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   Chapter 52 Let's have fun!

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Blayze P.O.V

I ran my fingers through my hair as I sat still in my office with my eyes glued to the screen of my laptop.

I yawned a bit as I stared at the screen. My phone vibrated. I turned my head to it and picked it up with my hand.

I typed in the pass word and unlocked it after I realised that it was a message.

Sticky gum was the name I saw. I realised the message was from Caden. I snorted with a smile at the corner of my lips.

" What other experiment could she want to perform today?" I asked myself almost in a whisper as I tapped on the message.

So today is another great day dear husband. Instead of spending the rest of your life in a crampy old office, meet me outside the building and Caden will change your life in a twinkle of an eye. Let's go have fun!

I snorted a bit loudly than my usual method and still with a smile on my face after reading the message.

" I can't believe her...she wants to go and play during office hours. "

I am busy.

I texted back to her before I kept the phone back on the table. I turned back to the screen of my laptop but before I could continue what I was doing, my phone vibrated.

I picked it up and its still Caden with another text.

Come on Blayze! Don't be a fun killer. Where's your fun spirit!?

I snorted again with a smile. She doesn't get it does she.

I don't have one.

I texted back to her. My phone vibrated in about a second.

Seriously Blayze, get down here!

I unknowingly snorted out louder with a wide grin on my face.

" I can't believe she's ordering me! Blayze Norman! "

Go back to work Caden.

I texted her back.

Once vibrated.

Blayze if u do not come down here then I'm neither going back in there. I will rather sit out here all afternoon and wallow in disappointment or probably...escape on my own so...I give you ten minutes to get down here.

" Ha!" I exclaimed loudly as a snort and with a wider grin on my face.

" Are you okay sir?" Lisa asked as she suddenly ran into my office.

" Huh? Um...I...well...I'm okay. " I told her feeling a bit stupid within.

"Oh...ok-ay." Lisa said quite unsure before she left.

I can't believe Caden Just threatened me! Blayze Norman! Does she think those words would have any effect on me? I can't believe she actually has the guts to order me about.

I shook my head on remembering all she just said. I don't think I love her that much as to adhere to her wimps all the time.

Ignore her Blayze and get back to work.

That was exactly what I did except for the fact that I couldn't concentrate anymore. I felt like her voice, both when she's laughing and crying were ringing in my head. Her image was popping up at everywhere I looked. The second hand of the clock was beginning to tick loudly in my head and I couldn't help stealing glances at it.

She had said in...ten minutes.

I unknowingly began to tap my left feet on the ground as the clock ticked louder and louder in my head.

" Oh for pete's sake! " I exclaimed as I finally gave up.

I sighed.

Great...just great Blayze.

She has managed to invade not only into your heart but also your head!

I admitted the truth to myself before I shut my laptop then stood up to my feet and packed up my stuff.

I walked up to the door and was just about to reach out to the door knob when it suddenly turned and the door opened. Leslie stood right in front of me with a smile on her face.

She walked in and shut the door behind her as she still had her smile on.

"Where are you going Blayze such a rush?" Leslie asked as she stood right in front of the door.

" I have something important to attend to so excuse me." I told her as I tried to walk past her but she stood her ground.

Let's not do this right now Leslie.

" You have something attend?'s no big deal. How about I come with you and when you're done, we could have lunch together..."

" step aside Leslie. " I told her calmly but she remained still and silent.

" Leslie step aside or..."

" Or what...or what Blayze? What are you going to do? Throw me out of your office, embarrass me. ...what? You know, I should be the one using that very tone of yours and dialogue. I should be the one threatening you. I really do hope you haven't forgotten about our discussion."

" I clearly haven't forgotten and I clearly haven't forgotten how I warned you not to threaten me because that will never work on." I told her as I took steps closer and took hold of her arm.

I pushed her aside and out of my way then took hold of the door knob but stopped on hearing what she just said.

" Of course I know that Blayze...but what about...Caden...I don't know about you but I am pretty sure my plan will work on her..."

" Leslie! " I exclaimed at her as I immediately turned back to her.

" Are you already getting affected Blayze? You see..." she started as she came closer to me then seductively placed her hands on my shoulder and down to my chest.

"...all this won't be necessary if would choose me Blayze. Just love me instead of her. She is not worthy of you. She neither knows you like I do nor does she love you more than I do. Just give me a chance Blayze to wipe my wrong and treat you like the way I should have done years ago. " I immediately took hold of her hand that was on my chest as soon as she was done.

" You said it right Leslie..."

She smiled.

"...years ago...we're now in the present and the present can never be like the are just a sick and desperate woman. " I told her the honest truth before I pushed her hands down which wiped away her smile and made her furrow her eyebrows at me.

I turned and opened the door.

" Blayze! Don' dare me!" She exclaimed and I could sense anger in her voice.

I ignored her and walked out of the office. I quickly increased my pace as I headed to the elevator. I've wasted much time already...Caden must be waiting outside.

* * *

I walked out of the building and looked around but there was no sign of her. I searched around with my eyes but still nothing. Why would she ask me to come oit here if she isn't here..

Or could she have left already? Caden wouldn't dare do that...or would she? I have to admit. She is stubborn and likes to do the opposite of everything I ask her not to do....

" Boo!" I immediately turned in surprise on hearing that voice beside my ear.


There she was right in front of me laughing her heart out.

She slowly died down in her laughter but never wiped the smile off her face.

" I scared you, didn't I?" She asked still with an amusement in her eyes. scared me pretty good.

I thought you had left after getting tired of waiting for me.

" Of course you did Caden. " She talked to herself which is no longer an unusual thing for me to see about her.

"I know what you're thinking...Caden didn't leave yet? " She started.

" Of course I haven't left...why? Because I know that you'll surely come down and you won't disappoint me...see Blayze? I...I trust you. "


I couldn't help but just stare at her smiling and hope filled face. Caden you shouldn't trust me because I don't think that I can return that favour.

" Come on let's go. We've got a

" Okay Darla...just stay back and watch how I get you it."

Suddenly, Blayze grabbed the dart arrows from my hands and turned properly to the kiosk.

" The blue teddy, right? " he asked without taking a look at me and with his focus at what he was about to do.

A slow but yet happy smile grew on my face.

" Yes." I answered him making the couple beside us take a look at us.

I'm sure that they clearly got the message that this was definitely a competition.

Sorry Darla but now I definitely want that teddy my husband wants to win for me.

They both started almost at the same time trying their best to hit the small water balloon hung spaciously on the board.

"Come on honey you can do it!" Darla encouraged her man.

"Go on Blayze! You're almost there!" I encouraged Blayze excitedly as I realised that he had already shot four water ballons just like Darla's husband and it remains one to go.

They both couldn't seem to get the last one and had to pay for another round.

Blayze took off his coat and gave it to me to hold which I gladly accepted.

Yup. The competition just got hotter.

Just when I thought that Darla was going to win. Blayze suddenly succeeded first.

"Yes!" I jumped in excitement as I put my hands around his neck and he held me. I kissed him on the lips and it was only when I drew my face away from his did I realise what I just did.

Even his face held a sudden surprise as mine. He gently kept me back on the ground, standing on my two feet. It was awkward a bit between us until the attendant handed Blayze the teddy.

" Here. " He told me as he stretched it towards me with a smile at the corner of his lips that I definitely didn't forget to notice.

I myself smiled a bit shyly as I collected it from him.

" Thank you. " I told him as I cuddled the big bear in my arms.

Really...thank you Blayze for coming to my rescue.

Blayze P.O.V

We sat in the bus that evening heading home. I turned and took a look at Caden. She was already asleep with her head resting on the glass. I realised her head wasn't stable in that position as it sagged back and forth as the car accelerated then slows down.

I couldn't help but take a look at the gigantic teddy in her arms, covering almost her whole body except her arms and face.

I stretched my arm and gently and slowly drew her head towards me to rest on my shoulder.

I took a look at her soundly sleeping face. She must really be tired to fall asleep in this manner and why wouldn't she when she was all excited and giddy at the park. She wanted to go on everything but suddenly stopped. I stretched my hand and lightly stroked her on the cheek with my thumb finger. She reacted as she scratched her cheek with furrowed eyebrows and rested her head properly on my shoulder. I couldn't help but smile at her action. I think she's too tired to walk down to the estate.

I brought out my phone and texted the driver to bring the car to the stop we are to get off.

When the bus finally stopped at our stop, I gently woke her up. I helped her get off the bus as she still had sleepy eyes on.

" Blayze...I don't think I can...walk...I'm feeling really sleepy. " She mumbled with her head on my chest we stood outside the bus.

" I know. " I told her as I looked around and finally, I caught sight of the driver walking up to us. I handed him the teddy which Caden had reluctantly let go.

I helped her towards the car.

* * *

I carried her bridal style in my arms into our room. I walked over to her side of the bed and gently laid her on the bed.

I switched on the table lamp before I turned back to her. I gently removed both her sandals off her feet. I sat on the bed beside her and gently had her up a bit making her head rest on my shoulder. I helped her take off her denim jacket and her one hand purse hung over her neck. I helped her with her necklace and earrings.

I gently laid her back properly with her head resting on the pillow. I stood up and covered her properly with the duvet.

I bent there for a second staring at her before I gently pushed her hair back a bit. I smiled on seeing her sleepy face.

I stood straight and turned to leave but I something held me back. I turned only to find out that it was Caden's hand.

"Goodnight Blayze. " she sort of murmured with her eyes shut before she slowly let go of my hand.

" Goodnight Caden. " I replied her softly before I bent and kissed her on the forehead.

I don't want to sort out anymore about any explanation as to why I am easily melting for Caden but I just know that I love this woman and she's really beginning to turn my life around. My question now is...Do I give into my feelings?

I stared at her for about a second before I stood straight, turned and headed to the bathroom.

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