My wife I never ever want to part with. The woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. The woman who has now become my everything in just a single moment. The woman I can't seem to stay away from for just a single second.

" Do we really have to?" I murmured in a soft breath before I kissed the nape of her neck.

I heard her soft chuckle before the sound of someone turning on the bed. I knew she was the one. She has probably turned to me and staring right at my face. That didn't stop me from holding her back in my arms and closer enough for me to perceive the scent of her shampoo once more.

I felt a tiny prick on my cheek which made me furrow my eyebrows before halfway opening my eyes. I stared down at smiling Caden who seems to be now fully awake.

" Did you pinch me?" I purposely asked her.

She quickly nodded with a broader smile which brought a smile upon my face.

" My dear husband is becoming very lazy and it's because I've been feeding him with too much love." She said in a sort of motherly tone as she drew my cheeks in an adorable but...hurtful manner.

" Ouuuuch!" I yelped out before she finally let go and immediately sat up while holding the duvet over her chest, she turned to me.

" Come on Blayze! Get up or people at the office might start to suspect." She said with a bright face as I rubbed my cheeks.

I put my left hand behind my head as I stared at her. A slow smile rose at the corner of my lips.

" There's nothing there to suspect. The whole world knows that you're my wife. You're mine and I can have you for as long as I want. Let them say whatever they want to." I told her the honest truth about what I thought of our situation at the moment.

Our marriage was definitely not a love marriage and anyone who had really looked closer would have seen the huge pothole between us. Right now, the case is no longer of that situation. Finally, I recognised my love for her and I would appreciate it more if the world did as well.

" It's not the fact that I'm worried about other people's thoughts. I just don't want to seem like I'm taking advantage of the fact that my boss is my husband and therefore go to work whenever I feel like. It's just not right. I'm still a simple employee and I still have to follow rules and regulations. No exempt so get up Blayze! "

I could not help but just stare at her as she made so much sense. I don't know if it's just me or in general but Caden really looks more attractive when she talks snart.

The lovely sparkle in her blue eyes. The rhythmic movement of her lips and the sight of her beautiful tresses bouncing up and down her shoulder. It's funny that I used to think those were an awful mess on her. Now, it's just the beautiful sight that adds to her beauty. The beauty I never want to take my eyes off.

" Blayze! " I heard her yell my name which brought me back to reality. I raised an eyebrow at her.

" You weren't even paying attention to anything I've been saying. Leave it. I'll just go to work all by myself. " she said before turning to get off the bed.

I instantly stretched out my right hand and took hold of hers as I drew her back till she fell back on the bed with her back. I immediately came in front of her as I pinned her hands to the bed.

I watched her try to hide a faint smile at the corner of her lips.

" How could you ever think that I'll never pay attention to you. I heard all you said and I have to're right." I watched her as her eyes widened at me in surprise.

"Really? " She asked while staring right into my eyes.

" Yes, really..." I told her before I drew a bit closer.

"...but it comes with a condition. " I told her feeling a bit naughty.

" And what might that be? " She asked with a raised eyebrow.

" You have to kiss me." I told her my naughty thought...what I'm I saying? She's my wife and having a thought about kissing her isn't a bad thing.


" No?" I asked after she blurtly refused.

" Yes no. Too much love isn't good for you. Remember, you're becoming lazy. " she said boldly before she turned her head towards another direction.

What's this?

Too much anything like chocolate

u're a CEO of a big company. You're going to become just an ordinary man and I'll be here to be your coach all the way. Deal?" She asked as she raised her other hand for a high five.

I hesitated before accepting the high five.

" Fine. Deal. " I told her with a smile and she returned it with her best smile.

" So...tell me...What's your favourite colour? Or wait...let me just it should obviously be black, right? " She asked with raised eyebrows.

All I could do was chuckle.

" I don't have a favourite colour. " I told her the truth.

She gave me a blank stare.

" Okay. That's actually no big deal. A lot of people don't have a favourite colour. Mine is orange and my birthday is on the twenty-third of November. When's yours?"

Please don't ask this of me.

" I think your drink is over. Should I get you another? "

" Hunh? I...I didn't really notice but leave it. I'm already full so the date of your birth..."

" We should check if the movie have started. " I told her as I tries to avoid the question. I tried to draw her along with me but she suddenly stopped.

" Blayze. " She called my name in a different tone.

I turned to her.

" Are you...trying to avoid this question? Don't you want me to know anything about you? "

How do I say this Caden? I don't think I want to talk about this right now.

"It's not that Caden. It's just...There's something I really don't want to talk about now. Remembering my...birthday date brings... back a memory that I really don't want to remember ao please...don't persuade ne right now. " I explained to her in the best possible manner that I could before I lighted kissed the back of her hand.

She gently nodded.

" It's okay Blayze. We can't know everything about each other in a day. Take your time to trust me enough to confide in me. I'll always be by your side waiting for the day you're ready to open up." She said in a very supporting manner.

I couldn't have been more blessed with a woman like Caden than I already am.

"Thank you. Thank you for your understanding. " I told her before I brought her closer for a hug.

" So...who was your first crush?"

" What? " I asked in surprise as I turned my head to her only to meet her laughing already.

She really took me by surprise with that question.

I noticed that her laughter suddenly died down and she seemed to have her eyes fixed somewhere or on something.

There was a surprise look written all over her face and just as I was about to turn my head to the direction of where she stared, she suddenly yelled.

" Richard!"

I watched a tall man with a well built body. He had an oval shaped face with a tanned skin. His black hair was neatly cut and styled handsomely. He was putting on a white shirt with folded sleeves and a grey trouser.

A slow but sure smile grey on his lips.

" Caden!?" He yelled back and instantly that was when I felt Caden's hand leave mine. My hand had never felt colder than it did at the moment.

I watched her ran up to the man who opened his arms wide for her. To my utmost surprise, she flunged herself into his arms. With his arms wrapped around her waist, he twirled her around.

What just happened and who is this man that thinks he can hold my wife in such a manner?

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