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   Chapter 53 Love me.

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I stretched on the bed lazily before I furrowed my eyebrows. I don't want to get up. I don't want to get off the bed. I felt like lying there for a much longer period.

A smile crept up on my lips when I remembered yesterday with Blayze. We didn't visit a few places I had intended to but it's okay...the day alone with him by my side was the best.

I turned on the bed and that's when I saw the teddy Blayze got me yesterday right beside me. My smile grew broader before I brought it closer into my arms for a tight hug.

" From now on're officially Blayze representer. When I hug you...I'm hugging Blayze so...thank you Blayze. " I said all this while staring at the teddy before I cuddled it closer to me as I countinued smiling. I noticed Blayze was nowhere to be found in the room.

Could he have gone to work...without me?

I guess I probably forgot...Caden you're always second to his work.

Maybe I'm not his number one top priority but the fact that this past few days...he has really began to listen and no longer speaks rudely then I guess that's enough for me. I'm just happy that I am being considered.

Suddenly...I began to feel different...strangely awkwardly different. way!

Not now! can't be today! It's supposed to show up in...when is it supposed to show up again?

Urghh! Caden, you forgetful human! I can't believe you lost count!

I immediately got up from the bed and that's when I felt the pain in my lower abdomen. I quickly ran into the bathroom wasting no time further. I checked myself and realised my suspicion was right. I have been so caught up with everything at work and the distraction from Blayze that I forgot to look after myself. Now look at how surprised I am.

Without thinking any further or coming up with suggestions. I immediately decided to have my bathe and while trying to withstand the pain in my lower abdomen. After having my bathe, I put on my bath robe and squatted beside the bathtub to go through my toiletries which was in a small bag.

I searched calmly at first then bizarrely before finally violently, taking out every single thing.

No way!

It's finished!?

But...but I thought one was left behind...oh Caden...I can't believe you forgot about this as well!

I began to pace to and fro in the bathroom which made the pain a bit worst as I bit my index finger wondering what step to take.

I have to get a new one but I can't leave without putting on one. I just have to take a step.

I gently opened the door to check if there was any sign of Blayze and to my badluck...there he was beside the dressing table buttoning up his shirt.

Caden what are you going to do? What are you going to do? Since I can't step out myself do I...

I shook my head., no...I definitely cannot do what my mind is telling me right now.

Suddenly, he turned and began approaching me. In fear, I quickly shut back the door and rested my back on it.

Oh my goodness! What do l do? I've never been in such a position with any man in my life before. How can I do this?

" Caden open up...are you okay? " Blayze voice suddenly came through the door making me more agitated and nervous.

"'m fine. " I answered to him feeling a bit wierd.

" Well if you're done, then open up...I have to take something. " His voice rang through once again.

I bit my lower lip in confusion.

Geez, do I just do it!? Should I just ask Blayze?

Come on Caden, just do's not like you have a choice or something.

I took in a deep breath before I turned to the door.

Come on Caden...just do it.

I slowly unlocked the door with my heart beating very fast. This is so going to be very embarrassing. I probably won't forget this for the rest of my life.

I opened the door a bit so that only my face was visible to him.

There he stood staring directly at me with those inquisitive eyes and furrowed eyebrows.

Just do it Caden.

" What took you so long? " he asked as he tried to open the door but I stopped him.

" I...I'm not yet done. " I quickly told him with an awkward smile before I bit my lower lip to suck in the pain. I just hope it's not so evident on my face.

He was silent without saying any more words. I know he is probably talking in his mind but thank God I can't hear what he's saying.

Just say it Caden. This is the right time.

"Blayze...could you...could you please...get me something at the pharmacy...right across the street outside this estate?" I asked him with my heart beating faster and faster by the minute.

He remained silent...maybe this is a wrong move...

" Get you what? " he suddenly asked.

Oh geez! I can't believe I am doing this...well...well here goes nothing.

" two..." say it quickly Caden before your nerves fail you!

"...Sanitary pads."


I watched Blayze's reaction as his eyes slowly widened in surprise.

Oh this is so embarrassing! I feel very flushed right now.

He slowly looked down at me and then back up to my face.

" Urghh! Don't do that! " I exclaimed at the way he just stared at me.

I felt my cheeks turning red in embarrassment.

" You know what!? Just forget I ever said that! " I exclaimed at him embarrassingly before I quickly shut the door.

I rested my back on the door and placed both of my hands on my hot cheeks as I stared at my reflection in the mirror.

My face was red with embarrassment. I can't believe I said that to him and I can't believe he looked at me that way. I'm sure he'll never get those for me.

Urghh! I just embarrassed myself in front of Blayze and all for nothing.

What do I do now especially with this pain? I have to lie down or something. I can't stay in this bathroom forever.

Blayze's P.O.V

My eyes still remained widened in surprise at what Caden Just asked of me. Did she just ask me to get her...

I shook my head to shake off that thought.

She looked a bit pale and unwell. I know it must have taken her all the courage in the world to approach me.

I sighed before I quickly walked up to the table and picked up the car key.

" The things I do for you Caden. " I murmured to myself as I quickly walked down the stairs.

* * * *

It wasn't hard to locate the pharmacy but there was just one problem. They haven't opened. Now, I have to look for another one so I drove further and finally found another one.

* * * *

I couldn't help but take a look around me before I picked up two packs of sanitary pads and quickly placed it in the basket in my hands.

I can't believe I'm doing this.

I walked up to the counter to pay the bills.

As the sales girl brought out the sanitary pads from the basket. She gave me a kind of wierd look.

"It's my wife's. " I heard my own voice interceding on my behalf.

At least that did the trick as the sales girl lowered her eyes back to what she is doing.



Geez, what do I do!? I can't only seem to come up with something...I also had to make a fool of myself in front of Blayze.

Maybe I just have to walk out...

There was suddenly a knock on the door. I turned and slightly opened the door. There stood Blayze right in front of me.

Is he back to make fun of me?

He stretched out his hand to me in which there is a polythene bag. I took a look at it before I collected it from him with a questioned look.

I opened the polythene bag and to my surprise, there lay two sanitary pads.

I looked up to Blayze in surprise and he immediately looked away before he walked away.

A slow smile crept on my lips as I realised what Blayze just did for me.

" Thank you. " I quickly told him before he could leave the room. He stopped for a second with his back towards me before he continued.

I shut the door as I went back into the bathroom.

* * * * *

I came out of the bathroom fresh but with an extreme lower abdomen pain. I quickly went towards the bed and lied down. I decided to shut my eyes at least for a second.

" Are you okay? " I heard Blayze's voice ask me which instantly made me open my eyes. He stood in front of me with his hands in his pockets and he was already dressed for work.

" I'm fine. Don't worry...I give you the permission to leave ahead of me. " I told him barely recognising my own voice.

This is strange. I don't usually have such pains, probably once in a while and I is part of the once in a while.

"I never needed your permission to leave. " Blayze retorted back.

" Okay. Fine...just go...I'll catch up later." I told him as I inwardly pleaded for him to leave.

Neither I'm in the mood to exchange words with him nor do I want him to see me in this circumstances.

I shut my eyes back with the thought that he would leave.

" Does it hurt?" He suddenly asked which made me slowly open my eyes to him.

" Sort of." I found myself answering his question.

He suddenly turned and walked away out of the room.

I sighed.

I should have figured out that he would snob me.

I just hope that in p

quiet that it was being bothersome.

Even as we now rode home, she didn't say a word. If I managed to ask something, she just nodded or shook her head. I also noticed that she seemed deep in thought and looked sad. Anytime we rode home together, she always manages to have something to say which is making me worried about her new attitude.

I couldn't help but take glances at her to see if I could figure out what was going on with her.

Please Caden say something.

I need to know if you're okay.

I was becoming irritated with the fact that she was being too quiet and the rain raining heavily was making it extremely hard for me to clearly see the road.

Suddenly, there was a loud sound and the car seemed unbalanced sending us hopping a bit on our seat. I decided to park at a corner and check out what was wrong. I took a look at her and she barely turned to me.

I irritatedly got down from the car and right under the heavy rain. I decided to check the tyres. One of the back tyres suddenly punctured. I had to get a spare tyre from the boot and the rain was making everything seem harder.

I looked around for the spanner and was about to get up from my squatting position to look for it when I suddenly met Caden's hand. In it was the spanner. I collected it from her as I stood up to my feet.

" Why are you out here under the rain? Just wait in the car." I told her but she just shook her head and walked to the other side behind me.

She squatted. I decided to give up and with her help, I was able to quickly change the tyre and we were back into the car in no time but already heavily soaked wet.

Caden say something. Caden say something...just say something....anything. Don't treat me this way.

I inwardly pleaded irritatedly but nothing happened till we got home.

* * * * *

I couldn't help but watch her as I cleaned my wet self with a towel from behind as she stood in front of the dressing table taking off her jewelries.

" Caden what's wrong? " I asked when I couldn't hold it any longer.

"Nothing. " She said without taking a look at me as she immediately turned and headed towards the bathroom.

I quickly took steps forward and took hold of her hand and drew her making her fall right into my arms.

She struggled non-violently to move away but I was determined to get something out of her.

I swallowed hard on realisation that she was very very close to me, right in my arms with her hand on my chest. She refused to look up to me.

" Are you angry with me? " I asked her almost in a whisper. She just gently shook her wet without looking up to me and tried to leave again but I stood my ground.

"Why are you being so quiet? I'm not used to this side of you." I told her through my fast racing heart.

"I'm...I'm just tired. " She managed to speak up but I rwfused to believe her. I have a feeling that something else is disturbing her.

" Look into my eyes and tell me that...if you can do that then I'll believe you." I told her almost in a whisper as I held her closer.

She didn't look up and neither did she say anything else. I slowly brought my hand to her face and stroked her cold cheek from standing under the rain before I pushed her wet hair a bit behind.

I put my hand under her chin and lifted her face up to mine. I got her eye level to be with mine and we stared into each other's eyes.

" Tell me the truth...What's bothering you? " I asked her again. I could see the hesitation as well as the trouble in her eyes. I could also notice her eyes were getting teary.

" I...I just can't help but...but worry about the future...I can't help but think about the present as well...Blayze what exactly is our relationship called? Or do there actually any relationship between us? Are we...are we forever going to be this way? Are we just going to keep playing on the safe side? I...I'm confused about a lot of things. I have a lot of questions...I'm I...I'm I forever going to be your pawn game in..." I instantly broughy my lips down to hers and kissed her softly. I couldn't bear to listen to anymore of her worries because it broke my heart.

"You're not a pawn never really was." I told her in a whisper after I released her from the kiss. I looked straight into her eyes and I could see how much damage I might have unknowingly caused Caden.

Seeing her so worried and with tears stained cheeks made me equally hurt.

I'm sorry Caden. I had no idea that I was putting you in a very confused state.

" You really...mean what you just said? " She asked in a whisper with our lips barely an inch away.

" I mean every single word." I told her softly before I brought my lips back down on hers and this time, I wasn't planning on ever letting her go again.

Yes...I'm going to give into my feelings.


It was a new found pleasure and happiness to hear those words from Blayze's lips and to know the fact that he was actually never ever going back to his old ways of treating me.

With my heart racing faster than normal and with my body trembling at his every touch, he slowly released my lips. I thought he was going to pull away and leave me hanging as usual but...he didn't...he carried me up into his arms bridal style with my arms around his neck.

He walked towards the bed and I couldn't help but keep my eyes on him even as he gently laid me on the bed. We stared right into each other's eyes without looking away. He stroked my cheek careful before he brought his lips back on mine again. I accepted him fully well as I put my arms around his neck while his were around my waist.

His breathing became rapid as he slowly let go of my lips and kissed me on the cheek and then down to the nape of my neck. I watched him quickly unbutton his shirt as my body ached more for his touches. I know exactly what was going on and I wanted it too. I love Blayze very much and I'm sure that I'll never regret giving myself to him.

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