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   Chapter 54 Where he loves me.

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Blayze's P.O.V

I couldn't help but stare at her sleeping face right here rested on my arm. I had woken up some seconds ago and busied myself with staring at her sleepy face. With her head rested on my right arm, she snored lightly which sort of brought a smile to my face.

I really didn't plan what happened yesterday. I never planned to agree on having lunch with her. I never planned on seeing Leslie. I never planned on having her rat out about the fact that we used to visit that restaurant together. I just really like their food and that's why I still visit that place and not because I have any sort of memory there with Leslie. I wanted Caden to try it out since she likes to eat so much but Leslie had to ruin everything. Knowing Leslie, she probably misunderstood everything and purposely said that just to annoy me. I never planned on letting go of my feelings last night. I thought I could really buckle them up within till I came up with the next step but I was wrong. I couldn't bear to see Caden that way. She wasn't her usual self and it was all because of me. It was because she was confused about our marriage. She wanted to know if she was making a fool of herself or not by still gathering it together. She felt like she was a sort of trophy I kept on the shelf.

I really wanted to tell her no. I wanted to let her know that she was more than what she thought she was to me. I wanted to let her know that she was the best mistake that has ever happened to me. I wanted to let her know that she shouldn't feel inferior for any sort of reason. I wanted to show her that I love her and very much at that. She has turned my life to a different and better direction. I feel better. I feel great. I feel like yelling to the world about how much I love her.

I gently pushed the hair covering her face behind her ear with my left hand before I stroked her cheek lightly. She moved her head a bit before she slowly and lazily fluttered her eyes open. As soon as our eyes met, a smile grew on both of our lips.

" Good morning. " She greeted with a coarse voice but almost in a whisper.

"Morning. " I replied her.

We stared into each other's eyes silently for some seconds before she suddenly shyly lowered her eyelashes. That action brought a broader smile to my face. I drew her closer into my arms making our bare body almost glued to each other's. I engulfed her in my arms.

I used my hand to raise her chin a bit upward so our eyes can meet again.

" Are you really being shy right now?" I couldn't help but ask her with our faces barely two inches apart.

She shrugged her shoulders with a smile on her lips.

" Not really...all this just feels...a bit new and...unusual...I mean, I'm not used to seeing this side of you. You used to be conceited, rude, arrogant...I'm ruining the moment, aren't I? " She asked and I slowly nodded with a smile at the corner of my lips.

She bit her lower lip as she lowered her eyes.

I know. I know that the atmosphere between us is a bit awkward right now and it's because we seem not well familiar with this sort of moments.

I drew closer and softly brushed my lips against hers which she accepted and put her hands around my neck.

There was no denial that Caden made me feel something that no one else has ever been able to make me feel. There was no denial that she changed my life and there's no denial that I always long for her. There's no denial that my heart raced faster each time I have her in my arms.


Blayze have made me the happiest woman to exist at the moment. I really want nothing more but to stay this way with him forever. I love this new side of him. He smiles, cares and shows his love for me the more. Even if he hasn't told me those exact three words...I can feel it in me that he loves me. From his kisses and the manner in which he stares at me, I know there's more to just what I can see.

I didn't want to let go of him. I didn't want him to let go of me as well. I could feel my heart race faster as butterflies danced in my stomach. His mere touch made me want him the more.

His phone suddenly rang and we had to involuntarily let go of the kiss as well as each other. Even though I really wanted him to just ignore his call and give me his time, I knew that couldn't be possible. His work has always been his first priority and I don't think that's about to change. I could only dream of becoming his first priority.

He stretched his hand and picked up the phone as he looked away in another direction.

I couldn't help but lower my eyes anticipatedly.

"...Do I really have to be there? " I could hear his faint voice.

I couldn't help but raise my eyes up to him and our eyes met. It was as if we interacted without a word from each other. I lowered my eyes again.

I heard nothing more from his conversation.

I guess what we have this morning is now officially ruined.

" I won't show up today so anything that needs my signature on, just get it home. " I suddenly heard Blayze's voice which made me raise my eyes to him.

He was staring right into my eyes.

Did he just...did he just made me his first priority?

Blayze brought down the phone away from his ear and kept it back on the side table.

"'re not leaving? " I had to ask him to be sure my eyes weren't deceiving me from what I heard.

A slow but sure smile grew at the corner of his lips as he drew me into his arms.

", I'm not going to work." He said as he stroked my cheek with his fingers.

" Re-really? But...why? You've always answered present every single day at the company. You had cut our honeymoon short just because of your work. Your work has always been your first priority...."

" I love you Caden. "


Blayze's P.O.V

She stared at me with wide surprised eyes.

Phew...I finally said it.

I lightly brushed her eyebrow.

" You're not my second never really was...I can lose everything in the world but I don't think I can stand it if I ever lose you...I love you very much Caden and I can't afford to lose you. I thought I could avoid you. I thought I could hide my feelings but seeing you everyday made me doubt my ability to do that and made me give in." I told her the whole truth feeling relieved at my confession.

She still stared at me with wide surprised eyes.

Maybe I took you by surprise Caden...did I admit the truth to early? This couldn't be a wrong timing...

" I

other. " I told him as he moved a bit and stood beside me.

I watched him start up and he really didn't seem like a novice in handling the knife so I turned back to mine.

Almost a few seconds later, I began to hear the sound of sniffing.

Only Blayze and I are in the kitchen. If it's not me then it's definitely Blayze.

I turned my head to him only to watch him continuously sniff while slicing the onions. The funny part was the fact that little tears were trickling down his cheeks and he constantly wiped them off.

Seeing him in that manner brought a smile to my face. On the course of trying to wipe his tears again with the back of his palm, he caught me staring at him with an amusement in my eyes.

" Okay Blayze. Let me have the knife. I think you should just wait for me in the sitting room. " I told him as I tried to make him feel better.

Afterall, he tried.

" Yeah...definitely good idea so...I'll wait for you. " He said while trying to rid his eyes from the stinging effect of the onions. He left without taking a look backward.

When he was finally out of sight, I couldn't help but burst out in laughter.

Now that's how you get your husband to obey you.

Later on, I continued from where he stopped bitting in the stinging effect of the onions.

* * * * * * * *

I took my seat beside Blayze with a bowl of popcorn before focusing my eyes on the screen of the television. I offered Blayze some of the popcorn but he said he was full from dinner.

No probs. I can eat it all by myself.

We were watching a historical British movie. Blayze wanted to just retire to bed but I wanted to watch a movie. I dragged him along with me to be my movie partner.

When we were half way into the movie, I realised my bowl was now empty. There was nothing to keep me awake till the end of the movie. I realised Blayze didn't even doze even once.

I yawned tiredly. It was indeed a long day for us. Performing activities together with Blayze saying nice words to me. I really don't want this day to end.

"Maybe it's time for us to go to bed. " I heard Blayze speak up.

I raised my face to meet his.

" Why are you so restless about going to bed?" I purposely asked him and a slow but sly smile grew at the corner of his lips.

He slowly rolled his eyes away from before focusing it back on the television.

Should I pity you Blayze and just give into you for once today?

I lightly hit him in his abdomen.

"Let's go to bed Blayze. " I told him while still staring at his face.

" I'm not really sleepy but I'm stopping you either. " He said without taking a look at me.

Are you mad at me?

" I thought you were the one feeling sleepy. "

" No." He said directly.


Do something Caden before you end today terribly.

I sat up a bit and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

"I'm ready to give in now. " I whispered to him in the ear and waited for a reaction but I got nothing.


" Fine. I'll just go to bed alone. " I told him frustratedly before I stood up and turned to walk away but a hand grabbed my left hand and pulled me back

Sooner than I really expected, I was back in his arms with his lips on mine.

" I'm sorry if I seemed a bit like a turd earlier. " he apologised almost in a whisper with his lips an inch away from mine.

A slow but sure smile grew on my lips as I placed my hand on his cheek.

"I love you Blayze. You should know that I can't really get mad at you. " I told him my honest feelings.

"I love you too very much. " He reciprocated before he softly kissed me on the lips and slowly made it intense.

He carried me into his arms in a bridal style and without really taking our eyes off each other's. He walked out of the sitting room and up the stairs. I held on to him with my arms around his neck. He managed to open the door to our room and pushed it to shut with his feet from behind him.

Blayze and I finally have something really special going on between us and I'm really happy about it. I hope nothing else sets us apart. I hope our love will continue to triumph.


With great difficulty, I wrote this chapter. I hope you all like it.

By the way, next update will be next weekend. Sorry about that but still quite busy.

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